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Son Goku (ENFP) Namek Saga Analysis, Apparently the Best Shonen Saga Ever - DBZ MBTI


Feb 21, 2013
Son Goku MBTI ENFP - Dragon Ball Z Myers-Briggs Types

Son Goku ENFP - DBZ MBTI Types

Son Goku is ENFP from Dragon Ball Z. And I wanted to explain why again in this post and explain some of his Ne and Si moments in the Namek Saga and maybe a few Fi and Te moments in him as well. Enjoy the post and tell me what you think.

Son Goku is a curious person and sees possibilities in the world and loves asking questions in the series and always wondering how things work and asking why about things and asking lots of questions about things and people in the world with his Ne childlike curiosity. He's innocent, naive, doesn't pay attention to details very much and is scatter-brained, airheaded and goofy and idealistic. And he's very future oriented person as well, he's the most future oriented character in the series, especially as we see in the Buu Saga with him caring so much about future generations with his Ne in the Buu arc, and the Cell Androids arc too with Gohan and the potential he saw in him with his Ne. We see Goku care about the future and be future oriented in other previous arcs as well and other moments in the series. He also remembers past details a lot with his Si and holds onto past objects and past experiences strongly in the series as a Si inferior user even if usually he's forgetful which makes sense since his Si is so low but still used a lot since Si is fourth in his main function stack. Now that's that's a brief overview of Goku, now onto the Saiyan and Namek saga.

Son Goku is intuitive in combat. He's perceptive in battle and sees patterns in the outer world when he fights with his opponents with his Ne and always makes connections between things he sees in battle. Or even in general with things outside battle as a whole too. Goku learns things quickly with his intuition and Ne and is good at finding weaknesses of his opponents behind the scenes and beneath the surface with his Ne when he fights, he does this all the time in the series in battle like when he fought Tien or when he fought Frieza here and many other moments and people he fought in the series as many people know already. And he of course comes up with new ideas in battle on the spot and innovates moves with his Ne and using old attacks in completely new ways with the possibilities he sees for attacks in battle. Some examples of his Ne and Si moments in battle in the Namek Saga are, he remembered the past detail of Frieza shooting and blasting in random directions when he was flying in the smoke. He noticed and remembered Frieza was just shooting randomly and wasn't aiming or hitting him at all. Once Goku was pushed underwater, he brainstormed with his Ne on what to possibly do next to get out of this situation and then remembered this detail in the past with his Si and remembered and realized what was going when he thought back to it earlier. After thinking back to the experience with his Si, he made the connection and saw the pattern with his Ne that he must not be able to sense my energy and that's why he was shooting randomly back then, he saw the connection with his Ne between the events in the outer world and made an assumption that this hunch is probably right based on this past experience and detail he remembered and held onto, Si and Ne. And then based on all that he learned he immediately came up with an idea with his Ne and saw the possibility to distract him and get out of the water with his Ne idea he came up with to shoot two Orb Kamehameha waves and then back up and throw them up out of the water one at a time and then come up from afar and sneak attack him which he did and worked perfectly.

Goku fights and uses techniques in completely new abstract ways and uses moves completely how they weren't intended too, since the Kamehameha is supposed to be a beam attack coming from your hands and body and he's using the Kamehameha abstractly and differently as orbs and two orbs at that coming out both his hands separate rather than his hands together as one beam energy blast like its normally supposed to be used, this is a massive Ne moment for him. Also the Ne idea to use these two Kamehameha wave ball orbs and throw them up to distract him is completely innovative, new, and original. He came up with this idea with his Ne to use the two Kameha wave orbs to distract Frieza by throwing the orbs up out of the water completely on the spot. Here's the scene down below if you want to see it for yourself again.

