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    Default Pirates Of The Caribbean

    Let's type the characters from the 4 movies from Pirates of the Caribbean!

    Jack Sparrow: INTP
    There's this very common misconception he is an extrovert, but no. He's an Introvert that acts like an Extrovert.

    Hector Barbossa: ENTJ
    This guy's a born leader. He planns everything, gets along with everyone, likes to compromise, and is generally a good captain.

    Joshamee Gibbs: INTJ
    A total strategist! Like Barbossa, only more introverted. But holy shit, that guy's smart. He remembers every detail about the map, even though it's burned.
    No, he's not an S, because he remembers details. He remembers every detail in the big picture. He just pays attention to everything in a nutshell.

    Willam Turner: ISFP
    If you analyze the cognitive Functions, it'll make sense.

    Elisabeth Swan: ENFP/ESTP
    according to the cognitive functions, at least.

    James Norrington: ENTJ/INTJ
    Alot of people say he's an ISTJ, but I think he's more of a strategist.

    Davy Jones: INFJ all over the place
    It's obvious he's an Introvert, he's highly idealistic, and gets pissed when his plans go wrong. Ni-Fe-Ti-Se makes sense.

    Calipso: INTJ/INFJ as well.
    She's a hermit, highly intuitive, logical and emotional, and definitely a planning person.

    Angelica: ENFJ
    Possibly an Introvert, acts more like an Extrovert, though. The rest is obvious.

    Blackbeard: INTJ
    He's an Introvert, since he was "sleeping" for years in his room, definitely an NT, and he's also an obvious Judger.

    Comment what you think about this.
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    Jack sparrow xntp

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    Jack -ENTP Not someone who's trying to figure things out. Runs on his kooky ideas. Definitely no Fi so aux Ti.
    Elizabeth - ESFP. Se/Te. Experience seeker. Fi/Te - I do what I want lower Te. Lacks the Se/Fe ( Se/Fe example: Han Solo).
    Norrington - Te dom is all I remember.
    Will Turner - Aux Se. I can't decide between Fi or Ti.
    Henry Turner - Fi dom. Bonds with Carina through similar experiences.
    Carina - I see Si and Te. For Pete's sake, she still didn't believe in ghosts even though they were chasing and trying to kill her, Henry, and Jack. The evidence was right in front of her.

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