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Thus far, I have read 8, 5, 7, and 1.

I can see parts of myself in 7, but it doesn't reach out and grab me. 5 fits how I am now: secluded in my mental world and utterly oblivious to what happens around me. 1, I didn't give a ton of thought to.

8 is hit and miss. I'm not driven; I am horribly unmotivated. I don't meet problems head on; I bury my head in the sand and hope they go away. I'm not excessively pragmatic. What really, really resonates is the want to dominate; the need to appear strong and avoid vulnerability; the urge to resist perceived control; the want to be capable on my own; and being excessively annoyed by "weak" people. I'm also somewhat materialistic. If I'm not E8, it's in there somewhere. It can't not be. (Yay, double negatives!)

I'll read 6 and 9 and see what I think. 6 (counterphobic?) was suggested for me elsewhere.
Everything I read in your OP stands as enneatype 9, Oldham's "Leisurely." If you've been looking strongly at 8, then perhaps it's your wing-type. But most of the description you give has nothing to do with type 8. Erupting unpredictably and angrily at times and then regretting it is something type 9s will do, but they feel it is out of character for them. Whereas the type 8 will not see it as out of character even though they may still regret it afterward. Detachment from emotionality is the key to understanding the type 9. But sometimes this surface tension will break momentarily to let off some steam that not even the type 9 was aware of, so detached are they from this part of their inner world.