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    It was really lovely but it was a lot darker than I expected. I think kids can identify with his confusion and fear and imagination but the interactions between the wild things that reflected his view of the world may be a bit much for young kids. There were some very adult themes reflected. It was moving and a great insight into how kids internalize what happens around them. So very sad as well. This little kid who is so at odds with his world and has witnessed so much more than he should have at his age.

    Beautifully animated. The world created was mesmerizing...

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    Reading these responses, I've come to two conclusions:

    1.) I really need to see this movie (preferably while drunk, so as to better enjoy the surreal atmosphere).

    2.) My nieces and nephews (except possibly for the eldest) don't need to see this movie-I'll get them the book, instead (it was one of my favorites as a young child).

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