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View Poll Results: Would you cheat or condone cheating in order to be loyal?

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  • I would both cheat and condone cheating to be loyal.

    2 14.29%
  • I would condone cheating, but not cheat, in order to loyal.

    1 7.14%
  • I would cheat, but not condone cheating, in order to be loyal.

    2 14.29%
  • I would neither cheat and condone cheating to be loyal.

    9 64.29%
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    There might be a situation at which I would quietly so do something wrong for the benefit of another, but I wouldn't make that fact known to everyone and I would realize that I would have to pay the consequences of my choice AND I would discourage this behavior in others. I'd rather have to be the one to make the bad choice than someone else have too and pay for it.
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    Sometimes its understandable, even if you dont condone it, that goes for more than just cheating. I dont know that anyone should EVER test your loyalty by confiding in you or involving you or using you for cover.

    I have one very horrible experience in mind in which I was used for cover and someone (aswell as their bloudy family) got me very, very drunk, I was a punk kid too, and someone I was out with, misguidedly believing they were friendly and wanted to involve me in things, instead he was spending the night with someone who was pretending an interest in me as her cover, while I was passed out drunk in the guest room of his fiancee's house. Guy was engaged. I was at his wedding reception. So was the mistress. He was buying her drinks and sweet talking her while between speeches and dancing with his newly wed.

    The other thing about this is that if I've known someone, been a friend of there's longer and never met or dont have a relationship with their spouse or fiancee or partner (not the scenario I just described though, I was an associate, acquaintence or workie of that user at the most) then its only logical I'll owe them a debt I dont owe their SO, although it doesnt mean I'm fine with the cheating, especially not if it turns into a real pattern of deviousness and I'm implicated or something.
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    Possibly. I'd need to know the specifics (i.e. who's that person, what has that person done to me to deserve a favor, how much risk is involved, who would be impacted and how).

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    Not really no. Right is right an I'm pretty unbiased about it.

    But by "right" I mean my own definition of it.
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    Cheating is messy. Its dishonest when one could be forthright and simple to save a pound of guilty feelings and heartache all around. All you have to say is "you're not doing it for me, despite our many attempts to work it out. Rather than cheat, I'm gonna leave."
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    Not as a principle, no, so I wouldn't condone it in others (unconditional loyalty to the point of cheating or engaging in other ethically suspect activities.) That said, if I felt that I had reason to be loyal to somebody in the moment, and I made that my goal, then I would probably use any means necessary to achieve it, up to and including cheating.

    So I suppose I simply do not think loyalty or honesty should be treated as principles.
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    I cheated on my love when we first got together bc of something I dont want to get into (simply put, a miscommunication), but I will say that we never truly made love until I told him two years later. He is my life and we are so incredibly strong after weathering that.

    That said, it's a deep lesson to be learned, and once you go through it, you would never be as fucking stupid as you once were.

    Peace n love


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    I wouldnt myself and I resent being put in that position to help others esp if I know their partner will be hurt. The whole scenario of your friends knowing you cheated and keeping it a secret from your so while you all mutually hang out and they smile in his/her face just makes assholes out of everyone.

    My stance on this has changed since my early 20s.m I have definitely felt the temptation to help someone cheat on their so with them but was able to turn them down and "do the right thing". Having experienced intense temptation and opportunity myself I feel like I realistically know "what it feels like" and it's not enough of an excuse for me. I have high standards for myself and I apply that to others.

    I don't even like some of my friends so's but I still would not help them cheat. There are better ways to cope with relationship stress. I'd want my friends to be better people.
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    Condone cheating to be loyal? That makes absolutely no sense, that's saying, here, go cheat, so I won't.

    Tell me about the fucking golf shoes!

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    Depends on one's definition of loyalty, I suppose.

    Fidelity is in my definition of loyalty, as is keeping promises. I'd want my partner to 'promise' not to cheat, and I would promise the same. But if we were swingers or something of that nature, we wouldn't be making such promises.
    Quote Originally Posted by KDude View Post
    My answer is no. Not anymore. Loyalty seems like a one way street anyways.
    Seriously. The same mentality that condones cheating could (could!) very well lead straight to bad things like "getting taken advantage of" or "getting left holding the bag."

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