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A stable home envirament


Apr 17, 2014
When my home life as a child was really tough and disruptive i misbehaved at school. I was mouthy to teachers etc and would show off. As i grew older my home life improved a little and i stopped doing this and behaved better. I believe I was just acting out to release some of the tension. If you don't treat your child right he will not only have a bad life as a child all his potential for the rest of his life will be stalled due to having naturally worse exam results and not reaching his true potential. You are basically ruining your whole childs life just to be cruel. I dont think school is suited to an INTP's potential. Take Einstein for example so we are naturally at a disadvantage. Memory skills and parroting back information doesn't interest me so of course i'm gonna not get my best results. All i got was a C in History because i was interested in History. What i could of got if my dad had treated me right who knows maybe i could have joined the police force or been a psychiatrist. I will never know.

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Dec 31, 2016
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I am so sorry this was your upbringing. I would seek out support groups for adults in recovery from childhood abuse as these people have no agenda, or shouldn't have an agenda, and the group is free unlike therapy. Meetup.com is a good place to find these groups. Bottom line, you have to make peace with your past, understand it was not your fault but that moving forward you are in control. You can't operate from a place of strength while continuing to identify yourself as a victim. Being around and talking to strong individuals who went through what you did and really "get it" may be key to your healing. You might also seek out books on childhood abuse and read them to get an understanding of how you can best cope with the effects it is having on you at present. There are many free or low-cost things or resources besides therapy (which is obviously prohibitively expensive) you can tap into.