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    Default get bored easily (at anything)

    This thread is especially for INFPs (I Never Finish Proj... ) ,
    but if any of you NFs (or perhaps NTPs, or anybody) who also often experienced this, can also share discussion as well

    so yeah, getting bored easily at anything in this real-life..
    have any of you experienced this rather 'stressful' feelings?
    the problem with this is, as we all know, in this real-practical world, where discipline is needed in almost any field, we can easily let down, discouraged, give up and 'hop' into another thing. and in the end, nothing ever gets materialized or executed until it's completly finished.

    hence, i said it's very 'stressful' ..

    to illustrate , i'll use my case,
    right now, I even got easily bored again with supposedly my utmost passoin: composing music.
    well, actually, it's not the composing or finding new ideas that I got bored (that will never gets me bored!) , but the usual 'technical details' like balancing, finding the right EQ, envelopes, and even to find the right sound/plug-ins needed! I usually just love the "ideas" part, but definitely got easily distracted or even bored with the details of the execution (sounds familiar?)
    But as a result, now i have probably like 50-100 new musical "ideas" (even already complete with the whole arrangements down to tiniest detail, in my head) , but I just can't find the willpower, determination, nor persistence & patience needed to sit-down, struggle with finishing/completing even ONE song!
    and this is very frustrating to me, as I sense that in the end I didn't accomplish anything, and only remains "ideas" in my head!
    I felt like my life is going out-of-control & helpless, because I accomplish none. I only like ideas, but never at the actual detailed-practices of anything..

    I also easily got bored in daily-life conversations, and heck, even all the conversations during meeting with my furniture-business customers!
    it's like my mind kept wanting to escape to another place (even another planet or universe, or into the world of video-games!) , whenever everybody keeps talking about price, furniture products, markets, etc etc....they all just sound so boring to me!
    and maybe that's why after all this 6-years, I only progressed & gained very little in this job! :?

    anybody here can relate with what i'm saying too?
    and if any of you (INFPs or anybody) have succesfully dealt with this, please give me practical advices on what i should to conquer this bad habit..

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    Change my own tendencies? Nah, I just changed my environment to suit my tendency to get bored easily.

    In my role as a researcher, I'm on a different set of projects every few months. Since I work in modeling and simulation, I touch on everything. I have four concurrent projects at the moment, each expected to last six months or so. They deal with tracking space weather, creating professional development courses in systems engineering, analyzing patent trends, and designing nursing mannequins. So, when I get bored of one project, I just pick up another one.. maybe work on it for the rest of the day, and turn to another one the following morning. I usually end up touching on at least three of them every day.

    Also, I work from home, from the office, from some local cafe.. I've got to change scenery once in a while, too.

    I was once on the same project for a year and a half.. it was the only project I was on, too. That, and I was stuck in a cubicle. I was about ready to quit my job as a result. I just felt.. stifled. The reality is that most jobs are like that, though, which makes me very selective about where I work.

    I think I'm much better at creating frameworks that other people can use and being in "enabling" roles that allow other people to do their jobs better. So, I just play to that strength rather than trying to force myself to follow through on projects.

    Note: If you're unsure about your response to the poll, just think about whether you made it all the way through the OP

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    Oh gosh, you read my life .

    basically my major is fashion design and well i'm supposed to put extensive amount of time looking and studying.

    But always time to time, i feel like wanting to do something else. But don't know what. And i end up doing absolutely nothing or playing boring flash games (which i mutter wow why did i just play that?) to past the time.

    Well conversing is pretty fun for me, but i agree there are some boring people out there.

    ok this is what i do.
    when i don't get the feeling of watching fashion runway shows anymore,
    i go watch similar aspect of fashion design.
    interior design, architecture, photography, art, etc.
    b/c these are all related.

    I choose one and submerge into it. Forget about my fashion design major, i dont even touch that.

    Few days later i comeback all refreshed.

    Samething will go for music, if you don't feel like composing, forcing yourself or thinking about it, i dont think will help. Choose something you havent done in awhile that is interesting and focus on that. After few days of being submerged into it, you will likely feel refreshed. ready to compose.

    Of course length varies.

    even prof designers sometimes end up doing only 1 sketch.

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