I thought it sounded great until this part:

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Career examples from Lore�s book:

Extroverted tribal: sales people, networkers, administrators, personnel directors, flight attendants, lobbyists, fund-raisers

Introverted tribal: generally favor more secluded positions within the hive such as clerical workers, accountants, financial analysts, etc.

Extroverted maestro: performing artists, college professors who enjoy the classroom audience, comedians, dancers, actors

Introverted maestro: artists, novelists, specialists, inventors, actors, professors who prefer research and writing to the classroom
So basically maestro people are supposed to be unemployed? Come on, he could have done a MUCH better job at this point. For instance, there are a lot of introvert maestro people i can think of who simply pick quiet computer jobs so that they can concentrate on "just getting through the day". Extroverted maestros also apply to small business type stuff: plumbers, contractors, farmer, entrepreneurs (like small time ones, not venture capital types), contract work, small companies (think something like a roofing business), or being a small practice health professional etc...basically places where you can do your own thing without having to first spend 20 years in the tribal world