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What are the blind spots of Democratic Liberals using respectful language.


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Aug 9, 2009
“A party of order or stability, and a party of progress or reform, are both necessary elements of a healthy state of political life.” John Stuart Mill

“I know democrats, indeed all people must have blind spots. I am not purposely attacking conservatives. I can only point out inconsistencies.

I am not putting down Republicans. I just wish to stress the importance that they learn and educate themselves. This is of the consequences of their pro life stance.

I give my word in my communication with conservatives, I will endeavor to not use these cognitive distortions.

1. Labeling, pejoratives, or name calling.

2. I will not use all or nothing thinking nor generalizations. In my speech or writing I will say generally speaking.

We need each other. For those who make blatant all or nothing statements or generalizing about the other party, you are part of the problem.

We need social programs. We need each other to walk hand in hand working together in making this a better society.

I really am not attacking. I sincerely wish to open up a dialogue and walk across the aisle. Republican John McCain was known to walk across the aisle.

Democrat Ted Kennedy known as The Lion of the Senate was known for this distinction.

I give an open opportunity to Republican conservatives to help me understand their position. I will share my point by point examination of inconsistency of what Jesus stood for.

I am being sincere. I wish to open up a dialogue. Only if you use respectful language, please help me to identify blind spots of democratic liberals.” LightSun


Nov 19, 2009
If you want to know the answer to this question, just watch TimCast on youtube.

The title of liberal has been worn out, it no longer has any functional meaning.

Democratic "liberals" won't even stand up to the military industrial complex war machine. No longer the anti-war party, hook line and sinker with whatever narrative is being peddled, so long as someone is being labeled a dictator/Nazi/authoritarian: selective removal of considering nuance.

No longer the party of free speech, because its full of such bad ideas, which are intellectually indefensible, only propped up by constant witch-hunts and fingering sources of systemic oppression: which is exactly how Ayran propaganda worked in Weimar Germany, Darwinist theory in the Universities, and then Ayran studies in the schools : all the same pattern of conspiracy theory in the narrative of an identity-matrix.

Democractic liberals, literally the party of 1984 'big brother'. Literally tried to sell the narrative 'war is peace'. The party is so corrupt, and badly integrated with radicals, that it must collapse under the weight of its own degeneracy, before America can go back to anything resembling sane politics.

You can't compare a political party, to Jesus Christ, also because, in America, its wholly inappropriate, to expect theocractic rulership from a liberal style democracy. It would erode freedom of choice for individuals. In short, the state cannot be (and should not be) Jesus Christ.
If you want to see charity from a conservative, meet them through their church, and don't try to turn the government into a universalist world-church to accommodate your universalist imagination, which at the same time, reduces people to unaccountable sheeple whose conditions must be so carefully meted out to them by the state,—so that there is no longer any moral dimension left in society (only Brave New World type over-seership).

Have you read Brave New World?
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