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    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeAppled View Post
    I got INTP....I'm not crazy about the T/F distinction. I think about truth a lot, but I am Fi-dom. In many ways, I relate much more to Ti than Fe, so lumping both Fs together often makes me test T.
    Yeah, maybe people can have certain "pulls" towards other functions. I feel the pull toward "Fe" quite often, but... sometimes it kind of annoys me (and eventually exhausts me)..whatever it is.. maybe it's not Fe. I think it is though.

    I think Fi deals with "truth" plenty I'm not sure what you mean exactly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KDude View Post
    I think Fi deals with truth plenty I'm not sure what you mean exactly.
    I mean exactly that....Fi deals with truth plenty .
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    Quote Originally Posted by KDude View Post
    I think it's cool I got INFP.. But there's another "mode" I have, and I guess I'm connecting with F (Fe?). I like to be relevant sometimes.. If that's what it is. And my question to that is, why wouldn't I? The world isn't perfect, but..umm.. well, so what. That's what I have to say sometimes. Either I'm an expressive INFP or something else (an ENFJ who likes solitude more than usual or a weird ESFJ).

    That makes sense.

    Randomly taking a shot at theorizing: Sometimes, you just may want to kind of check back against, bounce back, with the outside world about whether your feelings are relevant [perhaps, appropriate].....get out of your "own head"....when your feelings may overwhelm you. Too much swimming in one's own, private emotional reactions and evaluations, re-evaluations of its personal significance, personal values.

    So, kind of finding relief through reaching out with Fe. Still preferring to evaluate through "values" (F) but needing it externally grounded [outside "own head"] once in a while - thus perhaps Fe. And still primarily identify with INFP.

    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeAppled View Post
    I got INTP....I'm not crazy about the T/F distinction. I think about truth a lot, but I am Fi-dom. In many ways, I relate much more to Ti than Fe, so lumping both Fs together often makes me test T.
    I had the same issue.

    I would have used: "F is about whether something is right or appropriate, T is about whether something is correct or implementable." [rather than "good", "true" and "feasible"]

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    I got ENTP, and I felt the results were fairly accurate even with the Ti/Te part. I always felt myself pretty balanced on it, so when I push it to Te just a smidgeon I get ENFP.

    F = 9% , Fi: 6.8%, Fe: 2.3%
    T = 21%, Ti: 8.4%, Te: 12.6%
    N = 56%, Ni: 16.8%, Ne: 39.2%
    S = 14%, Si: 5.6%, Se: 8.4%
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    I think what messes up the overall process is the scale of overall S v N and T v F. If you agree with a function Ne but the above scale isn't in the N range (perhaps this is where the wording comes in) you receive strange results. Like an ESTJ who use Ne more than the other functions, which doesn't fit with the logic of functions. This is just a thought, I'm not sure if it's valid, but it's a hunch. Like those who make connections with experiences, would still in this scales eyes be S even though the act of connecting experiences is seen more as Ne, which correlates with NP's though this person may prefer experiences more than ideas. Does this make sense?

    I do like this idea though. Please continue improving it!

    I got INTP btw. Boarding ISTP, apparently my Ni is higher on this scale than normal.

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    ISFP and ISFJ again. I like this calculator, but the generalized explanations make it more difficult for me to choose. I think that this is because I'm so inclined to both. I feel non-ISFJ around ISFJs but not SP enough around ISFPs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackCat View Post
    It's cool, but it gave me ESFP because I related far more to N + S rather than F + T. I am a perceiver afterall.
    Exact same situation I had except INTP/ENTP instead of ISFP/ESFP.
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    Unsurprisingly enough, I got INFJ, which means my results were accurate. I had trouble understanding what you meant with the T + F vs. N + S pair-off, though, and ended up just leaving it alone.
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    I misunderstood some of the scales at first, so I wondered why I got the result ESTP.

    Perhaps you could mark the ends of the scale more clearly? Perhaps align thing x to left border of the box, thing y on the right, so it will be absolutely clear who the scale is aligned.

    Otherwise, it seems to be a functional calculator allright.

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    I'm impressed, but I have three concerns:
    1. I didn't really follow the description of Ti and Fi you gave. 'good' doesn't make sense to me.
    2. I think it needs some kind of guide to how far you should generally pull a scale. I used 1 2 or 3 to be weak, medium or strong respectively, other people seem to max it out or something, and I bet there are all sorts of other ways to do it. There's 21 different spots you can put the slider isn't there?
    3. Since it is done by displacing one scale relative to another, shouldn't the scales be placed one on top of the other? That way it would be clearer which you believe is highest or not.

    I got XNTP, INTP if I move it one way, ENTP if I move it one the other.
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