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Type my OC Character

Mar 27, 2011
Hello, everyone. As you can tell, I enjoy creating original characters and expanding upon their background stories for fun. I was curious as to what mbti type you all thought my original character Hannah Quigley could be, as I find her very hard to type and am unsure as to where she could fit in terms of mbti and enneagram. I know the story is rather long, so I decided to post excerpts of the parts that talk mostly about her personality and her motivations. I appreciate whichever feedback you guys could give me!

“Hannah Quigley is a very sweet and caring, if scatterbrained young girl who quickly becomes Mia Carmichael's best friend in New York. She is characteristically dreamy, fairly intelligent, and curious, yet misunderstood due to her quirky and sometimes awkward personality. Her greatest passion is helping others and creating art, as indicated by the pervasive amount of drawing she did on her bedroom walls as a child. While she can appear to be somewhat flighty and easily distracted, Hannah is always well-meaning and has a very strong moral center. She is considered somewhat of a misfit by her classmates and tends to stick mainly to Mia while at school, with many people claiming that they are both attached at the hip. Good-natured and unassuming, Hannah is a loving and sincere girl at heart who has a pure, childlike quality to her demeanor. She can usually be seen acting goofily during her playful exchanges with her super best friend, often referring to Mia as "the SpongeBob to her Patrick".

Hannah didn't have many close friends prior to meeting Mia and had a similarly difficult time connecting with people of her own, causing her to greatly value their close friendship. She was seen as clumsy and nervous, but friendly and secretly yearned for a place of acceptance and belonging among her peers, as well as enhanced popularity.
Her self-conscious demeanor made her appear increasingly socially timid however and earned her a reputation of being something of an ungainly klutz, although she would always pop back up with a good-humored, but rueful smile. Although usually quiet and low-key when at school, she felt conflicted between her desires to blend in and stand out among her classmates and deeply longed for their recognition. Desperate for companionship, Hannah's attempts at being personable while befriending others caused her to be labeled as "weird" and "annoying" by those who did not understand her, bringing about constant rejection when all she sought after was a meaningful connection.

She had a habit of taking things personally and through her intense fear of being rejected, often internalized other people's mistreatment of her as a reflection of who she was as a person. With her strong dislike for being left out, this led to many years of feeling isolated and friendless among her peers, never quite knowing what it felt like to have a true friend. She most notably befriended a pretty, freckled blonde between kindergarten and 2nd grade named Kirsten Lundgren, who disregarded her friendship with her upon bonding with two other girls with similarly rhyming names and snidely referred to her as a "nutball", a nickname that she would remain sensitive to for years to come. She slightly envied Kirsten's sociability and good looks, admiring her long white-blonde hair and describing it as "the color of corn silk", along with her ski jump nose and heavy black mascara. Hannah's innocently mischievous personality could lead her to feel alienated from her fellow children, especially in the light of her mother's death. She revealed herself to be impressionable and tenderhearted, with a painful, innate desire to love and be loved by others.

She has deep emotional scars from the loss of her mother at an early age and became somewhat of a "floater" due to her struggle to fit in with social groups. She had trouble thinking things through and was more determined to gain the approval of her peers than she was heedful of her father's advice. She often felt lonely once her classmates chose to pursue activities with other friends and avoided inviting her to parties and similar events that took place outside of school. Hannah also developed escapist tendencies once she would lose herself in her fantasies and doodle upon her worksheets in place of note-taking. She once hid in a classroom closet and proceeded to roam about while messing with various school supplies and equipment in the nurse's office simply to avoid riding the bus home. She nearly ate a lifesaver that was left on the hallway floor in the process, only to be helped by a janitor who ensured she got home safely. For a time, Hannah felt unable to open up to her classmates due to her increased meekness and lost the ability to express herself.

She unsuccessfully tried to bottle up what she felt and numb herself to her problems, only to then proceed to release everything in sudden tantrums and emotional outbursts when at home in her desire for attention. She was prone to speaking out her feelings regardless of whether her words offended someone and often struggled with controlling what came out of her mouth. She tended to be overemotional and would sometimes begin to cry unexpectedly when she felt angry, frustrated, or upset. Her emotions could occasionally cloud her judgment and make her behave irrationally when angry as well, which caused many of her peers to take advantage of her tendency to be easily provoked to trigger a reaction from her.

Hannah has some people-pleasing tendencies, wishing to make others happy and to be liked and well-received by everyone she meets. She is usually creative, optimistic, and supportive, although she can sometimes be too willing to go along with others to keep the peace. She cares deeply for other people, often putting their feelings and interests before her own, in some cases at a personal cost. She tends to be very kindly and sympathetic, but can be somewhat naïve in regards to understanding the ulterior motives of others, quickly growing attached to those who are demonstrative and affectionate towards her. Her friendliness and eagerness to interact with others sometimes causes her to be dismissed when she is trying to introduce herself. She can be quite gullible, as she takes the slightest bit of positive reinforcement as a "free ticket" to invite people to come over to her house.

