Yep, I think this theory does make sense, but I do have a question: Do any of you find that your type and the types of your siblings don't have the same parent type (though you do have the same parents? If so, might you explain it with events that shaped your parents' behavior? Or by factoring in your wing?

Before I even saw what the recipe for 4 was, I knew that as a child I was Active. But to reflect on my own aforementioned question, my parent type should've been Neutral while my e6 brother's should have been Responsive-- yet we have the same parents. As much as that seems like a problem, I think it makes sense. My Dad was kind of MIA somewhere in the corporate world in my growing up years. Because of that, my brother acted out (can't really blame him) and became a giant handful for my Mom. So while she was Responding to him, I felt Nutrality from both my parents. In reality my Mom didn't neglect me, but all the energy my brother's behavior required made me feel overlooked. Thus, siblings can experience different "parent types" while having the same parents.

To take it even further: by incorporating our wings my brother was a Responsive-Active child, and I was an Active-Neutral child. Our parent types were Responsive-Responsive (his) and Neutral-Responsive (mine), which I think makes sense. He's older than me, and my parents were both more Responsive earlier in the game.

I've seen this link before, but still find it very interesting! Any other sibling comparisons that you guys have made sense of?