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The role of the unconscious to make this a better world.


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Aug 9, 2009
What is the one variable that will enable humankind to evolve, achieve actualization, secure one’s salvation, bring about a new awakening and paradigm shift thus ushering a more perfect society?

What one quote encapsulates all this? Is it to love thy God? Is it love thy neighbor? Is it love will heal the world? Is it we are achieving a new frequency and raising our vibration for a new society?

Why is it we perpetrate the same cycles of behavior for millennia of dysfunction? What is the one important variable holding us back from evolving emotionally, spiritually and psychologically?

The one quote that is profound and a clue of how to evolve is by Carl Jung. Why do we not seek to make the unconscious conscious? How can we make the unconscious conscious?

Why has society not tried to achieve this lofty goal that could indeed usher in a new Renaissance.? How do you personally endeavor in your own life perform actions to achieve more awareness of our unconscious thoughts, feelings and beliefs?

“Until we make the unconscious conscious mankind will never evolve.” Carl Jung

“Make the unconscious conscious and you will liberate yourself. On a societal level it would transform the earth. The single most profound thought to achieve change, harbor peace within and throughout our world.” LightSun

“What contributes to the greatest misery on the planet?

1. Ignorance
2. Blind Spots
3. Cognitive Distortions
4. Emotional Reasoning
5. Blaming others and life for our emotions and not taking responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and actions
6. Projection
7. Rationalization
8. Denial

According to science free will is an illusion. It has been determined that before a person makes a conscious choice, decision or action it has already been determined at the unconscious level.

This doesn’t add up. If there is no true will in that our decisions are made due to Nature -Nurture dynamics, then why is evil allowed to exist?

Western monotheistic religions purport that God allows the devil because of free will and he is testing us. This concept was established in the Bronze Age era before it was ever documented in religious texts.

I don’t believe in the devil. To me the devil is a projection of our selves. I don’t blame the devil for mankind’s misfortunes. Instead I believe most of human misery is due to ignorance. Ignorance of the unconscious.

Until we make the unconscious conscious we will continue to live in a backward world blaming existential creatures that don’t exist. We will never take responsibility for our own happiness, salvation and the responsibility to make this a better world.

The perpetrators of human misery are (1) ignorance, (2) blind spots especially of the unconscious, (3) cognitive distortions on the unconscious level of which (4). Emotional Reasoning,

(5) 5. Blaming others and life for our emotions and not taking responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and actions

(6) projection of one’s own unresolved issues, unconscious conflicts, emotional baggage and unhealed aspects in the form of one’s own psychic wounds.

These projections of one’s unhealed soul are pollution for mankind. People blame others and reality for their own distortions in the human thought process.

What is more nefarious they do so blindly, unaware and don’t take responsibility to address their own issues before spewing their own issues unto others as pollution stemming from their own souls unto others and reality.

We will never grow up. “Until we make the unconscious conscious we will never evolve.” Carl Jung

Until we take responsibility for our own thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions we can continue to use as a cop out Satan and ascribe to him all the misery of mankind. It is we who are the spreaders of misery, evil and ignorance.

Other contenders for adding human misery are (7) Rationalization and (8) Denial where we do things in the name of love and rationalize our own behavior all because we don’t have insight into ourselves.” LightSun

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Aug 9, 2009
“Buddhism, Stoicism, CBT: Cognitive Behavior Therapy with its list of 10 cognitive distortions in the thought process and

REBT: Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy with its list of the 11 irrational thoughts in the human subconscious all help in developing mindfulness.

Most people are mot aware of these thought distortions of CBT and REBT. In training in martial arts one begins as a white belt. Just so is cognitive mindfulness a form of discipline.

One starts out as a novice / white belt. Over time one overcomes issues and conflicts. One grows steadily on this path of self actualization.

An excellent barometer of mental health is do you get triggered often? Because I have disciplined my mind for decades I for the most part don’t get triggered by what another person says or does.

A person could insult me all they want. It amounts to nothing but air. An excellent training tool is to keep a journal of daily thoughts.

As soon as an identified thought distortion occurs, a person writes the thought down and replaces it with a more reasoned reply.

People would be surprised by just how many thought distortions they have during the course of a single day.

In real life and Facebook i witness useless arguments, as well all manner of name calling along with insults.

All of these individuals have undisciplined minds. What’s more they are pollution by venting negativity.

1. They don’t realize they are triggered.

2. They don’t realize that they are projecting their reality unto another person or situation.

3. They don’t realize that their negative comments are made up of their thought distortions.

4. They are a pollution to others in life because their negative replies underneath reside their own unfinished business, unresolved conflicts, emotional baggage and unhealed aspects of a wounded psyche.

5. There are many quotes. “If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself. If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world,

then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own transformation.” Lao Tzu

6. It is our responsibility. “I will take personal responsibility for my own thoughts, feelings, speech, writing and actions.”