She sometimes struggles with stating her desires and needs and may follow other people's whims instead of asserting herself. She enjoys giving attention to others and may learn everything about her friends' interests in order to have something to share in common. Although she is friendly with several different people, Hannah isn't particularly close to anyone beyond her best friend Mia and good friend Tyna Weaver from art class. She tries to balance her need for individuality with a strong desire to gain intimacy and solidarity with others, which makes setting boundaries challenging for her. She is not content to be just someone's friend, as she wants to be the "best" friend, as well as the confidante and number-one kindred spirit.

Generous and friendly, she wants to feel as though she is part of a group and tends to be insecure about her worth, feeling a desire to please others in order to be acknowledged and fit in somewhere. Despite this, Hannah doesn't seek to be the most popular kid at school, as she simply wants friends and people to spend her afternoons and weekends with. She is sensitive and selfless, as she was prepared to give up her spot for one of her friends if there wasn't any room on the class trip and is very attentive to the needs of others. Her big heart doesn't exclude even the more reserved, yet she has shown herself to be apologetic and overly concerned with how others perceive her. She also has a habit of attracting broken and damaged people who can sometimes appear overly demanding and take advantage of her kindness, which can leave her feeling emotionally drained in her desire to offer comfort and guidance to others. Hannah is nevertheless genuine and sincere in her daily encounters and often goes out of her way to care for and assist the people around her. She will often do anything to keep her friends happy, even at the expense of her own well-being, and enjoys making people laugh with her goofy sense of humor.

She is a gentle soul who likes to perform random favors and acts of kindness, whether it includes being a lunchtime helper, and is generally humble and honest. She attracts people with her imagination and is normally seen as the type of person who will show up with a hot meal when a friend is sick, as well as the first to offer help in a dire situation. Hannah is very kindhearted and innocent and very rarely acts openly mean to anyone, even those who find her an annoyance and act cruelly to her. She is a broadminded, openhearted girl who can be surprisingly profound, having an enormous amount of modesty despite her lack of social skills and a pure heart. She claims that she would volunteer to be a fortune cookie writer, as she can use her creativity and humorous side to come up with amusing philosophical quips to make those around her smile. She has a gift for seeing possibilities and creative solutions to interpersonal issues people are dealing with, which inspires her to root for the underdogs.

Hannah can see how different events may unfold and how many good things could happen, making her skilled at cheering up even the most downcast friend. She brings her unique talents to the halftime show when she cheers her classmates on after being unable to play in the school's kickball tournament due to a sore toe. She is unable to resist the urge to try and befriend cats and always feels disappointed when they turn out to be wild, feline creatures who do not warm up to others as much as they should. She is also extremely giving and likes to thoughtfully craft handmade gifts for the people she cares about, having once customized a tennis racket cover to offer Liam on his birthday. She remembers intimate details about every person's life and uses her knowledgeability to pick out just the right gift for her friends and loved ones. What you see is what you get with Hannah, who doesn't scheme and is often seen as an open book. She has a difficult time bottling up her emotions or hiding her true intentions, no matter how hard she tries. She sometimes cries when she is happy, particularly when she finds herself overwhelmed with intense emotion. She will easily self-disclose with others and is prone to revealing too much about herself when first opening up during interactions, which can put her in vulnerable positions.

Her transparent nature can make even lying a difficult task for her, as she often babbles nervously and becomes fidgety upon telling the smallest fib. She can similarly detect insincerity in another person's words or actions, having the ability to read between the lines and quickly pick up if someone "means one thing, but says another". When someone is having feelings in her vicinity, Hannah is often experiencing those feelings right along with them, even if she doesn't know the person or why they are upset. She is quick to jump to positive assumptions without having all of the facts and as a result appears inexperienced in dealing with certain situations. Her natural tendency to give others the benefit of the doubt can often leave her feeling hurt in her habit of trusting too easily. She is sometimes seen by her classmates as being "too nice", which can cause her to appear passive and be somewhat of a pushover with her less assertive demeanor.