This is unfortunately the inaccurate old dub but it doesn't matter since most of the dialogue is at least accurate to the manga and Japanese still here in this scene, so its fine to still watch this scene since its still pretty accurate:

Goku's Brilliant Plan - The Underwater Kamehameha - YouTube

Goku's strong intuition is explained well here on his Wiki page in his personality section:

Goku | Dragon Ball Wiki | Fandom

Goku uses a mix of Si and Fi both when he takes on Vegeta's words and wishes when he dies on Namek. Both Se and Si users can care a lot about past experiences and care about honor and duty both, but usually this trait is associated with Si users mores with how the function works and caring about past experiences so much and honor and duty, that Si is commonly known for, among many other things too. These kinds of things are amplified even more if the person is a Fi user too with Si as well like Goku is here as a ENFP. Vegeta tells him to avenge his Saiyan race and their pride and defeat Frieza no matter what for all he's done. Goku sees that with his Fi and Si both and empathizes with him and takes on his Saiyan pride here with both his Fi and Si and honors Vegeta and even the Saiyans truly for the first time and Goku's Si even himself slowly starts to grow and slowly accept his Saiyan heritage even more from this experience and other past experiences we see in this series and this saga slowly developing in Goku with his Si as well. Goku holds onto the to past strongly as a Si inferior user, along with his Fi too and inner values. He rejected his Saiyan blood and race and hated it and he said he's an Earthling and he was raised here and his name is Son Goku not Kakkarot, his Si clearly couldn't let go with his time on Earth.

Goku's Si holds onto the past and past things and experiences very strongly and personally to him which is a major part of Introverted sensing and Si in general. Ni users can also care about the past yes for sure, I type Sasuke and Kurapika INTJ and Ni users, but usually Ni users care and think about the past holistically, remember things more abstractly and care about the past in a overall remembering an caring way, while for Si users past things, details, objects, and experiences are much more personal to them and they hold onto the past much more like Goku is doing here and all the time in the series. Goku always finding the 4 Star Dragon Ball and keeping it is also a major Si moment and trait in him, he's always done this since he was a kid and finds and searches for the 4 star Dragon Ball to find remember his Grandpa Gohan by as he tells us in the Saiyan Arc at Master Roshi's place. Since he cares about his grandfather so much and holds onto the past with him and his death strongly and always keeping the 4 star ball and associate the object with his grandfather with his Si, Goku cares about his past dead grandfather and the 4 star Dragon Ball strongly with both his Si and Fi as a ENFP. Things like honor and tradition are a big part of cultures and Asian culture in general usually and its normally associated with Si, Introverted sensing and you can see it as Goku sees it as a tradition to always find and keep the 4 star Dragon Ball on hand at his home or with him with his Si. And caring about the past so much with it and making it a personal tradition and habit of his to always find it and keep it because again he cares about it so strongly and it reminds him of his past grandpa and he wants to honor him and his death by keeping it with at all times when he can, which are all Si characteristics.

We also see all this with him naming his son after his Grandpa Gohan too being his son being named Son Gohan and agreeing thats a perfect name for him and they would go with that and even making a special hat that he puts the 4 star ball into on top of Gohans hat and head, lot of Si there and Fi too both. But going back to the Namek stuff. Goku ends off the Vegeta scene by giving a speech of avenging Vegeta, the Saiyan race, and all the past Namekians he's killed up to this point, Goku's Si and Fi comes out here strongly of reflecting on all the horrible past experiences Frieza has done, and avenging all of them and honor them and their deaths and making it his duty with his Si to do this for them and beat Frieza no matter what for all the people that he's killed in the past, this speech has loads of Si and Fi in Goku. Even if of course Ni and Se users can do it too and be motivated by the past, duty, and avenging others and their race like I said with INTJs like Sasuke and Kurapika. Despite that exception everyone knows these usually are associated with Si more often, especially in fiction with the writing style of Si characters and if they're Fi users too both like Goku is here, I also explained Goku's Si moments in earlier points here above outside of this scene alone for more evidence so we can let this point for the argument rest here, onto the next topic.

