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    Default David Keirsey's "Please Understand Me" video?

    I'm sure many of you have noticed the little postcard that comes with the "Please Understand Me II" book, the one that advertises the "Please Understand Me" video. Have any of you seen this video? What exactly does it feature? It sounds interesting, but I am not in the market to buy it anytime soon so I figured I'd ask about it!


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    Found this post during a search. I own the DVD for that PUM video. Been a while since I watched it though, but I do recall them touring through the different temperaments, having a few situations where they single out a couple or a single person and analyze the dynamics of what makes them click, like interview style. Some excerpts from Keirsey himself sitting in a chair talking about the different types of "intelligence" he defines with each temperament.

    I should watch it again sometime for a refresher. IMHO from what I got out of it, none of it was a shocker for me and probably won't be for anyone who's sufficiently studied in MBTI and related systems. A friend of mine who hasn't had the attention span to study MBTI (she read maybe 2 chapters of PUM II after I loaned it to her for a few months) did find it extremely interesting though.

    If anything, it's cool seeing an IRL face given to some of the types, though I find meetups are just as sufficient

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