Hannah is also prone to pacing back and forth and thinking out loud when trying to process things in the privacy of her room, a bad habit that she has since been wanting to outgrow. She often rehearses full conversations in the mirror and pretends to be in different situations as she fills in what the other person would say. She is good at seeing patterns and trends for how people live life and often uses her imagination to understand what it's like to really be them. She will likewise go to a fat sycamore tree at the old elementary school playground to mope whenever she is upset about something or having a bad day. On the rare occasions in which Hannah gets in a bad mood, she tends to drag her surrounding atmosphere down with her. She can easily switch between behaving playfully and energetically to being quiet and contained depending on who she is with. She might find herself adopting proverbs, platitudes, happy thoughts and fantasies to distract herself when she starts to feel mad. She also has the habit of re-analyzing what she said later or during the time she might find awkward moments in a conversation and often regrets saying more than she meant to.

Regardless, she can be rather equable depending on the circumstance, exhibiting willpower and self-discipline in some situations meanwhile appearing more reckless and excitable in others. One of her most noticeable quirks is her tendency to use fillers phrases, such as "it's like" and "you know" when feeling anxious or bursting with enthusiasm. She sometimes rambles, although most people find it endearing since it usually ends with her conversing with herself and stopping after a while once she realizes what she is doing. Hannah might find herself focusing on something important, which brings about other thoughts until it snowballs and she forgets what she was thinking about to begin with. She can never quite bring herself to swear either, preferring to use substitutes for curse words such as "Holy guacamole!" and "Ay, caramba!" instead.

She still found herself in trouble on one occasion at age 3 once she accidentally blurted out an obscenity in church after being denied a cookie, deeply embarrassing her father once he chose to skip service and head straight to breakfast. Liam also recalls a toddler aged Hannah's taking a stack of twenty-dollar bills from their dad's night table and flushing them down the toilet one by one, infuriating their father as he proceeded to spank her. Despite her occasional naivety and impulsiveness, she has shown herself in many instances to be serious, careful, and very intuitive. While she loves planning activities and going out with Mia, Hannah sometimes prefers to go with the flow and let others take the lead. She can still find it hard to be a follower at times, which became apparent when she envied Kirsten Lundgren for being the team captain during Field Day back in elementary school. Hannah can likewise be insecure and somewhat thin-skinned, although to a lesser extent than Mia, whom is often much less decided in her outlook. She likes to remain focused on the things that make her happy and often attempts to avoid confrontation, although being upbeat can be hard for her when she is forced to fake it. As an ambivert, she is somewhat more of a people person than Mia is and has an easier time interacting with others, despite being relatively awkward and quiet while at school.

She deeply values meaningful conversation and often feels moved and inspired by the stories other people share. She always tries very hard to focus on the other person and their face when she is speaking to them to prevent looking bored or as if she is daydreaming. While she is aware that she can come across as "silly" and "strange", Hannah tends to reserve this side of her personality around those she doesn't know well in fear of being off-putting or unappealing. She can prove to be very perky and talkative upon warming up to others however. She loves to talk about what is going on in her life, although she can sometimes overwhelm others with too much enthusiasm. She has what Mia describes as a "silly switch", considering she can be discussing theoretical physics one moment, only to suddenly tone things down and show a lighthearted side that reveals her fascination with dolphins the next.

Hannah doesn't express extreme opinions and tends to think positively about most things, although she is objective enough to see flaws and virtues. She has a very moderate philosophy and is generally polite, enthusiastic, and easygoing, preferring not to impose her beliefs on others. She usually remains hopeful and optimistic during first encounters, as it often takes a lot to cause her opinions on someone to waver. Energetic and inquisitive, she shows curiosity towards people with peculiar interests and lives that differ from the norm. While she may disagree with the non-conformist at times, Hannah still appreciates their perspective and likes getting into their shoes to see what makes them tick. She is fascinated by the things she doesn't know, whereas most others are uncomfortable or threatened by them. Many people tend to open up to her readily due to sensing this tolerance from her, which she jokes has caused her to hear some of the "strangest stories" during her social encounters. Despite being relatively chatty, friendly, and open to meeting people, Hannah can't help but feel awkward or even oafish around those who are extremely educated and sees herself as simple by comparison.

She can become upset when people are better than her in something she excels at, especially when it comes to storytelling or her art. She will also grow slightly hesitant if her initial impression of a person is too poor, as her opinion of them will evolve into a bitter one if it continues to persist. Even so, she dislikes confrontation and often tries to be accepting and accommodating to limit disagreements between herself and others. She places less importance on who is right and who is wrong in conflict situations, focusing instead on how the conflict makes her and those around her feel. She tries to remain upbeat and find easy and comfortable ways of relating. She can have difficulty providing constructive criticism however, as she doesn't want her words to offend or negatively affect others. Despite her usual friendliness and idealism, Hannah sometimes struggles with self-confidence and self-esteem.

