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The Squirrel Effect: Is Man's Earth time running faster than Gaia Earth time?


Sep 24, 2017
It's mentioned how squirrels existed only in North America in 2000, yet after 2020, are found on every continent from Africa to Siberia, to India, Africa and South America, and in a variety of colors and styles.

Similarly, it's mentioned how we are always moving out of a White Hole. Earth happens to be at the forefront of a White Hole, so there are multiple planes of its existence, or many different versions or dimensions of Earth.

Also, Javier, a purported Time-Traveler on TIkTok called "Last Survivor", mentions how there is an Earth where there are no people in the cities, yet because the physicality ether is similar to the present time-dimension Earth, there is still electricity, and items people leave behind can also be picked up in his dimension. This means that when their Gaia Earth time is really 2027, the present Man's Earth time would be possibly thousands of years already in the future.

The information that we gather from their dimension appears to come from the future, because our time is moving faster relative to theirs, so the information we see of their side appears like they are from the future. From their point-of-view, we would be stuck in time, because the information coming to them from our time has their time speed up relative to our information coming out. Similarly, the information coming from their time to us is sped up relative to our time, as the information travels faster relative to the environment. This is like Man's Earth moving toward a Black Hole relative to the Gaia Earth.

This means that one year or two years on the Gaia Earth Time would mean a thousand years have passed on the Man's Earth Time, which allows squirrels from North America to populate every continent and develop a variety of styles in about two years (only have seen and heard about mentioning of Japanese and Indian squirrel about two years ago in 2020).

Mammals are unique among animals in their ability to give birth to live young, without the egg that feathered, carapaced, and scaley animals require. This also mean that the energetic abilities of mammals are also more diversified. However, among mammals, humans and primates rely far more on vision, a trait shared more with feathered, carapaced, and scaley animals than other mammals, which rely on the olfactory sense. This has allowed humans to use hands and evolve faster than other mammals, though it also means that the energetic work of humans are not as varied or diversified as a dog or cat.

Interestingly, feathered, scaley, and carapaced animals all have realized the Environmental Emotional Repression Release at a much earlier time, so their Earth time also separated from the Earth time of Humans a long time ago. This has also allowed them to evolve at their own pace, into the intelligent, technology using Species Temperament beings (species) like humans are today. The energetics of Earth is the work of all the species that make up the biosphere.