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    Default Letting Your Thoughts Settle: Ti + Si?

    ENTPs may relate here: my thoughts are always changing and ideas always progressing in my mind, and sometimes I become overwhelmed while trying to deal with them all at once.

    Some of these thoughts, however, are ones I've already gone over, but the analytical side of me (I'm guessing Ti) wants to keep analyzing them. These are indeed personal thoughts as they deal with a relationship that was cut off in the past, but I feel nothing for it as I'm simply analyzing it. Still, I've already processed through the merits of these things, and I'm guessing since this was personal, my mind wasn't letting it go. Maybe my Ne can't accept the fact that maybe some things stop progressing (or slow down to a degree that makes it seem so).

    But I found a solution: I recognized that when I thought about this situation, I'd go through the same process of thoughts, and at the end I'd realize I had done so once again. So I decided to think, "Aren't I wasting time going through this thought process again?" and decided to conclude that my thoughts on the subject were valid, and that rethinking them would be redundant.

    Is this Ti + Si? Can NTPs "set things in stone" in their mind to save themselves the time or effort?
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    I can do it, but I don't find it easy at all to set things in stone like that. The compulsion to keep analyzing them is too strong, until something new comes along (happens often enough).

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    this is the entp cross... look at the positive - at least we know we have identified our type right... finally...

    the way i deal with it group the thoughts and tell them to scram and come and bother me some other time but not now , not when im busy with work studies..
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    This sounds familiar to me. When I recognize that I'm stuck in a certain thought process it's a lot easier to get a grip on it or leave it be.

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