She is not immune to becoming frustrated by setbacks and things that don't go her way, causing her to occasionally reveal a more stubborn, passive-aggressive side to her otherwise amiable demeanor. She can become a poor listener when she strongly desires something and tends to pester others until she has achieved what she wants. She wavers between being brave and foolish in her actions and firmly sets her heart on things, making it difficult to persuade her to give up. Hannah often expresses annoyance towards those who do not take her seriously or provide her with the attention she craves. She tends to flick people in the forehead when she gets irritated, a habit that most people find aggravating yet humorous at once. Tender and sweet, she appears playful, cute, and even childlike in order to gain security and approval, yet has an underlying fear of abandonment and exclusion beneath her cheerful, warm exterior. She admits to feeling insecure over what others think of her and her future, especially once they compare her achievements to Liam's. She developed a tendency of trying to one-up her brother's accomplishments and exaggerate her abilities to compete with him.

Hannah feels that what she creates can make an impact, which causes her to go great lengths to achieve her goals and impress others at her own expense, sometimes to no avail. She doesn't take advice from others very well, although she gradually tries to become more openminded and learn from her mistakes. She similarly does not like being yelled at or having people trying to dictate and micromanage her life. She prizes her freedom and often seeks different ways to express her individuality, having little desire to control those around her or be controlled. While she values the opinions of others, Hannah has certain limits, as she refuses to compromise her morals or her character to please someone else. She has trouble with impersonal reasoning and making logical decisions, as she is guided by her emotions and bases her choices upon what feels right to her. She can lash out on others and show spontaneous bouts of anger, although she will usually calm down and sort through her feelings quickly while reverting to her normal self.

She has a tendency to be overly emotional, along with appearing ditzy, naïve and sensitive, which makes her susceptible to manipulation. Unlike Liam, she also seems to have little respect for traditions or doing things the way they've always been done. She is someone who realizes that many ideas and truths are tossed out the window in the name of "tradition" or "playing it safe". While she is generally considerate and rarely causes problems for others, she isn't the poster child of "child-raising done right". She is incapable of letting certain things go and tends to act childishly when she cannot get her way, especially after getting into arguments with Liam. She can be bratty and self-absorbed, although those negative attributes come from a deep wish to live up to the standards set by her older brother and to do so in her own way. She is often as determined as she is stubborn, which makes her an individual with great physical and mental endurance. It has likewise been established that if Hannah gets angry about something, she will tend to hold a grudge until the issue has been resolved.

The conflict itself is usually the only thing she will talk about until she can either forget the situation, confront the issue, or speak to the person who caused the problem with her. If she feels as though that special person is slipping away from her, she might start to become slightly possessive and fight to keep them in her life. Hannah is always quick to acknowledge her wrongdoings regardless and is normally the first person to offer an apology during an argument. She is able to empathize with and validate all people's feelings, even if she doesn't personally agree with their actions. She is usually understanding and claims that she doesn't typically judge or reach strong conclusions about those she encounters. She aims instead to see the positive, special qualities in everyone she meets and chooses to treat people as she would wish to be treated. Hannah is caring to the point in which she can get herself hurt in the process of aiding someone, as she is so selfless that she is willing to sacrifice her entire person for others.

She is good at listening to others and enjoys discussing the problems and struggles of her friends through intimate, confidential conversations. A simple girl, she is generally low-maintenance and often does not understand the competitiveness among many of her female peers. She is more apt to see situations through multiple perspectives and tries to remain tolerant and openminded, with a genuine desire to motivate and help improve the lives of others. Hannah appreciates the individual person and never bases her judgements on societal standards, but rather by a gut feeling. She has a hard time accepting or tolerating the increasingly shallow nature of high school social life, feeling a strong pull to express herself and stand against any kind of inequality among her peers. Through her eyes, the idea of an elitist way of living means alienating people based on things she perceives as deeply shallow, which leaves her with a strong sense of inner guilt. She often finds herself attracted to oddities in people and is not particularly interested in stereotypical ideas of beauty, preferring those who are unique and authentic. Although she will frequently notice aesthetics, she does not find an individual's looks nearly as important as personality or compassion. As a person who places little importance in appearance, she values kindness and will more likely fall instead for someone who sparks her soul. Her patience is almost infinite, as she lets people be themselves without judgement and is able to shed pretense in order to empathize and bring comfort to others.”

What do you guys think?
Mar 27, 2011
Thank you [MENTION=42092]Koto[/MENTION] Here are a few more excerpts about her personality from my little “story” about her if you are interested in reading through them. Let me know what you think.

“ A cheerful dreamer, Hannah is also a visionary who likes to think outside of the box and see the bigger picture, doing well in assignments that require critical thinking and abstract analysis, but struggling with more traditionally based schoolwork. She pairs her vivid imagination with an authenticity that inspires others to be honest and think beyond the bounds of convention. Her journal is a plain old composition book with a mottled black and white cover, which she hides underneath her mattress. She doesn't write too often, but does so only when she feels an urgency to or when something good happens.

