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Master Roshi (ENFJ) - Fe dom and Ni aux user, an Incredible ENFJ - Dragon Ball Z MBTI


Feb 21, 2013
Master Roshi ENFJ - Dragon Ball Z MBTI

Master Roshi MBTI - DBZ Myers-Briggs Types

Sharing Roshi ENFJ on Typology too. Give me your thoughts down below:

Master Roshi is ENFJ from Dragon Ball, I've seen so many people confused on Master Roshi through the years. They've mistyped him ESTP, ESFP, INTP and many more mistypes in my opinion. Roshi is a Fe dom and Ni aux, people think Se dom cause he's silly in Z and think he's ESFP for some reason and even ESTP is a worse typing for him too as he acts nothing like an ESTP at all which that stupid database site has his mistyped as right now which as we all know is very inaccurate anyway and is bad at typing characters and people often and just care about popularity bias an negativity. So here's my proof on why Master Roshi is a clear ENFJ from Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z.

Master Roshi cares for society values and is always thinking about the emotional state of others all the time. He hit Goku on the head with his wooden cane when he said "Hiya!" to the monk when they were training on the mountain with the milk cartons, Roshi hit Goku on the head for being disrespectful and said that's not how you greet someone, its "Good morning" he corrected him with saying instead showing his care for Fe society values and manner and respect here in this scene. Master Roshi is always focusing on the group and group of people and goes out of his way to help others in a Fe style way and is a very emotionally supportive person with his Fe caring about these things and people's feelings, emotional state and well being and future of their lives as well with his Ni aux going along with his Fe. He's very insightful with his Ni and is very, very future oriented with his Ni aux as well. He went extremely far and out of his way with his Fe to help people and focus on Krillin and Goku's well being in the the tournament as fighters and to help influence them and help them understand a life lessons for their own good and futures as martial artist past this tournament, clear Fe focusing on others and a group of people's state and well being and focusing on what's going on behind the scenes and the future of his pupil's lives and the future of their lives as martial artists by teaching them the Ni lesson of there will always be someone stronger so don't be complacent and don't care only about the moment and your current strength and power because there's stronger guys out there in the future for you to face one day and this always will be a thing so keep training.

ENFJ is the perfect typing for Roshi and he uses his Ni aux again to read between the lines and look behind the scenes with his Ni aux to care and figure out what was going on with Namu by wondering with his intuition about him and his life. He then stopped speculating and thinking about it with his Ni and Fe caring about his well being and then mind read him and figured out what his past was. After the fight he lost to Goku he used his Fe dom behavior and was giving and emotionally supportive to him with his Fe and gave him a capsule that he could put water in so that he could help his people. Namu thanked him for this and he said no problem and then gave a Fe and Ni speech about how he's in disguise to teach the boys a life lesson on there's always someone stronger out there for them to fight in the future and that they need to know this as kids here and that he's looking out for their well being with his Fe and there future's as martial artists with his Ni here as well. And Goku as an ENFP and innocent ENFP and Si user remembered this lesson the whole entire series and never forget with his Si inferior and ENFP innocence and Ne that there's always someone stronger out there in the future to battle and train for at all times. In the end this mentality worked and worked out perfectly for Roshi and his teachers to them and Goku here and it matching his ENFP personality and Si again learning and remembering the life lesson for life as a martial artists and his Ne seeing the possibility and imagining strong guys always being out there at all times to fight and train for anyway, so it all worked out and matched perfectly in the end. Master Roshi, one of the greatest ENFJs of all time.

It's time to give mad respect to the GOAT ENFJ with Master Roshi and his character. He's one of the most important and best ENFJs ever out there ever in my opinion and is one of the most important characters in Dragon Ball history, I would say he's third most important next to Bulma first and Goku in my opinon to the series as he created the Kamehameha and trained Goku the best fighter ever of all time and Krillin too the strongest human on Earth. Roshi also is always having company over in his house even if he's a lone on an island, he's clearly an extrovert despite his home location and solitude, he loves having people around him and in his social circle and doesn't mind a lot of people living in his house at one time either in his life and welcomes it and them their to live with him with problem at all. He's social, energetic, lively, and funny and knows how to have a good time as well and can sometimes live for the moment with his Se ter and he struggles to think logically with his Ti inferior sometimes and this is especially evident in his perverted moments when he ignores logic with his low Ti inferior function and values and only cares for emotion, seduction, and lust when he sees a hot girl that he likes and wants to be around with. He also showed Fe and caring for the emotional state of Goku during his fight with Cell and caring about the group there in that moment and scene as a whole and was reading between the lines and looking behind the scenes with his Ni aux here as well and suspected something was up with him and Goku isn't acting strangely in this fight against Cell and that he wants to know where he's going with his since it seems like he can't win the fight and battle it seems that his Ni aux insight picks up on while watching the Cell Games progress on TV.

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Master Roshi appears as ENFJ here as well on the Dragon Ball Z MBTI Chart by Personality Club, as usual I agree with the character typings for everyone except for I disagree with Videl and Android 16 here. I type Videl ENTJ and Android 16 ISFJ in my opinion:

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