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    That is a really good explanation and very accurate for me.
    I really enjoy "throwing myself into the scene" and I do get energy from that. But it's almost like a sugar high that I get from eating candy. I feel very energetic for a short amount of time. Then I crash.
    I'm ready for more after a bit of introvert re-energize time!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by mrcockburn View Post
    Not sure if this is true in practice, but I do hear that "ISxx" are "engaged introverts" - meaning that people tire them as with all introverts, but they still like to throw themselves into the scene. It's kind of like exercising. It wears you out, but you feel good doing it.

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    that's how i always like to refer to it as well. especially as i become older and more and more comfortable in social settings. i get these "highs" and can be quite chatty or entertaining and energetic. i can occasionally, depending on the setting and the people i'm around, be a scene stealer. but put me next to an extrovert, and i'm a mouse.
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