She locks the moment away in her mind and writes about it later in her journal whenever she experiences something new for the first time. She tends to be candid and forthright in her choice of words, seldom seeing the need to impress others with flowery language. Sometimes just having her ideas put into writing helps Hannah find a better focus or perspective for all the thoughts that are channeling through her active mind. While she enjoys writing for self-expression, she has difficulty following guidelines for research papers. This in turn causes her to rely on Mia for help on certain assignments, as she gets bored easily when sitting in class. She has a habit of copying off Mia's homework and does not appear to be too confident in her intellectual abilities.

She mentions that she used to pick the shortest books for book reports since they were easier for her to write. Hannah has the potential to be an intelligent and capable person but tends to not use common sense, much to the annoyance of her loved ones. She tends to procrastinate on her schoolwork and related tasks, which can cause her to not live up to her potential as a student. Her father receives approximately two letters in the mail each year about how she should be working harder in school. She would constantly be given warnings by her teachers over her lack of obedience and failure to focus on her daily assignments. She especially dreads every upcoming parent-teacher conference that could possibly expose her distractibility to her father, who threatens to remove her internet privileges should her grades continue to slip. Hannah could seem a bit chaotic at times, leading the adults in her life to incorrectly diagnose her with ADHD as a child due to her inability to stand still. She once brought a fish stick to class after exhausting all of her other options for her school's pet day and beamed with pride when it won the ribbon for "most well-behaved pet". Her teachers have pointed out that she is never much prepared when holding presentations and usually lacks a poster or any form of a visual beyond herself. She frequently has to borrow pens, pencils, Pink Pearl erasers or paper throughout the class period, although she doesn't always give them back.

At one point she even resorts to plagiarizing an entire paper, leading her to have a nightmare of herself being sued for plagiarism after 20 years. Hannah generally has a strong moral compass, although she will occasionally joke about doing things like cheating on her exams. She maintains a perfect attendance record, as it remains a fact that no child in her household is allowed to stay home from school unless they are running a fever. While she remains a relatively average to above-average student over the years, her father continuously stresses her doing her very best above having her achieve a particular grade or test score. It is revealed after some testing however that Hannah actually has an above-average IQ, a discovery that her family members and teachers found surprising. She cannot do more than one thing at a time, yet can be highly focused on a particular subject and once started, advances quite rapidly. Hannah is more motivated by targets and goals, spending a certain number of hours a week doing something to meet a certain deadline. She works well in a collaborative, open-ended environment where she is free to ask questions, bring up related ideas, and brainstorm with her teacher and fellow students. She doesn't like teachers who play favorites or refer to their students by their last names, which feels impersonal to her.

She feels most comfortable with a teacher who takes the time to get to know her and offers plenty of personal feedback. Hannah can appear self-conscious when she shows the world something that is personal to her however, whether it's a piece of art, a song she loves, or a story she wrote only to get critical feedback. Her work is all very meaningful to her, so it feels like she is putting a very private part of herself on display for other people to scrutinize, especially if it is in a classroom setting. She favors essay style questions over multiple choice exams, as they have no right or wrong answer. She is arguably one of her school's better artists and finds the subject of astronomy fascinating, often leading her to research new factoids about space for fun. She remembers going through a short phase where she wanted to be an astronaut as a child after visiting a planetarium with her father.

This prompts her to briefly join a stargazing club at her school that allows her to further explore her interests. Hannah can have her moments of obliviousness, as she demonstrated shock and sadness at being informed that Pluto was demoted from planet status. She participated in the science fair a few times when she was elementary school and thought it was fun, despite never placing highly in any of them. She also enters her piece as a work-in-progress in a show sponsored by the town's new art gallery, during which she wins an honorable mention. Hannah believes that school has become very competitive as she has gotten older and wishes that her teachers would care more about the arts. She doesn't mind classes where she can draw and struggles to stay attentive unless she is doing something she feels passionate about.

She is devastated when she finds out her freshman year will not include art and decides to host a fundraiser and parade with her grandmother to help raise funds. While she considers her favorite subjects to be Art and Science, she struggles significantly with mathematics, despite having a decent ability in geometry. Hannah still likes to do mental math, an ability she can easily use when needing to think resourcefully in some cases. She is able to look at her surroundings and find surprising patterns and connections between two seemingly unrelated things. She is described as the type of person who doesn't read manuals and relies instead on her own intuition and self-taught approaches. Hannah tends not to think about the rules implemented by others until after she has been penalized for not following them. She can grow frustrated when she is forced to memorize historical facts, math problems, and rules on a regular basis. She doesn't mind a small amount of structure and organization in order to get things done, although she is perfectly comfortable with a small amount of chaos from time to time. She prefers to keep her options open and explore the possibilities set before her. Hannah suffers from bouts of anxiety and has several phobias, most notably experiencing claustrophobia when enclosed in small spaces and feeling restless when spending too much time on one specific task.

