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    Default Which function am I using?

    I am trying to identify whether I am INFJ or INFP, I identify strongly with both Ni and Ne, as well as Fe and Fi.

    What makes me think I am INFP:

    I am good at coming up with new ideas all the time. I also have strong inner values and I live by those values. I value staying true to myself.
    I am very non-judgemental and I am very slow to come to form conclusions about people. Whenever someone does something "bad", instead of jumping to conclusions that they are bad people immediately, I will try to analyze what is the reason behind their actions. I am also always looking for the beauty in everyone around me.
    Even when someone is perceived as "bad" by everyone, I believe there are still some good points about that person.

    What makes me think I am INFJ:

    I was buying food from this lady yesterday, and I saw a customer being rude toward her. I immediately felt angry with that customer for being rude toward her, and I felt sad that the lady has to endure that type of treatment. But at the same time, I have difficulty reacting on the spot, I feel really angry with that customer for being rude toward the lady and I want to tell her off but I don't know why, I just have difficulty reacting on the spot in this situation. I am feeling upset over the entire incident that I witnessed yet at the same time instinctual reaction to this situation is to "freeze" at the spot and do nothing. This makes me doubt that I am INFP, because INFP with Fi would have reacted according to their feelings, they would just tell off that customer for being rude toward the lady.

    My career decisions is also largely influenced by my family.
    I have difficulty ignoring their opinions when it comes to my career choices. I don't get along with my family and I hate them so much, yet at the same time, I have lots of difficulty ignoring their opinions when it comes to my career choices.

    I also tend to care A LOT about what people think about me. Whenever people hate me, I start hating myself. Whenever people mistreat me or are rude toward me, I start taking it very personally and start losing faith in humanity to the extent that I have even thought of becoming a hermit. I tend to have extreme reactions toward the way people treat me.

    So do I use Fe or Fi?

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    Fi, I think
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    Quote Originally Posted by Complexity View Post
    This makes me doubt that I am INFP, because INFP with Fi would have reacted according to their feelings, they would just tell off that customer for being rude toward the lady.
    You sound more INFP than INFJ to me. Something about the way you are wording all of this.

    In regards to the above quote, it is not necessarily true that an INFP would immediately react in an outward manner. An INFP is introverted, after all, and typically does not tend to initiate engagement with high frequency, and there is a big difference between having a Fi internal reaction and mobilizing oneself to outwardly confront a situation. Our MBTI types describe our cognitive process, but not our behavior, though they are often related.

    I think you may need to look a little more into the Fi-Fe differences. Fi will tend to focus more on internal ethics, how one feels about situations, how one sees the world impacting themself, and so on. Fe will tend to focus more on the outward people environment, how others are feeling and how to engage in a positive manner with them, what influence people are having in a situation, and so on. Both are concerned with the treatment of others and others' opinions. Your latter two points sound like you probably have the social instinct high or middle in your enneagram instinctual variant stacking, in addition to being a 4.

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    I honestly cannot tell because your examples are few and therefore it's still hard to determine. If you're still at younger age, settling into one single set type is still gonna be a problem. I was an ExTJ as a child, INFJ as a teenager into young adult, and now an INFP as an adult. I doubt I'm done changing, maybe some J will come back to me.

    I've met several INFPs and they can be different in how they react in the same situation. Not all of us are quiet nor all of us would outwardly confront a situation.

    A few things for certain you will see in an INFP would be

    1- We indeed hold extremely strong personal values and we drift away from ones who can't get them.

    2- Even the most organized ones among us see beauty in chaos.

    3- We are quiet thrill seekers.

    4- We are ever-changing. The us that people know last month might just be nothing but dead old replaced cells today. And that's not cold.

    5- We're unpredictable, even by minute, and we don't provide reasons. Extremely spontaneous ideas or activities just to get back to pleasant state of mind (for ourselves and others) are a part of this.

    6- We care deeply for others and will go very out of our way to support. Our approach is just much less coherent and conventional, hence lots of time misunderstood.

    So how much do you identify yourself with these traits?
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