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Thread: ENFP?

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    Hmm, talk about myself....

    Let me sort this out in terms of what I think could relate to the two columns. But I need to think this through, perhaps I can organize my ideas and write down a list by this evening? Would that be okay?

    Thank you for taking a good look at this, King. Could you tell me why you thought INFJ might be a good fit?

    My husband would like to go out now though, and I'd like to sort the items of my personality a bit in my mind so that everything makes more sense.

    Antisocial, you're right. It's hard for people to categorize me because my functions are so close (nothing that I really stink at, and nothing that I am really great at lol). So it's hard to tell sometimes. So you think ENFP is still accurate though? Would you mind telling me why you think so?
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    It was mostly a hunch, I'd say. The NF is a certainty, and INFJ/ENFP both have fairly high Thinking functions, It was a tossup between the two, and since ENFPs are frequently uber perceivers 4 life (not to mention your rather high Introverted score), I was led to think INFJ. Plus your avatar and name thing fits the mold rather nicely too. ENFPs with high Te are rather odd I think, there's one at INTPc called Etherrealsage. I can't remember exactly what it was that made her hard to type, but it could have been supremely high Te. She says that she isn't a normal ENFP
    5 3 9

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    maybe you're just really a type that the MBTI hasn't described. your function order seems skewed from the norm.
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    You seem very ISTJ to me.

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    Normal ENFP?

    I┤m not positive. But never though LL wasn┤t ENFP.
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    Hi, sorry for the delay. While I was out with my husband I asked him about his perception about me. Of course, he is biased as my husband, but a strong NT and able to be objective more than I can. Besides, he has no problem telling me my faults as well as my strengths so I think I will tell you what he said, what I think, and you can tell me if it helps.

    Short version (first things that came to my husband's head):

    empathetic, intuitive, sensitive, inspirational, encouraging, perseverance, 'straight', goal-oriented, willing to climb a 5,000 m mountain to get what I want (metaphorical example), hard-working, ambitious, honest, has integrity, not always realistic, imaginative, not imaginative with technical things, imaginative lessons, creative, hates driving, unrealistic fantasies, future-oriented, away with the past, lack of focus on the present, five steps ahead of the game to the point of lack of realism

    What he loves most about me:

    childlike behavior, laugh, ability to appreciate the little things, content with even very little, etc.

    Breakdown according to functions:

    1) Extraversion

    -- Very good with people, can empathize with others, a 'I feel good, so I wish you could feel good' mentality, want to help others
    -- Enthusiastic like a little child when you love something (e.g. walk through the woods and skip through the forest; laugh like a little child; play on playgrounds, etc).
    --When you come home, you are the first to initiate any discussion esp. about my day
    --When something interests me, you can get very into detail and talk and talk about it, very active body language, and can be a kind of LET'S DO THIS!!!
    --Many hours interacting with people at work energizes me.
    --You exude an 'aura' which makes people feel like you are 'nice and sweet' and people can talk to me v. my husband, who exudes stay the f--- away. (e.g. on the train/bus)
    --Can be influenced quite easily by others in certain situations that effects my feelings.
    --Can inspire people, bring out the best in them, and can even be a role model for others (My husband is quite picky, so this is a great compliment!)
    --Provide people with the feeling that they can trust you and open up and find things in themselves they did not know they had.

    2) Introversion

    --Need quiet time when you can just chill out or you get crazy. (Too much is not good either though, or you do things you would not normally do which are unhealthy).
    --When I hang out with friends, it is seldom with small groups or individuals.
    --Don't necessary feel the need to be the center of attention all the time.
    --Give others room to grow and develop and have their independence. Need my independence within a structure.
    --Need time to open up to people, say what I'm thinking, etc. (warm-up time)

    3) Sensing

    --Act spontaneously and take the initiative.
    --When you enjoy yourself, you can get lost in the moment.
    --Often change things just by 'being there'.
    --Quite impressive with how much you can work, how much you get done.
    --Very detailed when angry/negative about something and describing situation.
    --Remember certain facts and things, especially when necessary for job or a test --> when it is important for a larger goal to get somewhere.
    --Not very good at picking up when people are kidding sometimes.
    --With technical tasks, not very imaginative
    --Remember details and very self-disciplined if there is a GOAL (e.g. get a certain grade on a test, save money for a certain goal, etc.)

