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    As an INTJ, I have a "little ISFP" inside of me. INFP and ISFP seem a lot alike, probably since they're both Fi-dominant. I wonder if any INFPs could compare and contrast your own characteristics against the ISFP type. I think if I can understand it in relation to INFP, that will give me a better overall understanding of ISFP, and from there, my own type. Thanks, NFs!
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    I could compare myself to an ISFP who has been closest to what I would call my best friend. Of course, that is only an example how ISFP could manifest I guess, and I am sure not all ISFPs show all those characteristics, but that is all I can offer.

    We have much in common, although in some aspects we are also contrary. We both can laugh about the same things often (and I don't know many who I could have so much fun with by my own silly side and show that side freely without being slightly drunk ). We both don't like conflicts and try to avoid them, and we are both really lazy! We both seem to have our values, but he doesn't make them show up as often as me it seems to me.

    For him it is more important to fit into society than for me. He does a better job getting closer to other people and maintaining contact to them, but I don't know if I should attribute that to types or me individually being just not so good in that area. He also likes parties more than me, and enjoys physical activities way more than me. He is famous for his laugh (I cold everytime crack up when he gets a laugh flash, it is so funny ) and tends to laugh often and easily, while I am often a bit more reserved and sometimes more melancholic than him. But around him I often felt like I could be more myself in some parts, although I know I cannot talk to him about real issues because he doesn't seem to like to talk about bad things.

    He is not very interested in more sophisticated topics most of the time and more down to earth than me, and I think he doesn't really like reading. He has more problems with learning concepts and such stuff, and has a very different approach to them than me. When he learned, he always tried to learn things by heart, doing things more methodical in a way he learned it by heart rather than really understand those things and use them more intuitively as me; that way he probably had also more problems using concepts on new situations where the old method doesn't work anymore.

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    ISFPs wrote short, while INFPs write long posts?

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