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Vegeta (ISTJ) - One of the Greatest ISTJs of all time, Dragon Ball Z MBTI Types


Feb 21, 2013
Vegeta MBTI - Vegeta is ISTJ

Dragon Ball MBTI Types - Dragon Ball Z Myers-Briggs Types

Wanted to share this post here too.

Even if Vegeta isn't my favorite character in Dragon Ball, I still know a lot about him and actually been warming up to and liking his character overtime and lately overall. He's becoming one of my favorites and now I feel its a good time to share my opinion on him and talk about him and tell people why I think he's definitely ISTJ and one of the best ISTJs of all time in not only anime but in fiction in general, and is an Si dom. I hear you ESTJ Vegeta fans out there, I hear you and feel you and respect your opinions but here's my opinion for why Vegeta is ISTJ and definitely an Si dom in my opinion. This is a post and debate I had with someone a few months ago about his type and character since they said they were confused on him, so they asked me why I think Vegeta is ISTJ so I replied and responded with this argument I'm going to show you down below. So tell me your opinion down below and tell me your thoughts and opinions on if you agree or disagree with my ISTJ typing for Vegeta again. Here's the post now, enjoy and feel free to comment down below.

As a sidenote, Vegeta typed as ISTJ also appears here on this very accurate Dragon Ball Z MBTI character types chart but Personalityclub, this is one of the most accurate MBTI anime charts ever I feel for sure in my opinion. The only ones I disagree with is that Videl is ENTJ instead and Android 16 is actually ISFJ in my opinion, but everything else is right and spot on in my opinion for the other character MBTI types listed here on the Dragon Ball Z MBTI chart that I'll link down below for you to see for yourself:

Which Dragonball Z Character Are You? | Personality Club

So why Vegeta is ISTJ. Vegeta is a person who makes decisions based on past details and past experiences and is very, very obsessed with the past! Vegeta is very stuck in the past, cares about duty and honor as a warrior, and was taught as a child about being high class and that he was the greatest thing since slice bread and that's the way it is and always will be, this mentality of high class and he's the best and strongest and always will be is seen as a tradition to him, massive Si. So when Goku comes along and surpasses these expectations with his nothing is impossible Ne for him as an ENFP and always seeing a step further for him in the future and always thinking of surpassing himself in the future the next day, Goku's Ne ideals conflicts directly with Vegeta's Si as an ISTJ. This is one of the reasons there such great "rivals" and go well together despite being complete opposites. Just to mention this part real quick, I know that there's people that think Goku is ESFP and I respect their opinion but disagree in my opinion and type Goku as ENFP, Practical typing is pretty bad at typing in general like Sasuke as ESTJ for example so don't take them too serious. If you want to see my opinion down below, check it out here, I disagree with practicaltypings opinion and I also think their opinion will change overtime especially when they watch Dragon ball, but no matter. Here's my opinion down below for Goku ENFP if you want to see it and I also post some outside opinions from mine from other people to balance out my own. Check them all out down below, but this isn't a post about Goku. Despite Goku's ENFP vs ESFP debate, I'd say more people agree Vegeta is ISTJ but again for you ESTJ Vegeta fans I respect your opinion but hear me out and continue reading this whole post, form your opinion after reading and see if you still agree or disagree on my thoughts for why Vegeta is ISTJ and one of the best ones ever of all time as well. And by the way this is all from a non Vegeta fan, I used to hate Vegeta for the longest and still somewhat do but not as much anymore, I actually have been really loving his character now a lot more nowadays but not for the same reasons most people think and do usually. Alright enough rambling I'm going to finish my argument and opinion on Vegeta for ISTJ with also some Goku examples to directly contrast with Vegeta's character to help understand Vegeta better since they go well together as rivals and opposites in personality.
My own Goku post and opinion if your curious that I wrote a few years ago:

Goku is an ENFP and here'''s why - Dragon Ball Z MBTI typing : mbti

A nice Quora post I found debating this topic for Goku and I think is also a good separate discussion on Goku's type outside my opinion to ignore any bias or anything, I think it has some good posts and definitely check out Josh Lee's post and opinion especially. His post is really good I feel for sure, even if I like and agree with both posts there myself too and he even brings up enneagram along with MBTI together which is something unique that I haven't seen someone do when discussing between ENFP vs ESFP with the debate for Goku's type, so be sure to check out Josh Lee's argument, its great whether you agree or disagree with his points.