Now for the I Am Son Goku speech. In the original Japanese version of the anime, Dragon Ball Z Kai in English, and the original manga book has the proper translation, dialogue, and speech of Goku's Super Saiyan transformation and speech to Frieza and of being the most accurate version of Japanese Dragon Ball. Its cool if you like and grew up with the old 90s Funimation English DBZ dub, I did too and saw DBZ on TV also growing up but I've since rewatched the series in Kai in English and read the manga several times as well and know that the old English was not at all accurate to the original Japanese version of Dragon Ball Z. The light in the universe speech is cool and catchy but its not accurate to what Goku actually said here in the Japanese version and manga and it completely cuts out Son Goku's accepting his Saiyan heritage slowly up to this point character arc he's in during the two Saiyan and Namek arcs. Goku is not Superman and is not a typical superhero, he's a Saiyan who loves to fight because of his Saiyan blood and always wants to fight strong guys in the future and test his strength against them and surpass them and surpass his own strength. He's curious about how far his strength can go and is not afraid of the unknown and always loves to surpass himself and his limits. Goku always sees the possibilities to surpass himself with his Ne and reach new unknown heights, more than any other character in the series and always reaches new unknown heights first and always sees possibilities with his Ne to improve and surpass himself before anyone else, its how his character is written and he's NF and idealistic toward fighting and completely ignores realism and is extremely idealistic with everything he does, even outside of fighting too as a NF character. More on that part later in this post but if you want to see Goku's NF idealism further explained and more of his Ne explained in a video, check out the videos down below here:

This video is really good, I highly recommend watching it. Check it out to see Goku's Ne and NF idealism explained further in the video:

The REAL Reason why Goku keeps getting STRONGER! (Dragon Ball Super Goku’s Secret Power DBS 127) - YouTube

I agree with IrrationalSkeptics Goku ENFP analysis here that he does. At first he does bring up the old dub Super Saiyan speech which isn't accurate to the manga but despite Goku is still idealistic as a NF in the manga and Japanese anime version as I explained above and the video above explains too. And I plan to talk about Goku's NF idealism even more later on in this post so keep reading for that. Also while I respect IrrationalSkeptic and his opinion, I agree with his Goku typing here in the video but disagree with his Vegeta typing here strongly in my opinion. In my opinion and many others Vegeta is ISTJ and a Si dom, not a ENTJ like with his opinion and not a ESTJ like some people mistype him as nowadays in my opinion. Frieza and Videl are real ENTJs in my opinion and Captain Ginyu is ESTJ. Vegeta is a ISTJ, and introvert and Si dom. Vegeta cares a lot about the past and past experiences to a huge degree and remembers past details and holds onto past details and things very strongly with his Si. He cares a lot about honor, duty and tradition with the Saiyan race and Saiyan class system and being born a Saiyan elite and believes you can't change that on who your born as no matter what you do. Vegeta and Goku have a really good Si and Ne dynamic and rivalry in the Saiyan arc that I'll touch on much more later in this post. But anyways, here's the video down below. To sum it up, I agree with Skeptic that Goku is ENFP in the video but disagree and rather type Vegeta an ISTJ in my opinion. Check out the video here down below, its really worth watching.

Dragon Ball Z MBTI Typing Series | (Episode 1) Goku & Vegeta - YouTube

Alright back to the I Am Son Goku speech. Goku rejected his Saiyan heritage because of his Si, he held onto his past life on Earth and hated being a Saiyan and said he was an earthling and was raised here and his name is Son Goku. His Si is holding onto his past life on Earth strongly again and his Fi plays apart of this too. But as the show goes on you start to see Goku slowly accept his Saiyan blood and roots, and he does this with his Si mainly too which makes sense since Si is also known for growing from your past experiences overtime. Basically Goku goes through a casual and slow Si progression of once rejecting his Saiyan blood and heritage and holding onto his past life on Earth strongly, to slowly growing with his Si instead and saying things like "I'm a Saiyan too" to King Kai when training with him, him talking about it briefly with Vegeta during their fight, him slowly accepting it more on Namek and saying he's a Saiyan that was raised on Earth again not saying he's an earthling and focusing on that part anymore as personally as before with his Si, and then this final scene here. Goku's Son Goku speech is a mix of Si and Ne both and here's my reasoning why in my opinion.

