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    J's can be messy. Recently it was a J who suggested I dump everything into a pile in the middle of my room when I was searching for something. Then leave it like that so I know where everything is.
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    I don't want it, I just need it, to breathe, to feel, to know I'm alive.

    Never take life to seriously.. No one gets out alive in the end anyway.

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    ^ Systematic organization need not be conventionally "tidy"

    What is the purpose of putting things away? So you can find it when you need it again. If you can find it just as well with a different "system" why bother with wasted time in "organizing" ?

    Te, my dear friend can be redefined...

    So yes Js can be awfully messy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haphazard View Post
    Ezra, I've always found it easier to split up the whole thing into the functions rather than just the dichotomies.
    Good, then you're thinking along the same lines as I am. Although I believe it's a method derived from socionics (obviously the MBTI is most commonly used), I think it's a better method because, at the end of the day, one must decide for oneself which they think is more important; dichotomy testing (MBTI) or testing by functions. I just wish they'd make a longer, more detailed test than that cognitive processes survey Splittet used to like posting.

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    well, not actually 'derived by socionics'. It was 'derived' by Jungian analysts who continuted to develop Jungs theory of psychological types.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haphazard View Post
    Ezra, I've always found it easier to split up the whole thing into the functions rather than just the dichotomies. In that case, introversion/extroversion are more to do with the leading function and perceiving/judgement decides the introversion/extroversion of irrational functions.

    'ENTP' can be seen as pretty introverted because of the first two functions -- Ne and Ti. Even though the first function is extraverted, Ne still has to do with the internalization of information, they can be seen as pretty introverted, especially when paired with Ti.

    Judgers have introverted irrational functions while sensors have extroverted irrational functions. This means that perception of the world for judgers is seen through more of an internal lens than perceivers, which makes decision-making a lot easier. A perceiver has introverted rational functions, which don't go towards implementation so much as they do for judgers but rather go for understanding. Judgers are externalizing an internal standard (which can be seen as a very 'git-er-done' attitude) while perceivers are internalizing and external standard (which involves less action and more learning, making them seem 'lazy'.) I think you got confused because usually judgers are the planners, not the perceivers.

    Also, I've heard the difference between extroversion and introversion explained in a way that doesn't involve people, which has to do with the leading function. Introverts start out as those who don't want real-world consequences for enacting their thoughts and beliefs and whatever. An extrovert starts out as one who understands and plays to the consequences of the outside world but is too willing to compromise and has no internal 'guiding light.' As a person matures, they're naturally going to even out, but still, they'll always have a preference between one or the other. When the 'auxillary' function develops to help out the 'dominant' function is when this happens.
    Hap, this is an excellent response.

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