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    Default Portrait of a 20-something INFP

    This is how this particular INFP is like:

    My name is M, and I am a female INFP. I like writing, reading, traveling, academia. I am feminist committed to anti-oppression toolworks such as anti-racism, anti-transphobia, anti-class stratification, anti-fat phobia and I am for animal rights.

    I am a dreamer yes, but I am a dreamer committed to making my values a reality. I am an accomplished writer, having worked in a prestigious news organisation as a reporter. Currently I handle the communications of the international relief organization that I am in.

    I am logical and analytical and can outdo people in arguments, but my philosophy is grounded on concerns for people. I see life as a battle between the good and the evil; a struggle for power and I see the beautiful even in the most mundane of things. I am easily touched, but I rely on facts to back-up my arguments. Over the years, I have balanced my functions and can be quite sensor-like. Sensor-like being the ability to easily switch gears and be in action-mode.

    I like beauty and ugly surroundings depress me. Unlike some of INFPs who are more sensual though, I can be quite rough around the edges. That said, I also know what to say and how to not offend or offend people. I love attention and I can be sef-absorbed. I do believe that people are here to make me happy. I am loyal and affectionate to the people closest to me (including an INFJ best friend).

    I am abstracted but not without theory. I am quite theoretical and as stated above, logical. I love the humanities as well as the sciences. I am good in whatever I do, and can even use my TJ side to think about business and maths. People have described me as abstract, impractical and a dreamer. I am at odds with my ESTJ mother who impose on me a set of Draconian rules composed of colonialist-style mindset and I get along well with INFJs, INTJs as well as other INFPs.

    As a contradiction towards my younger days - I am only 26 by the way - I use my Ne to absorb views that differ from my framework. As a result, I am more open minded and less emotional than I was before. I am a softie and can cry easily, though that ability has been severely undermined with the cynicism of age.

    I am a thinker, and love to think about a variety of things, especially on how to bring good to the world. I also identify with the healer part of the INFP description, and have nursed cats back to health. I am deeply intelligent.

    I am solitary, independent and despite my nature, I reach out to my closest friends whenever I am in a funk. I am struggling with depression, and once I am healed, I would like to enter public policy. In the past, I slacked severely, and have learnt that I only feel alive when I am realising my values in the world, and this is what keeps me going. I have cultivated a network of like-minded people and to temper my emotional personality, I have learned to utilize mindfulness, deep breathing and to some extent, meditation. I am a likeable person but have also threathened some people who felt the need to tear me down. For balancing viewpoints, I seek out the opinion of my INTJ best friend.

    I am a project in the making

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    Is there such a thing as an INFP that isn't a feminist?

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    Quote Originally Posted by anticlimatic View Post
    Is there such a thing as an INFP that isn't a feminist?
    I don't see why the men would be.

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    Yes. INFPs who are traditionalists and value the purity of the old ways.

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