She dislikes feeling pressured and having others forcing her to make hasty decisions or chose a quick course of action. She has other activities that she would much rather be spending time on, which can cause her cleaning habits to fall behind a bit. She simply does not have much desire to pick up after herself and will likely toss her clothes or empty water bottles on the floor. Hannah can also be absentminded and moderately disorganized with her living space, keeping her desks and most prized possessions neat and orderly while occasionally losing or misplacing less important items after being preoccupied by her own thoughts. She might go for long periods without noticing a stain on her shirt, yet carefully and meticulously brush a speck of dust off her project booklet. She can be rather careless at times, as most people can depend on her to drop anything she is asked to hold, especially if it is fragile. She occasionally forgets to take her shoes off in the house as well, which causes Lois to start mopping and grumbling immediately beneath her breath afterward. It is a recurring family rule that someone has to help Hannah with her homework every school night in order to help her improve her grades.

She has an allowance of 5 dollars per week depending on her behavior and the chores she completes around the house. Her family doesn't do one big spring cleaning, as her grandmother prefers to keep the house neat and spotless year-round and has made a habit of cleaning 3 times a week. Hannah's list of household duties includes cleaning the bathrooms, emptying the wastebaskets, and making her bed, each of which she often completes improperly. She might have certain things that she keeps organized, such as her books or music collections since they usually pertain to something she is deeply passionate about. She also checks the mail on a regular basis in the anticipation that she will receive something new, although her father only lets her open letters addressed to "occupant" or "resident". She enjoys performing chores and feels a sense of fulfillment if she finds that she has helped her loved ones feel better in some way. She nevertheless struggles to think before she acts and can have trouble finishing what she starts, tending to work in short bursts of energy and put play before work.

The adults in her life purposefully tell her to do the opposite of what they ask, as Hannah tends to be contrary. She can start her day intending to do several tasks and have a specific goal prioritized in mind, yet get everything done expect for that one thing. Hannah often benefits from getting reminders on her phone throughout the day to drink enough water or to eat at the appropriate meal times. She can also have moments of laziness and take insincere shortcuts to meet a deadline, such as making up answers for a biography project on an elderly neighbor to ensure she had time to watch her favorite show. While she has a tremendously generous spirit when it comes to helping others, it's a different story when it involves something she doesn't want to deal with in her personal life. Although she knows that she should take her studies more seriously, Hannah brushes off her father as well as her grandmother when they try to remind her of this.

She is oftentimes prone to what her father and older brother refer to as "maladaptive daydreaming" with her easy ability to lose focus and be distracted by her own imagination and surrounding stimuli. She frequently compares her life to those of characters portrayed in movies and TV shows and expects her reality to mirror the one she sees in fiction. This often led her to mentally create her own scenarios as a child where she could be the main heroine. Hannah has a horrible weakness when it comes to her responsibilities and describes herself as a "master at wasting time", with her often being found reading manga, sleeping, or surfing the web. No amount of self-awareness and understanding can make her completely aware of her own surroundings or the people around her. When Hannah constantly has to fall in line with specific times for everything, she can feel stifled and unhappy, which leads her to be late to certain events. She has trouble remembering specific dates as well unless they are important ones, such as the birthday of a family member or her best friend or the starting day of her monthly cycle, as well as the anniversary of her mother's death. Hannah has since tried making lists and recording her doings in a daily calendar, although she tends to improvise her actions and adapt to the changes in her environment as they come.

She has a rich inner mind and occasionally uses her creativity to help make chores somewhat more enjoyable for her. She can often make certain tasks more interesting by creating little games out of them as a way of giving herself a fun challenge. She also has a habit of writing people's names, dates, numbers, and anything else that might come in handy on the back of her hand or arm to ensure that she does not forget any important details during one of her creative brainstorms. If things are too spontaneous or last minute however, it can throw Hannah off and make it difficult for her to focus on the physical world around her.

She will struggle to function properly throughout the day if she doesn't get enough sleep, especially once she has pulled an all-nighter on a school night. She takes note that regardless of whether her dreams are good or bad, she always wakes up at the critical moment. Hannah likes to wake up slowly, yet her mind is very busy from the moment she opens her eyes and hears chaotic music blaring from her alarm. She has no set routines and can sometimes get a bit scattered or delayed, leading her to schedule into her calendar the 30 minutes she needs in order to get out of bed. An early riser, she is usually the first to get up in her household and often uses this quiet period as an opportunity to work through and revise assignments she procrastinated on. She does her homework assignments on Liam's old computer, which he gave her after buying himself a new one shortly before he left for college. She is more inclined to read texts in books or her computer randomly, often reading paragraphs and chapters out of order.