Here's the Goku ENFP Quora post down below:

What is Goku's MBTI? - Quora

Goku was also listed here as ENFP by CBR's 10 ENFP anime characters list they made to add onto the debate as well:

MBTI(R): 10 Anime Characters Who Are ENFPs | CBR

Now going back to my post, Goku always sees a possibility to improve as a fighter and martial artists, nothing is impossible to him no matter what people say. Goku is idealistic about fighting and everything he does with his Ne an Fi in my opinion and Vegeta hates all that and is always saying with his Si as an ISTJ, "It's impossible Kakarot! You can't surpass me! This is the way it is! And the way it always be! It's all been like since you were born and my birth, its how its supposed to be with me being a high class Saiyan and you being a low class Saiyan, accept it you can't change! This is Si and what Vegeta believes in to his core, he's not open to new possibilities like Goku and as a result Vegeta clearly has inferior Ne. So when Goku proves himself with his Ne risk taking and seeing the possibility always to get stronger in the future no matter what, he surpasses him and trains in the spaceship on the way to Namek and completely surpasses Vegeta as there first bout and fight. After that its a wrap and Goku stays ahead of Vegeta forever. Vegeta despises this as we see! In lives in denial the entire series! Kakarot can't possibly be stronger than me! He says to himself, inferior Ne again. It's impossible! Low Ne haha as usual. Possibilities for change and going against the rules and traditions he was brought up with scares him and he hates the idea of it and then stubbornly with his Si obsesses over Goku and makes it his duty to surpass him and life's missions, which is Si as well since Si is driven by duty as well. We see Vegeta slowly change and grow and learn from his experiences over time and become a better person slowly as the series progresses and he starts developing with his Si into the nicer Vegeta we know today. Vegeta also remembers details from the past very well like in the Namek Saga on what people said and other details he remembers vividly he heard or experienced from the past. Now I've been waiting for this one, Majin Vegeta.

Vegeta's entire Majin Vegeta transformation and motivation is ISTJ and the most ISTJ thing ever. He brings up a bunch of details in the past and how Goku humiliated him in different ways in the past and we find out all the things he's been thinking about and remembering all these years and grudges from the past he has toward Goku that's been built up all this time. Vegeta says he wanted to go back to how he once was and noticed he's been changing into a good person living on Earth and having a family and he began to start liking it to his dismay. He states here that he hated this and wanted to go back to the way he was before when he was evil and merciless and the strongest again without having a kind heart at all like Goku or the other Earthlings he's made friends with. The past is everything to Vegeta and new possibilities for change and him changing scares him to the point he would let an evil wizard Babidi work his magic on him and let him turn evil again and get stronger just to go back to being evil once more and finally getting that fight with Goku once again that he's always been wanting to have all this time for years in the past now but never got a chance at doing because they had to keep saving the world against enemies and Goku decided to stay dead which eliminated his chance to fight Goku once more. Vegeta lives in the past and can't ever let it go, it means everything to him and his character and he'll do even extreme things just to bring his past self back once more as we've seen with his actions in the series and the entire Majin Vegeta motivation as I just mentioned and explained here. Vegeta is the stereotypical ISTJ, and he's very calm and introverted despite his assertiveness with his Te. He definitely uses Te with him being direct, assertive, and caring about efficiency and getting things done and being impatient with people and being so task oriented and training all the time just like Goku another Te user. And he's Fi and has strong inner values and doesn't care for others or their emotional state at all, he just cares for his own values and doesn't care much for society Fe values much at all. Vegeta is the type to feel very strongly emotionally inside about things just like Gohan an INFP or Goku an ENFP in my opinion. But Te dominance and efficiency comes before his Fi for sure and definitely Si is first and dominant in him with his obsession with the past and remembering details so well and being driven by duty, honor, and not letting go of past things as I've already mentioned in this post. Ok I'm done, that's why I type Vegeta ISTJ.

Kidding, here's a few more extra details I added for Vegeta as an ISTJ and Si dom, past the post I made above to add onto it. It's not too long, just a few more points I noticed here to point out and bring up.

Vegeta also again always remember details and past experiences and details very well. He remembered a lot of details on Namek and paid attention to when Gohan had the scouter and put two and two together for what happened to his Dragon Ball and figured out it was a Scouter for the Dragon Balls, which is all Si in Vegeta. He cares about security when Nappa impulsively destroys the town and thinks what if there was a Dragon Ball there you fool? With his inferior Ne. Vegeta waits for Goku and says he betrayed his duty as a Saiyan, which is all Si duty again. Honor and duty is everything to Vegeta along with the past and past details and experiences, which is Si again in him. Vegeta plays things safe with his Si by killing the Ginyu force members. He kills off specific key members of Frieza's forces as well that he remembers that are dangerous with his Si and wants to play things safe with Si security as well. I explained how Vegeta fears Ne above but at the same time he does use it still when necessary, as he came up with the idea to use the Earth's dragon balls to bring the people of Earth back to life and to speak to them and have them give energy and have Goku use the Spirit Bomb technique, so that's an example of Vegeta using his inferior Ne even if he struggles with it usually. Also Vegeta is introverted and to himself and is hotheaded with his Si strictness and Te assertiveness as well as we all know, but despite this he is still a very calm person overall and is very logical, levelheaded still, and strategic, and again cares about the past and past details to an extreme degree with his Si dom behavior.

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