    4) Intuition

    --Jump from thing to thing
    --Interests change erratically, which can be seen as 'volatile' by some.
    --Come up with ideas from nowhere that are not necessarily realistic.
    --Sometimes these leaps can be very extreme - were worse in the past - not necessarily predictable
    --Very imaginative, sometimes like a little child, when your fantasy is activated, but it cannot be practical in any way, with the exception of your lessons
    --Don't think or care about details, which often makes you appear quite unrealistic
    --Interested in bizarre, weird stuff - often act childlike, 'crazy' in a positive way
    --Example: We are walking down the street, and you see the moon, and you love it, start skipping around, singing, see a taxi, hail the cab, and say, "Hey, drive me to the moon! And you should go too! I love it, so you would probably love it." Of course, this is an extreme example and you haven't really done it, and you wouldn't do it, but just fantasize the situation and tell a weird story. But just to give you an idea.
    --Don't think about the technical realities why an unrealistic goal wouldn't work (e.g. you cannot fly to the moon, the moon looks great but is not, etc.)
    --Don't remember small details like getting your new bus ticket, etc.
    --Don't see things right in front of your face. Need to be pointed out.
    --Walk/talk, blah blah blah, and almost run into a bus.

    5) Thinking

    -- Can be very objective when you have a goal. Realistic.
    --You know what you need to do to get it and make a concrete plan for getting there.
    --You like structure. You like to have an organized work space. Get all pissy when things do not work out according to the plan.
    --Objective when the thing has nothing to do with people (material matters, career, goals).
    --It is not always clear that you are thinking. My husband needs quiet time to think, and it is clear. But I could be playing with Bun-Bun or talking crap or just doing other things (reading, watching a movie, talking on the phone) and you think I'm focused on that, but I'm really thinking about something else. This leads me to forget details about the matter at hand because I'm somewhere else in my mind.
    --Catalysts that have nothing to do with the matter at hand help me think better.
    --Technical things make me have a linear thought process A-B-C-D-E-F. Free-time thinking is more erratic like D-Z-G-B-A.
    --Can be very realistic at your job. You do not care what people think if they don't have a place 'in the plan' or 'in your heart'. People have value if they fit in the cosmos.

    6) Feeling

    --Fall into self-constructed traps. This person is this way. PERIOD. Then disappointed if a good person turns bad. Or don't think bad about certain people.
    --Think HE IS AN ASSHOLE. So he is and stays an asshole in your mind. No matter what. No one can change your opinion.
    --Heart over mind. How does this make me feel?
    --I feel good, so you should feel good. How can I make you feel good? Ask how a person is feeling or what a person is thinking.
    --Care very deeply about people you love deeply, and almost too giving to these people.
    --Willing to give people second chances to people whom most people wouldn't if they haven't broken one of your values. If they have, they go in the trash can, never to come out.

    7) Judging
    --Very organized, create system for getting things done, stick-to-it-iveness, decisive about certain things
    --Decisions take a long time because you want everything to be perfect before making your decision.
    --Sometimes you go on purges. You clean everything, and sort and organize everything. You make a lot of noise for five minutes, a big theater, where everything is organized and everything else gets thrown out.
    --Things that get thrown out are done. Finished. Over with. And if I try to get something out of the garbage and say HEY WHY did you throw THIS out, you say, GRRRRRRRRRRR I'M DONE WITH IT. IT'S OVER: DON'T QUESTION IT.
    --Quite judgmental about people. This judgment is hard to shift. Sometimes you're right and you figure it out very quickly - more quickly than others. When you're wrong, it's very hard to change your mind - it doesn't fit.
    --Very goal-oriented with your work and goals/dreams.
    --Need STRUCTURE and SECURITY or I get flighty and crazy and insecure.

    8) Perceiving

    --Flexible, open decision-making procedure - takes long to make a decision because it has to be perfect.
    --Give others the flexibility and freedom they need.
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    Oh, that's interesting, someone thinks I'm an ISTJ....I wonder why.
    If you are interested in language, words, linguistics, or foreign languages, check out my blog and read, post, and/or share.

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    I think you're an ESFP with a very highly developed N. Or perhaps an ENFP with a very highly developed S. I think you break even there.

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    ENFP or ENFJ.

    Very ENFP-ish in every respect except for one thing I can't quite put my finger on, but which "feels" J-ish to me.

    Sorry I can't be more concrete about it, but based on my interactions with you, my gut tells me you are slightly more J than P.

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