She is considered a fast typist and can usually enter information into her computer at a speed of 80 wpm while using one finger. Hannah's interests lie in art and astronomy, which leads to her frequently being seen sketching along the sidelines or writing in her journals. She has a tendency to leave certain works, including pieces of art, incomplete as she gets bored and jumps to the next big project. Her art teachers have tried encouraging her to finish off her drawings and sketch new objects, such as landscapes to prevent her from focusing on the same common themes. She is good at managing her money however and has diligently accumulated her savings into her piggy bank from a young age.

Her father begins giving her checks in place of presents as she gets older, which she sometimes uses as spending money and puts into her savings for college. Like Mia, she also has surprisingly neat handwriting and is extremely good at forging signatures, which can work to her benefit in some circumstances. She sometimes dots her i's with a smiley face or a heart for humor's sake and always carries a writing utensil to facilitate this habit.

She detests those who are arrogant, as few things anger her more than seeing someone mercilessly mistreat others over a sense of entitlement and superiority. Hannah tends to enjoy a touch of the absurd and can have a somewhat odd and offbeat sense of humor, some of which goes over people's heads, but is nevertheless appreciated by her friends. She received a book of jokes for Christmas one year hoping that it would increase her humor. She can be surprisingly persuasive under some circumstances and has the ability to reason by using her imagination. She tends to know exactly what to say or do to lift the mood and bring people together, as she is likely to crack jokes and "read the room" in order to adapt to it.

Mia jokes that Hannah can be "low-key savage" when it comes to creating witty comebacks and is a master at using her funny side to diffuse an awkward or heated situation, although she knows the right time to take appropriate action as well. As evidenced, she has a quick wit for playing tricks and can effectively express herself through simple caricatures and drawings.

She tends to empathize so well that she can feel the shame and awkwardness other people are feeling, which can cause her to experience "second-hand embarrassment". She has always been a feminist, becoming visibly upset if she believes someone is looking down on her or others for their gender. While she can occasionally feel self-conscious over some of the comments the boys at her school make, Hannah hides her hurt and anger through humor and loves to throw in jokes sporadically, even if they aren't particularly amusing. She has an endearingly self-deprecating way of being humorous, which can range from making exaggerated facial expressions to pretending to be serious when she is not.

While she enjoys baking with Lois and can make a great German chocolate cake, Hannah is a terrible cook and has even managed to burn ramen noodles in the microwave. She accidentally replaced baking powder with baking soda during her first attempt at making brownies, leading to messy results. She also once ruined a perfectly good batch of snickerdoodle cookies by using salt instead of sugar to prepare them. She cooks using the "every pot in the house" method, which can cause a lot of disarray when she is planning a meal for her family. She often finds it easier to simply toast a couple of pop tarts or fix herself a bowl of cereal for breakfast to start her day.

Even though she doesn't like to cook, Hannah has a recipe for her own special spaghetti and can make a decent grilled cheese, which is one of the few things she won't burn in the kitchen. She will sometimes bake goodies to give to her classmates as well, although her baking decorations usually look so cute that they wouldn't bear to eat it. She similarly tries to find the humor in situations and laugh off her struggles. Despite her inability to carry a tune, she doesn't care about this fact and will happily sing at the top of her lungs and jump around with excitement when receiving good news, which she usually can't keep secreted for long. She likes to belt out songs in the shower and tends to sing while vacuuming, although the sound of the machine will drown out her voice. Her singing voice according to her older brother is "so bad that it peels wallpaper", as she once lost the musical role of Yankee Doodle in a school play and was assigned the silent part of the Statue of Liberty instead. One of her most embarrassing moments involves her brother recording her as she was loudly singing along to The Divinyls "I Touch Myself" while cleaning out the garage. She still finds amusement in the smallest things, which can cause her to fall into an uncontrollable fit of laughter that appears contagious to every other person in the room.

She and Liam like to play jokes on each other on their birthdays, although they are never mean-spirited and are always in good nature. He once lied to Hannah about their heritage by claiming they were descendants of Russian spies whom had migrated from Alaska after she was born. She then proceeded to tap Liam on the shoulder to get him to look the other way, only to laugh affectionately when he mindlessly fell for her schemes. Hannah likewise feels energized by the street food and busy people upon taking day trips to the city with her family. She can often spend hours just chatting with a stranger at the supermarket, while her friends or family members are well past ready to leave. She mentions that as a little girl, she begged her family to let her be on Cinderella's float in the Macy's Day Parade. She appreciates her outings with Liam, as she feels that he doesn't infantilize her and treats her according to her age.

