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Do you want to be part of the solution or remain a part of the problem?


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Aug 9, 2009
“Do you want to be part of the solution of a better world? Do you wish to perhaps in my mind usher in a new Renaissance of the human spirit if we could only just learn to communicate with each other?

Jesus said to, “Love thy neighbor.”

For me this is too unrealistic. We can however strive to re-educate ourselves in how we treat each other.

We need (1). Active Listening Skills (2). Empathy Skills Training and (3). Cognitive Mindfulness with an understanding of the power of the unconscious and with it to have an awareness of Cognitive Distortions. We need these to be in early education.

With these key elements we can foster
A. Tolerance for people with disparate beliefs.
B. Foster an open mindedness.
C. Respect for people who think differently than we do.
D. Communicate these qualities in respectful dialogue through our education.

I. I am responsible for my own thoughts, feelings, speech, writing and actions irregardless of the situation or person.

II. I will not repay negative energy with negative energy. People are allowed to believe in whatever they want as long as they are not a harm to self or others.

III. How I act is a reflection of me. How the other acts is a reflection of them.

These quotes below are cute and charming but they will never amount to anything unless we are willing to change. Both of quotations are in my ‘Wives Tales and Myths album of Quotations.’

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” Jumi Hendrix

“Imagine what seven billion humans could accomplish if we all loved and respected each other.” Unknown

“I am responsible for my own thoughts, feelings, speech, writing, and actions irregardless of the external situation or person.

How I respond is a reflection of my soul. I’ve said this message over and over. I have this insight after a lifetime of self reflection and synthesis of wisdom.

This coming from all of the worlds religions, experts in psychology, and the deepest insights from the giants of philosophy who have walked this world before us.

I have also made the statement that it is statistically useless to argue with a person with a different subjective opinion than we do. We are all entitled to believe whatever we want as long as we are not a harm to ourselves or others.

We can not statistically change the software or the unconscious belief systems of others. Moreover we don’t have a right to try and tell another how to live.

We all project our limited understanding of reality of our inner realities unto others and situations. We metaphorically are projecting our subjective realities unto like a blank movie screen.

People when they fall into the trap of projecting subjective realities are projecting different realities of understanding. In an argument between two ill informed people both are not listening or trying to understand another world view.

They both philosophically are only projecting their own inner subjective reality outward unto an external reality. It’s their personal movie screen of their awareness. Their is no consensus, nor understanding, nor dialogue.

When we point fingers at others with negative labels, we only reveal our own deep psychological, emotional and spiritual immaturity.

Becoming enlightened, or awake or being a born again Christian should be revealed in how we compose ourselves when dealing with adversity.

There are evils in the world. People must be held accountable. But we need to learn to deal with issues, problems, and people we abhor with objective language.

Not to stray with people shouting at each other of what they don’t understand with negative subjective put down language. To do this only serves to showcase an unhealed soul.

This waste of energy only serves to showcase one’s own inner darkness. It reveals own unconscious issues, unresolved problems, emotional baggage and revealing their personal psychic wound being triggered.

What’s more it is projection and pollution and revealing of a soul balanced or showing sickness with the negative aspects of their own shadow self.” LightSun

#projection #speech #writing #thoughts #feelings #actions #subjective #emotionalreasoning

Postscript: Those who say they are enlightened, awake, have an increased frequency or vibration, and are born again Christians who:

1. Point fingers at others
2. Use the cognitive distortion of name calling, pejoratives or labeling others
3. Use judgment by calling Donald Trump or someone else they find objectionable every name in the book or say others are going to hell

4. You will Rationalize your behavior
5. You will be using the cognitive distortion of Emotional Reasoning. That is you think, feel and believe yourself passionately to be in the right.

6. You are all part of the problem and you will continue to be so.