He says "I am Saiyan who came all the way from Earth to defeat you, a warrior of legend with calm heart but awakening by rage. I am the Super Saiyan! Son Goku!" Goku is reflecting on past experiences of himself with his Si all leading up to now and is seeing meaning on why he's possibly here and fighting Frieza now and why he transformed all beneath the surface and seeing all this meaning with his Ne. His Ne is seeing the patterns in all these events and making the connection that this was all meant to be and they he was you could say somewhat destined to be sent to Earth by him and have all those past experiences and grow develop and become the man and person he is today and finally transform and beat Frieza in the end and avenge his race and everyone Frieza has killed up to this point. That's the hidden meaning Goku sees in this scene and the inner meaning he explains in his speech on why he's hear and transformed like this to finally beat Frieza in this final destined fight between them that was meant to be. And since in the anime we always see flashbacks and scenes of Goku vs Frieza being shown to us over and over again, its not too farfetched to come to this conclusion too, especially from seeing the Bardock special but this last part is just added on conjecture and not as manga centric as the other points, so take this last sentence as you will.

But regardless people probably see my point, Goku vs Frieza is seen as a very destined battle between them and it definitely seems like this was meant to happen eventually in the series for sure. Their arch enemies and have a great dynamic, so much so that they made another movie all about it later on with being Frieza back and them both getting new forms as everyone knows. Goku's Ne saw the hidden meaning of why all these events took place in this speech of his and he knows why he's here beneath the surface and behind the scenes and comes up with this amazing I Am Son Goku speech on the spot and finally after reflecting on his past experiences on Earth and up to this point in the speech with his Si finally grows fully after a slow Si experiences progression, hits the mark and finally and for the most part fully accepts his Saiyan heritage fully now and then one of his character arcs end here. Those are Goku's Ne and Si moments in this I Am Son Goku speech in my opinion from the manga and Japanese anime. I'll leave the I Am Son Goku Speech for you to see down below if you want. Now onto the next point.

Totally Not Mark made a great on this with the I Am Son Goku speech here, I recommend checking it out when you have time:

Who Did it Better? - Goku's "I AM" Speech - YouTube

Goku is a NF and idealistic and his idealism comes out in different ways. He's idealistic towards fighting as I already explained above and keeps trying to improve even when he doesn't have to or doesn't have someone to face yet. He always thinks there's an opponent out there in the future to face one day and he's future oriented in many ways with his Ne in the series and he always sees possibilities to face someone new in the future thats stronger than him. Which is also something he learned from Master Roshi in DB and comes natural to him with his Ne and his innocence as ENFP and his Si holding onto Master Roshi's past teachings, which I'll also go more into in my Cell arc analysis. But anyways this was a brief overview, this isn't what this part is about. I wanted to mention how Goku is idealistic as NF, naive, and too trusting as a ENFP. When he fights the Ginyu force, after he hits Recoome and engages with Captain Ginyu, he chooses to let them and not fight and end things in peace. He doesn't want to fight or hurt them anymore and wants peace and asks them to leave this planet now and end this senseless fighting, its funny cause this scene among many goes against Goku's obsessed with fighting stereotype and shows his soft side and idealism toward letting opponents go naively and wanting peace and to avoid anymore senseless fighting, a point Josh Lee brings up well in his post on Quora on Goku. He did this kind of thing several times in the series, he let go of Raditz tail and told him to stop being evil and leave this planet, he wanted to let the Ginyu Force go and told them to leave the planet in peace as well, and he even healed Frieza by giving him some of his energy and once again told him stop being evil and leave the planet on your own in peace. Goku is very naive, too trusting, and idealistic toward letting opponents and villains go and thinking naively they'll just up and leave without any trouble and be good guys from now on and leave in peace.