When she and Liam were younger, they accidentally walked in on a movie being filmed on a street in downtown Manhattan. Their grandmother was eating in an outdoor café halfway up the block, yet the two kept running down the street to watch it being filmed. Hannah mostly loves staying in on a rainy Saturday night and eating the absolute best crab cakes in the world while watching a movie on large screen television. She suffers from cephalophobia however and once had a short-lived fear of octopods and squids after eating at a seafood restaurant. Although she usually tries to stay away from greasy foods, she also can't help diving into a molten mountain of nachos whenever she attends a New York Mets game with her father. She enjoys meeting life with a sense of readiness and enthusiasm for whatever opportunity might present itself, whether it's spontaneous travel, breakfast at midnight, kisses in the pouring rain, or an impromptu comedy performance.

The motto Hannah embraces the most is "to the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world", a quote she holds dearly to her heart that inspires her to always stay true to herself and her values, as well as those she cares about. These words ring particularly true to her once she deals with an unexpected pregnancy in her early high school years that culminates in her getting an abortion, causing her to reflect upon and reconsider many aspects of her life.

She pulls away from her social circle as she gets older and realizes she is a friend of convenience to them, deciding she doesn't have to put up with it anymore. Despite her past desires of being well-received and popular among many, she soon realizes that sometimes, a person doesn't need the entire world to love them and fall at their feet, but instead needs to find that one person to whom they mean the world and with whom they can always express their true selves without judgment. Hannah finds that trusted person in her best friend Mia, whom she maintains a lifelong friendship with and considers her soulmate in a platonic sense.

Her friendship with Mia taught her that it is better to seek quality over quantity and that a single true friend is sometimes all you need to find. Although she has a few loving relationships and later marries a Canadian man of Norwegian and Filipino ancestry named Ian Ramos, none of her romances come to surpass the deep bond she has with Mia, whom she views as the sister she always wanted. She sometimes tried to be her children's best friend and seek fun-filled experiences, while also playing the role of the parental authoritarian. Despite having experienced some anxiety while trying to find her true niche in life, Hannah evolves into a sensible, grounded young woman with a hardworking, "always-down-to-help" attitude and lifestyle. She begins to embrace herself and seize the opportunity to experiment and discover new things without being chained to the traditions and expectations of those around her. She learned not to take on the emotional needs of others, which would in turn lock her into unhealthy patterns of codependency. She instead found different mediums to cope with her stress, as immersing herself into her adult coloring books usually provided her with a healthy, therapeutic escape from her problems. She always looked towards the sun for comfort during difficult times, simply to feel the warmth radiating from it. She sometimes liked to walk barefoot on the grass and absorb the sounds of nature while seeking inspiration during an art block. She also practices self-care by applying the mindfulness techniques that were instructed to her and limiting her technology use.

She continues her quest to touch people's lives and help them through her art as she pursues a career in graphic design. Her artwork has a certain sweetness to it and manages to capture the personality and essence of her subjects. While she knows the importance of money, she places more worth on love and friendship and sees them as an inherent value that moves the world forward. She helps others by being authentic, compassionate, and reminding them of the beauty every moment has to offer. In addition, Hannah develops and adheres to a strong inner set of morals that allow her to be kind, welcoming, accepting, and friendly to all. She remains loyal to her family, including her father Callum, grandmother Lois, and older brother Liam, with whom she later reconciled. She never let the memory of her late mother fade, naming her future daughter Lilly Amelia Ramos in honor of both her mother and her best friend. Hannah pays tribute to Lilly by wearing the same white dress she wore on her wedding day, which fits neatly with some slight alterations.

She similarly stays close to Mia and her family even as they age, preserving an enduring friendship with her that stands the test of time. The two had small matching ghosts tattooed upon their forearms at one point in their early twenties with the words "ride or die" printed underneath as a token of close friendship. They bear the knowledge that when they're older and one of them dies, the other will never know full closure or peace. There will always be a lingering sense that the woman they've just put in the ground was the only person that could have ever loved them in any way they could possibly understand. Seeing as neither of them had the luxury to do so in their childhood, Hannah and Mia planned a trip to Walt Disney World shortly after college graduation in celebration of the special bond they shared. They routinely attended Sunday brunches together and spent their days chatting merrily and reminiscing over past times at the beach became elderly.”
Mar 27, 2011
Sorry if my character seems overly detailed, you guys. I use writing them as a way to release stress, which causes me to put a lot of effort into creating and expanding upon them as you can tell.