7. Well these techniques I’ve shared can help to facilitate and bring this about on your life path.

8. Those that don’t practice these techniques are sleepers. They will continue to blame people and reality for their emotions. They never will know that their negativity is a reflection of what’s in their souls.” LightSun


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Aug 9, 2009
“We trust what our belief system tells us. Most people don’t question what they think, feel and believe to be true. These are blind spots of human awareness.

What we believe in is in our subconscious cognitive schemas which are molded by societal, parental and peer expectations in the form of norms and mores.

I have a saying, “Just because I passionately think, feel and believe in something to be true does not necessitate that it is true.”

Unless it can be proven in the here and now by hard research methodology and it’s results replicated.

There are far too many false positivisms and wives tales propagated by new age thought, secular philosophers and yes religions as well.

Positivisms and wives tales that bear no merit when placed under the lens of scientific scrutiny. Thoughts which need to be reality based and stick with objective facts.

In essence all subjectivity is limited. Subjective opinion is merely limited perception. Facts which can be agreed upon would be like the sun is x miles from the earth.

All other subjective opinion, perception, norms and mores which have become dogma and believed need to be constantly evaluated.

Until we learn to question everything without fear and keeping an open mind to scrutinize everything we will be held to beliefs in the unconscious belief system that just don’t add up.

If we are not trained to look within people will continue to go through life unaware. What’s worse is they are unaware in the dictionary sense of their own ignorance of their unconscious.

We must train and educate our young to be reflectful and cognizant of thought distortions which are outlined in CBT and REBT but which most of society os unaware of. As long as we are unaware we can not awaken. Not ourselves and much less the world.

We must institute changes in education but the politicians won’t put in the needed money, time and resources in our most precious resource and that is our children. How long will we bring up a generation of the unaware?” LightSun


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Aug 9, 2009
“Projections change the world into the replica of one’s own unknown face.” Carl Jung

“Exactly there are many truths. Two simple ones if they could be assimilated by society could propel society forward. Only though if they take personal responsibility for their internal universe.

One universal truism is that we Homo Sapiens are a projective species. We project our unconscious beliefs unto other people and situations.

This is the dilemma. All of us are molded by societal, peer and parental expectations, values, norms, mores, ideals and values since birth.

It gets incorporated into our underlying unconscious cognitive schema which makes up our ‘autopilot’ or our underlying belief system.

This is for the wise. To change another would be tantamount to changing their hard drive or rather their genes and genetic predisposition.

In addition it would be to rewire the software of another completely different and unique individual of their parenting, schooling and indeed their entire life experiential lessons while walking the path of life.

We are as in the Hubble Telescope. We each have a different lens to view reality based on our hard wire and soft ware.

These are merely only our perceptions and not ultimate reality. Most of what we know is mere subjective opinion.

The second truth and this comes from the cognitive based psychological fields of CBT: Cognitive Behavior Therapy and REBT: Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy.

Every negative felt experienced reality has an underpinning with cognitive distortions and or irrational beliefs.

It manifests as a trigger. I have an analogy. Our emotions are like the check engine light of our car.

1. If we have a negative emotion we are triggered. 2. Their are distortions in the thought process.

3. These hidden unconscious triggers are a blind spot of awareness.

4. Underneath is your own unfinished business, unresolved conflicts, emotional baggage and an unhealed aspect of a psychic wound.

This is universal. The amendments would be these three parameters. 1. A person experiencing extreme physical pain.

2. A person is in a fight or flight situation. The third is if we are confronted with something so anti-ethical to our moral sensibility.

Examples would be having a negative emotion over murderers, Hitler, Rapists, etc. The point is you do not allow your emotions to act emotionally and in an irrational sense. Hold those accountable but remain objective.

If people would acknowledge this truth and take action accordingly we could transform society from within.

This is my vow. I am responsible for my own thoughts, feelings, speech, writing and actions irregardless of the person or the external situation.

I will not repay negative energy with negative. In psychology this is negative reinforcement. For those coming from a completely blatant irrational stance, their is no useful reasoning with them.

The person pouring a type of a pollution on their fellow man and reality are those who blame others and reality for their own emotions.

They are in a philosophical sense projecting an illusion of their own unfinished business unto a real world situation or person.

These the blamers who don’t take responsibility will never heal from their psychic wound. They will continue to be triggered by this sore spot.

This will not change unless they take responsibility. Those that don’t will never grown emotionally, spiritually or psychologically.

All the sayings, “Take the High Road” would be prudent. I as every person alive has blind spots in my overall awareness.

I hope to continue to evolve by being cognitively mindful and responsible for my self in entirety, having an open mind, being tolerant and respectful of others with beliefs dissimilar from myself.

In my path following the tenets I continue to grow both in depth and breadth of my understanding of self, others and the world we live in.

I respectfully apologize if I have ever strayed to strive to be humble and have an open, inquisitive and curios mind.” LightSun