Goku is pretty naive, too trusting, and overly idealistic as a NF and NFP with his soft heart toward letting villains go like this so much naively. Also moving into the next point this is also a trait he picked up from training with Kami in Dragon Ball with Goku's Si, introverted sensing a long with his Fi being affected by Kami too to make him this way in DBZ. Goku has always been innocent, soft, idealistic, naive since the start of the series, but he especially got an even softer heart from training with Kami and being affected strongly by that past experience with his Si. Goku's Si and Fi too got deeply affected by Kami's training and made him get an even softer heart that causes all those events to happen as a ENFP character constantly letting villains go so naively. This becomes another character arc for Goku, before Kami he was still naive and idealistic as ENFP and NF but he wasn't afraid to kill foreign threats and bad guys and bad people that tried to hurt him and his friends. But once he meets and trains with Kami, he gets an even softer heart than he even had before, and its all because his Fi and Si both adopted it and gained it from training with Kami on the Lookout back then in Dragon Ball. After that moment Goku goes through another Si progression arc similar to the accepting the Saiyan heritage one above, of him slowly learning from each new past experience with his Si that bad guys are bad and they wont change most the time and him slowly understanding that and slowly overcoming his softer heart he gained from Kami in the King Piccolo arcs in Dragon Ball. This is a very big and low key Si moment and character arc people miss in Goku and you could also say its a Fi progression thing development in him as well and I can also agree on that. Multiple Dragon Ball YouTubers have already talked about and discussed this character arc in Goku that's going on behind the scenes in videos already. I'll just link to them down below so you can see them talk about it in depth for yourself when you have time.

The last thing to mention is that, what's also important is when Goku finally beats Frieza, his Si finishes this character arc and finally learns and overcomes his soft heart after this slow progression of dealing with it and learning from it. Right when Goku finishes off Frieza and beats him on Namek, before he leaves he looks back down at the whole Frieza is in and has a sad look on his face in the manga. He's sad he did it and feels bad it had to come to this right after sparing Frieza and giving energy to him and giving him another chance for only him to just betray him in the end and still be evil and bad. The sad look on his face shows he's hurt and bothered by this and sad by the whole thing but he's finally learned his lesson here and from this point on his Si learned from every bad past experience with sparing villains, including this one and now he's completely learned from the experience here and all the past ones too. At this point Goku's Si learned from all the past with villains and he's put this in his inner Fi values as well. Bad guys will never change, most of the time anyway. He finally gets all this now fully in this arc and this part of his many character arcs ends and we get to see the results of it in later arcs. Goku tells Gohan to kill Cell now and hurry up and do it, a bit of Te also coming out in him also amusingly. But yeah, he tells Gohan to kill Cell now, he doesn't want to spare him anymore and just wants to kill him now, his Si clearly learned from the past experience here. Gohan only doesn't cause he's Super Saiyan 2 now and is a bit arrogant and cocky now that he has all this power and wants to toy with him and make him suffer like most Saiyans do and characters do in this series often as people already know. Goku also does this with killing Yakkon without a second though, so that Si development happened in him there. Now on to the next point.

Here's the character analysis videos here that gets into it:

Goku's Character Development & Complexity - YouTube


Now we're backtracking, Goku vs Vegeta. Goku is ENFP and uses Ne dominant in him and Vegeta is ISTJ and uses Si dominant in him. As a result of this they make and have a great dynamic between them in the series and I think its done best in their first fight actually in the Saiyan Saga. There's a massive Ne vs Si undertone being written between their two characters in their fight against each other and in the Saiyan Saga. Vegeta's Si belief in tradition and trusting the rules of his race and the old way of you are who you are and stuck who you were born as forever and you can't change that and can never change yourself ever and that's life. He was born a Saiyan elite and this is tradition and destiny and so on and you can't change that so accept it. Vegeta believes and tells Goku that you Kakkarot are a low class Saiyan and you were born that way and can never change that ever with hard work or determination, you are who you are from birth and its tradition for you to be a low class Saiyan warrior and for me to be born as a high class Saiyan elite warrior. This is the facts and tradition of the Saiyan race and that's how it is and always be, he is the Saiyan prince of Planet Vegeta is was born a Saiyan Elite and as a result of all this he was always be stronger than Goku and others no matter how strong he gets or how hard he tries to surpass him. It will never happen because that's just how life is supposed to be and how the Saiyan race operates and you can't change any of it no matter what so just accept it, that's the tradition and belief Vegeta believes with his Si as a ISTJ, along with his tertiary Fi too belief inside his inner values as well. Vegeta is a tradition based realistic character with his Si. Goku is the completely opposite and antithesis of this Si tradition mentality, which makes sense since he uses Ne, is idealistic and is ENFP, which is the complete opposite typing of the ISTJ. Goku sees and believes in possibilities with his Ne. Nothing is impossible to him and he always sees the possibilities to improve and surpass himself and others with his Ne as we see countless times in the series already. Goku believes with his Ne that its possible to surpass an elite with hard work and determination and never giving up until you achieve your goals.

