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Hunter x Hunter MBTI Characters Types


Feb 21, 2013
Hunter x Hunter MBTI types - Hunter x Hunter Myers-Briggs Typings

Wanted to share my Hunter x Hunter MBTI Post here in a official post, so here we go.

Here's a more modern list of the Hunter x Hunter Myers-Briggs characters with much more characters this time around. I have plenty more characters to add now and will continue adding more so here's my list of the MBTI types of Hunter x Hunter characters, feel free to share your opinions. I'm rewatching the series in English so I'm getting a good refresher there too.

Gon Freecss - ENFP, I made a post on Gon I'll link down below. Gon Freecss is ENFP but he gets mistyped ESFP sometimes. Gon uses Ne and his intuition more in the series along with his Si much more in the story as well and I talk about it more in depth in my post below if you want to check it out, think of Gon's developed senses as a tool and skill rather than a personality trait. If you pay attention to Gon he uses his intuition and Ne more and uses Si more than Se but still struggles with Si as a Si inferior user still. And Gon acts like an ENFP and NF idealist too and is very future oriented with his Ne as well. I'm planning to do a Part 2 very soon that talks about more Ne, Se, and Si moments for Gon in the story in even more depth and how mainly he uses Ne and Si more often in the series and when each function shows up more in even greater detail. That post is long overdue but no matter better late then never. But regardless, I go into it well enough in the post down below so check it out if your interested, I added some more points to it as well.

Why Gon Freecs is ENFP, and uses Ne primarily over Se - Hunter x Hunter MBTI : mbti

Killua - INTP, not an ISTP in my opinion. This dude uses Ti and Ne way too often when he thinks and in his fights. Ton's of logical analysis and seeing noticing logical inconsistencies and trying to find the truth and accuracy with his Ti and uses a ton of Ne brainstorming and imagining possibilities that could happen and coming up with ideas when he brainstorms and figures out something with his Si details he remembers and his Ne brainstorming along with it and of course his Ti logical analysis is apart of it too.

Here's a Killua INTP Post I made here:

Killua Zoldyck [INTP] - How he uses Ti dom and Ne aux not Fi or Se aux, Hunter x Hunter MBTI Types : INTP

Leorio - ESFJ

Kurapika - INTJ

Netero - ESTP, alright after the Meruem fight, this is clear as day now and thinking back to the other moments in the series too.

Hisoka - ENTP

Knuckle - ESFP

Shoot - ISTJ

Bisky - ENTJ

Ging Freecss - INTP, He's definitely not ISTP. He literally says I'm interested in what I don't see near the end of the series. And he uses his intuition and Ne the entire Election arc and ends up being right in the end with his predictions of Pariston's behaviors and patterns and the outcomes of the election itself based on his hunches.

Chrollo - INFJ

Kite - INTJ

Palm: INFP

Ikalgo: ISFP, my man

Komugi - INFP

Mereum - INTJ

Pitou - ENTP

Pouf - ISTJ

Youpi - ESTP

Shalnark - ENFJ

Phinks - ESTP

Feitan Portor - INTP

Shizuku - INFP

Melody - INFP

Pakunoda - ISTJ

Nobunaga - ISTJ

Franklin - ISFJ

Machi - INTJ

Hanzo - ISTJ

Illumi - INTP

Zeno - INTP

Milluki - INFP

Colt - ISTJ

Cheetu - ESFP

Uvogin - ESFP

Cheadle - ISTJ

Genthru - ESTP

Tonpa - ESTP

Pariston - ENTP

Mechi - ESTP

Mito - ISFJ

Canary - ISFJ

Alluka - ENFP

Zushi - ISFJ

Wing - ISTJ

Morel - Battling between ESTP or ENTJ

Knov - INTJ, possibly ISTJ too

Meleoron - INTP

I can add more again in time, add more some if you wish that I missed and share your opinion, thanks.