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Communication, Discussion and Listening Skills.


Well-known member
Aug 9, 2009
“We have two ears and one mouth. We should listen twice as much as speak.” and “When I speak I only repeat what I know. If I am silent I may learn something.”

If I practice active listening skills in my communication, I may learn something. Utilizing active listening is truest discussion. It is when two people speak and yet are heard. Validation and feedback is part of thought empathy.

There is a difference between communicating and talking “At” a person. It is far different to listen rather than hear only yourself. True communication is a two way street.

In an argument both parties are talking “At” another party and both are hearing only themselves. They are both operating on a one way street only repeating their own individual message.

The argument only grows more heated. As both parties are not communicating with each other, each of the arguers repeats their message. It is akin to throwing gasoline on a fire. Discussion yields results and growth.

As both parties listen to another’s viewpoint, there understanding grows. Their horizons broaden and the person can mature by having a much more broad perception of different problems.

Those that argue don’t grow. As they don’t broaden their horizons by being of closed mind set. They remain stagnant. This is like saying I know it all. I am right. You are wrong. There is no compromise between adults.” LightSun