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I don't think being an extrovert is a factor, since external forces tend to keep us from expressing our ESxJ creativity. I think being alone allows Ne to show itself.
I dunno. On the one hand, I think my Ne flows the most naturally when I'm with a friend/friends and feeling silly. On the other hand, I think my Ne is more creative when I'm alone.
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I've scored ESTJ many times over, and the majority of the descriptions fit me to a tee; however some do not.
I'll begin by saying that you'd be a rare bird if all the various type description elements fit you to a T. More on my personal experience with that later in the post --
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I am demanding, controlling, rigid, not aware of how I come across to others. However, I am also intensely loyal and protective of those who are close to me. I will give the shirt off my back to those I love. I am uncomfortable with emotional outbursts and comforting people when they are crying (get me away!!); however if I am stressed I do cry. And if you blatantly disrespect me on moral grounds, you're dead to me.
I think a lot of people can't get past the exterior of ESTJ's but if they learned what was inside they'd be surprised (my opinion).
Yep, all of that sounds ESTJ. And your last sentence is spot on.
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Things that don't seem ESTJ ish (although I could be wrong)

I am very creative and love making crafts, designing and photography. I also like to write fiction, mostly poetry. (The big picture eludes me when trying to compile a story from start to finish). I'm also quite scatterbrained. I love making lists and organizing things; however half the time I lose my post it's. I'm forever losing my keys, glasses.
Just to compare:
I am obsessed with music, art, and crafts. I was involved in theatre and wind ensemble in school. I am a freelance knitter and seamstress (for coworkers and for a local theatre) in my spare time. I'm learning to play the mandolin. I'm considering participating in NaNoWriMo this year. And I am on my SIXTH metro card because I lost the other five.
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I also think in images. How do other ESTJ's think? In words, images, or some other context? I also make connections to things easily when thinking; however at the same time I am also very linear and prefer my information in that fashion. I hate ambiguity.
There's no way particular types are supposed to think, re: images, words -- but if you're a linear thinker and hate ambiguity, I think your SJ-ness is sealed.
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I know that ESTJ's shadow type is INFP. I'm an animal activist and have a strong compassion for animals-not the in your face type that INFP's are though. How often do you think we actually use our shadow function?
Constantly. We may lead with Te, but everything our Te does is motivated by Fi. For the ExTJ blacksmith, Te is the hammer and Fi is the heat on the blade -- it makes the craft purposeful. Hammering at an unheated blade does nothing constructive and might even be counterproductive.