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Krillin (ISFJ) One of the Best ISFJs of All Time, Si dom/Fe aux, Dragon Ball Z MBTI


Feb 21, 2013
Krillin MBTI ISFJ - Dragon Ball Z Myers-Briggs Types

Krillin ISFJ - DBZ MBTI Typings

Sharing this one with Typology too.

Time to do Krillin today.

Krillin - Where do I start with Krillin, the OG ISFJ. Krillin is driven by duty with Si and friendship and caring and emotionally supportive with his Fe aux behavior. He's loyal with his Si to his friends and well help them with his Fe anyway he can and can do at the time. People get on him and roast him often for being weak or useless but this stereotype couldn't be farther from the truth. Krillin has been keeping up with them and the fellow Z fighters for years in the series. He managed to beat the Saibamen on his own and avenge Yamcha's death from them that Nappa and Vegeta brought with them. He remembers details to absurb and large degree with his Si dom. And he worries a lot what will happen and fears negative possibilities with his Ne inferior function. He cares a lot about Si security and hates risk taking, almost to the point of cowardice yes but again I said before, despite this Si security and scared risk and cowardice in him and his character Krillin always stands up to do what's right and jumps in to save the day, or try and help people when he can. He stood up and fought Frieza himself and blasted him several times, he worked together with Gohan and Vegeta to fight Frieza, he teamed up with Gohan the whole Namek arc to fight like the Ginyu force and Captain Ginyu himself. He also stood up to the Cell Jrs and even tried to help Cell himself even when his Si said don't do it any take the risk, he went in anyway and tried to help once Piccolo went to jump in. He even states Goku's idealism for trying to save the day against all odds is rubbing off on him, which is very ironic actually because Goku is an idealistic ENFP and his Ne always sees a possibility to win and stand up and try to do something to beat opponent against impossible odds because Goku always sees the possibility to beat a strong opponent with his Ne and Fi too, this directly correlates with Krillin's Si security himself, which is the opposite function to Ne. So Krillin is admitting basically to using a function he isn't even used to or likes to use in this scene with his inferior Ne. Anyways Krillin's the best and don't let anyone tell you other wise, he's an extroverted introvert which makes sense because ISFJs and INFJs are the most extroverted introverts because of Fe which is no different from Krillin and his extroverted moments as a introvert for Krillin himself. But don't be fooled, he's not ESFJ at all, Krillin is ISFJ definitely. Krillin always remembers details from the past all the time with his Si dom behavior, he remembered what Vegeta said earlier along with Nappa and what they said about the Dragon Ball's earlier and what they said about Piccolo and being able to find out a new planet to find them on, the thought about this past detail to a large degree with his Si and then came up with the Ne idea after thinking about it a lot of maybe Piccolo can be brought back and everyone saved after all if try to go to this planet where these Namekian people live, they might have Dragon Ball's themselves to bring our friends back, which turns out being completely true.

Krillin remembered with his Si the Kami were once one and the same and then careful observed and remembered what direction Piccolo flew in and told Tien he's going in the direction of the lookout to fuse with Kami permanently, massive Si observation and memory from Krillin here again. Overall though despite his few ideas he comes up with his Ne inferior here and there, Krillin hates Ne overall and again fears negative possibilities from happening in the future to an absurd degree and wants to play things safe with his Si and what's worked before in the past as a Si dom himself. Krillin is underappreciated for his efforts sadly which is a ISFJ stereotype but we love him and his character and bravery despite his fear and he will always be one of the greatest sidekick characters and most loyal and helpful friends to Goku and the other Z fighters ever in all of time. Here's a good character analysis on Krillin down below and Krillin put as a ISFJ on the Dragon Ball Z Chart, as usual I always say and tell people in my opinion this chart is very accurate for an anime MBTI Chart. It's one of the best anime MBTI charts ever and is very, very accurate and correct with the characters typings on here in my opinion, the only thing I disagree with and two characters I always say are wrong in my opinion are Videl and Android 16. In my opinion Videl is definitely ENTJ and Android 16 is definitely ISFJ. But all the other character types are right and spot on for sure on the Dragon Ball Z MBTI chart down below in my opinion and many other people's opinions as well. Check it out here if your interested in checking the DBZ MBTI chart out for yourself and the video for Krillin's character analysis by Nick M will also be posted here down below:

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Krillin listed as ISFJ on the Dragon ball Z MBTI Chart here, this chart is very accurate with the character types except for Videl who is ENTJ instead and Android 16 is ISFJ in my opinion:

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