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13 Spots in Las Vegas


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Jun 15, 2011
Having recently returned from a 2 week Vacation in Vegas (with 2 days in LA), here are my top picks not necessarily in order:

1. Grand Canyon (the skywalk and guano point) - [note, you will see dead cattle along the side of the road riding through the remote communities of Dolan Springs, Arizona.]

2. Nevada State Museum - contains some great artifacts from the days when people migrated to Vegas for the purpose of mining silver

3. The Drive from Las Vegas to Los Angeles - Takes about four hours. Took me right through the Old West. Mad Greek Cafe out in Death Valley has got some food. Calico Ghosttown in Yermo, California ain't bad but too touristy. Whiskey Pete's Hotel and Casino right at the California/Vegas Line has an Ihop inside it.

4. The Las Vegas Strip -- Wynn, Encore, Bellagio and Aria Hotels are masterpieces of Capitalist Vision and Ingenuity. My girl loved the Bellagio Fountain show.

5. Fremont Street in Downtown, Las Vegas - Vintage Vegas with places like Binions, Four Queens Hotel, and the Golden Nugget and the El Cortez Hotel not too far up the road. Miraglias Restaurant in Four Queens has Prime Rib and Chicken Parmesan Dinners at reasonable prices. Coney Island Chili Dogs is another good spot.

6. Bavettes Steakhouse at Park MGM - Best steakhouse in Vegas, even better than the Golden Steer. I had the 42 day aged 16 oz Ribeye and a bottle of Malbec for the table. Tasted unbelievable but also paid an arm and a leg for it.

7. Las Vegas Cue Club - located in the seediest part of Vegas, Las Vegas Cue Club still looks like a real Pool Hall and action spot, and not just a nightclub with pool tables but only has a little bar. Played all day for 9 bucks. They still got the old ball return tables.

8. Wynn/Encore Poker Room - Where I stayed the MGM Grand the Poker Room there was terrible and not even really a poker room. They had the worst seats ever. The Encore Poker Room killed it in terms of quality poker rooms. Even the Button looked fancy. Within ten minutes of me sitting down, already had a guy on tilt betting into me...

9. Brad Garrett's Comedy Club - Garrett pretty much destroyed the people in the first few rows. It was pretty funny. He's got a lot of good insult material. His other comedians were not so good but it was worth going just to hear Garrett tear up some of the people, including himself.

10. Chinatown - tons of restaurants, spas and Korean BBQs...biggest Chinatown I ever seen. Noodle Pot next to Chinatown Mall has got the best noodles with beef soup in the country.

11. Eggscellent - This was my go-to Breakfast spot. Hotel Breakfast Joints are rip-offs. The MGM Grand's Grand Buffet was a horror. But Eggscellent was good...the owner is a character.

12. The Mob Museum - the Mob Museum has more than just exhibits featuring the American Mafia, but also contains exhibits involving Global Crime and Colombian Drug Cartels.

13. Artistic Iron Works- This was more my girl wanting to go through the Gallery Showroom....i though it would be boring as hell and a majority of it for me was, but some of the Iron Sculptures were just magnificent.
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