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Are God and the universe fair, loving, just and kind?


Aug 9, 2009
“Why do humans ascribe human characteristics to animals, universe and God?

Subjective projections, all of which are false, woefully incomplete. The universe is not loving nor is it unloving or hateful.

The universe is not just nor unjust.

The universe is neither fair or unfair. It just is which I call them ism’s.

The universe is neither kind nor unkind.

Etc…The universe just is. Any subjective term is false. If I was asked an open ended question, “The universe is…” I’d say creative. But that is a projection too.

The universe is neither just creative nor destructive.

When we attach subjective terms in the unknowable we delimit it. We relegate it to a limited aspect, of itself.

That is why God is not a he or she. Nor is God limited by our subjective projections. When we try to describe the inexplicable we limit that which we describe.

They are a the aspect of limited minds trying to describe the inexplicable with mortal terms thus limiting whatever this God force is.

It is a reason I prefer if one is to try and describe God rather as the Great Mystery. The term God has been too contaminated by humankind.” LightSun