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[ISFJ] ENFP trying to figure out ISTJ


New member
Mar 6, 2021
Hey, everyone:)
I have two main questions about a wonderful ISTJ I met:

1) Does an online emotional affair not seem like cheating to an ISTJ? I know he's been wanting a connection, and he's honestly been very respectful.
2) I also can't tell if he's serious about visiting and actually dating me. Perhaps he's just creating a fantasy, is that a typical ISTJ thing to do?

For more context:
He(40, ISTJ) messaged me (F24, ENFP) on Reddit and we hit it off immediately. He messaged me because he liked what I wrote about connections in a thread. We quickly moved to texting. He's charming, incredibly sweet, and a complete gentleman. I told him I was worried about falling for him, because he's married. It seemed to surprise him, and he said it wasn't ideal but he wanted to date me. He even asked if my family would be against us dating, because of the age gap. He doesn't live anywhere near me currently, but has property close to me. He's been talking about how much fun we'd have when he visits, and I would want to meet. I'd keep it platonic, and I know he'd respect that. I do want to continue talking to him, I'm just trying to figure him out. Also, I've directly asked him both of these things, and he maintains that he's serious and needs and wants me.

I'd love any feedback at all, thank-you so much in advance!
Have a wonderful day:)
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