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Except for the part about where an ENTJ has to be an FP, yep, what Amargith said is cool.

But, doom! Doom, I say! In INTJ/ENTJ relationships, it's the ENTJ who is in the exposed position. Although the INTJ has a tough time getting the feelings out there in the first place, he still has room to maneuver in ways the ENTJ doesn't. Because ENTJs are big fat sappy idiots for love and even though both sides do a lot of calculating, the INTJ is pretty much stuck with calculating the most and it undermines the ENTJ because they don't seem to be able to view feelings as alterable or addressable. Actions are chosen, feelings are just those things that make you despise the way you live.

Doom! Intuition tells you so.
So agree with this statement, both are stubborn and cautious but the ENTJ will give in sooner.