Goku's Ne seeing the possibility to surpass him even if he was born a low class warrior and continue to get stronger and reach new heights and surpassing the elite warrior directly contrasts Vegeta's traditions he believes in classism with his Si in this arc. Because of this writing contrast between them as characters and their Ne and Si battling each other with believing different beliefs, it makes it very interesting to watch and is a great setup before their fight starts and we start to see when Goku starts keeping up with him and completely starts to wreck him when he uses the Kaoiken. Once he hurts Vegeta strongly with it it completely shatters his pride and beliefs and angers him greatly, so much so that he starts yelling and gets to an anger point that he decides to just blow the Earth completely up, which ends up failing when Goku shoots back with his Kamehameha and uses Kaokien x4 to blast him into space until he comes back again. So yeah that Ne vs Si dynamic is amazing in this arc and they have a great ENFP and ISTJ dynamic going on in the arc because of it, especially in this arc in particular and the fight they are having here hence why I explained this all here like this so much in depth. Also by the way you will only see this dynamic and writing and dialogue in the manga, Dragon Ball Z Kai English version and of course Japanese, the original Japanese Dragon Ball Z anime. The original bad Funimation dub sort of ruined this scene with changing Vegetas dialogue to recruiting Goku for some reason to his side, which never happened in the manga, Kai, or Japanese version. Just know that depending on which version you saw before or end up watching. This dynamic of Si vs Ne is important between them and in this arc and is going on behind the scenes in their fight or I guess out in the open too since they say these lines out loud and make it clear to the audience that this is what they believe in, before their fight actually starts officially. This Si vs Ne dynamic going on between Vegeta and Goku is part of the reason this fight is so great, seeing these two beliefs and ideals clash and to see who's is better and whos is right of the two and then starting their amazing battle against each other, fantastic stuff and writing.

Here's my Vegeta ISTJ post down below if you want to read it:


Some more Si moments in Goku to mention in this saga and then I'm done. When Goku realized and found out the truth that he killed Grandpa Gohan all those years ago actually, after he saw Vegeta's Great Ape Oozaru form. He started to remember the past and he realized the truth on what happened all those years ago. He felt extreme regret and felt extremely bad and started to think back and reflect on it and be very hard on himself. His Si felt strong regret on doing this to his grandfather in the past and not even realizing it for so long until now. His Si and Fi both felt strongly about learning all this in this moment and then his Si and Fi both made a strong conviction to make up for it by beating this guy no matter what in apology to his Grandpa. Goku also remembered with his Si that grabbing a Saiyan's tail is their weakness, he remembered this is what happened with him as a kid when he had a tail too and he compared and contrasted the past details he remembered to their current situation with his Si from past to present like Si is known for. Goku remembered and copied Tiens move the solar flare with his Si and said sorry I'm gonna have to borrow your move Tien, which is common with him. As a another Ne moment in Goku too to mention, Goku came up with the idea to use Bulma's Dragon Radar to find Gohan when Raditz took him away since his Si remembered that Gohan had a Dragon Ball on his hat. This scene is ruined in the old dub and is only in the manga, DBZ Kai, and the original Japanese version of Dragon Ball Z. Thanks for reading, that's my opinion of Goku being ENFP and a Ne and Si user. Tell me what you think down below. Just tell me your own thoughts in the comments, dont bother sending that toxic database site since its inaccurate and full of mistypes and toxic behavior and I hate it. I know its not all bad there but most of it is, I've been there myself. Most of the characters there are mistypes, I'm the type of person who types Bakguo ESTP not ENTJ, Sasuke INTJ, and Light Yagami INTJ and so forth in my opinion. So anyways getting that out the way, thanks for reading my insanely long post. and analysis on Goku. Tell me your opinions and thoughts down below, good day to you all.

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