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    Default Interested in Discovering Interpretations of My Type.

    21. Male. American. Raised in low income. Housing Projects. A's in Primary school. C's in Middle School. Dropped out of High School. In second year of Community College. 3.1 Gpa.

    Approx 180 Pounds, at six feet, and a half inch. BMI uncertain, Slightly overweight. Of "Bi-racial" descent. Fair skinned. Dark hair, unkempt dreadlocks.

    One current, close best friend(for twenty years). One current, close girlfriend(for two years). Series of other acquaintances throughout life, often short(a few exceptions). Series of half-brothers, and half-sisters by parentage.


    These are descriptions applicable to me. Under (almost) any point of view they would be(objectively?) true.

    'Curious as to whether or not you are curious. I will continue to write, if you find that you become curious.

    Thank You. For your Time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Assumed Identity View Post
    Slightly overweight.
    Here you lost me.

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    typology requires a behavioral description, not an attribute description. Few examples of problems you face and how you solved them is the best way to go.

    - not enough information -
    "People often say that this or that person has not yet found himself. But the self is not something one finds; it is something one creates." - Thomas Szasz

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    For random reasons, I'm guessing ISTP.

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    I try to spend the a large part of my time alone. I like to spend my time reading, or watching lectures on philosophy, politics, and theory. I play occasional basketball. I play regular guitar.

    I have problems with certain kinds of motivation. Social conventions, mores, and expectations(particularly "profit motive" leave me unenthused. I find that (nearly all) things come naturally to me. I don't find details as compelling as big pictures. I use unacquainted small-talk as opportunities for experimentation.

    To use familiar words, and more pointed phrases; I solve problems through rationalization. I find that I often skip steps "intuitively": often reaching conclusions before others immediately, unable to provide a (true) linear progress through demonstration to those peers(I find I can create (several) adequate explanations on-the-fly). It is at a later time that i find myself elaborating comprehensive theory to explain these conclusions.

    I make few decisions based on emotions. I have few guiding principles, perhaps most akin to an ironic sort of nihilistic humanism.

    I enjoy attempts at trying to understand any context that I encounter from various points of view, and hierarchies of thought. I find that I can apply intense focus at will.

    I plan a career in applied academia. I find that one of my greatest skills is teaching to a person's specific needs. I find little difficulty in social situations, other than motivation to say what others want to hear. My largest problem comes from boredom with most people, situations. As long as I can find myself something interesting in a situation, I can adapt and enjoy it.

    It is possible for me to post more. I have read a few books on Mbti theory and typology. I have never received results other than INTP/J.

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    Typology requires a cognitive description, actually...

    Are you leaning either towards INTJ or INTP? What you've said about points of view and context - hierarchies of thought - sounds very Ni / INTJ.

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    Minus the part about enjoying watching politics (politics tend to annoy me, although I can see the entertainment value of watching it, possibly. But there are other things I can do that entertain me more.), he could well be a spitting imagine of me when I was ~18-21ish, still looking for my 'place' in this society. I had a much rawer attitude towards the world then I do now much like he boasts. And I can find myself in much with what he has said.

    I'll go INTP. :P
    ~Self-depricating Megalomaniacal Superwolf

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    Thank all of your for your interest, and responses. Your time, however much of it you chose to engage, I appreciate.

    Thank you for your Humor, "Nicodemus"

    Thank you for your attempt at clarification, "Durentu". That is a point of view I will continue to take in mind. However, I have decided to engage myself along these lines, instead (perhaps improperly) for my own reasons. I do not mean to wish to dismiss your post, nor such an approach, in jest. I will take this into account for further consideration.

    "Rasofy", I would be delighted to understand your reasoning behind your conclusion, at the time. Any further input, including speculation would be welcome.

    To answer "skylights": No, I don't find myself leaning towards either way, in entirety. I find either to be applicable at times. I would also like acknowledge the validity of your approach as well, thank you.

    And to "Fluffywolf" : Perhaps I should clarify. I do not enjoy watching "Political" events unfold, nor do I enjoy the words/actions of (P/p)oliticians. I do however appreciate the "science of politics". I watch and read about happenings in the world, and the people that cause them. This occasionally takes the form of watching video lectures on "politics". This is what I refer to in my last post; lectures in the subject of "Political Science"

    I now have a question. How should I interpret my dualistic identification with both INTP, and INTJ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Assumed Identity View Post
    I now have a question. How should I interpret my dualistic identification with both INTP, and INTJ?
    MBTI is particularly imprecise, and prone to misinterpretation, particularly in regard to its benefits.

    Let me now answer your question with more questions. First, what is it that you are looking to find out about yourself? Why is it that you are looking to find this out about yourself? What do you think it will mean when you find the answer to these questions?

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