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INFJ or INFP...thoughts?!


New member
Jun 11, 2020
Even as a dichotomy, being social is just one facet of extroversion. Extroverts deal with information/objects directly, whereas introverts incorporate things into their inner world. Introversion is subjective because it's about how the information is seen in terms of what the person knows, rather than in terms of what others can see.
I'd say I relate more to the description of introversion you've given.


Never-retiring Millenial
Mar 26, 2017
In terms of cognitive functions, a particular conceptualisation of I and E can definitely be better or worse than another. If MBTI uses the social aspect to a high degree, but MBTI also uses cognitive functions, does being social apply much to Ne, Se and Te? If it does, then all good, but if it doesn't then we're probably better off using external and internal, or objective and subjective.

So in other words: there are different concepts of I and E, but some are simply better than others in terms of matching up with how people are divided.

If you use the social aspect of it you wont be talking about Se, Ne or Te, but rather ES, EN, ET, which are somewhat different. For cognitive functions, the external-internal and objective-subjective is more appropriate indeed.


trying to be a very good ENTP
Dec 1, 2011
there's really no difference between ji and fi anyway. any respektable personage can tell u that.


New member
Oct 30, 2021
Hi all!
Over the past couple decades I've taken the MBTI about a dozen times and almost always come up as an INFJ. Occasionally though I have had INFP as my result, including my most recent result when I took Typology Central's test today.
I tried doing some reading of articles that explain the difference between these types that are commonly confused for one another, but it didn't really become much clearer for me. With every other point made, I related to the other type! I took a test specifically made to help you work out which of these two types you are - the first time I was 53% INFP, 47% INFJ; the second time it was the other way around (took it a second time as I was so on the fence about a couple items - seemed to be what the results ultimately hinged on!). All a long winded way of saying, "I'm confused!"
Any insights (in layman terms, real-world examples) on the differences between these two types would be most appreciated! I'm also happy to answer any direct questions people have for me - just not sure where to begin to describe myself!

Thanks in advance!
I have went through a similar experience myself. My judging and perceiving functions are very much 50/50. I think also what confused me was that I’m an INFP- A which is pretty uncommon amongst the type. I didn’t feel as aloof as other INFPs. On the other hand I didn’t feel as cynical as other INFJs. Here’s a way I was able to discern if I was an INFP verses an INFJ; If someone were to say to you “Hey, you’re different” would you take it as a compliment or would you feel insecure about it in some way? If you would take it as a compliment you are an INFP. :). Another way to tell is do you actually “want” to be an INFJ? Like would you think it would be cool to be the rarest personality type in the world? If yes, then you are an INFP. For myself, I found that just doing lots of reading on the two different types and feeling which one resonated more with me helped the most. I found one type just “clicked” with me more than the other. I have to admit I do sometimes doubt it still myself lol. I hope that helps.