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Thread: Owls!

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    Quote Originally Posted by King-Of-Despair View Post
    Am I the only one who has found that they often look more retarded than presumed?
    This thread is no place for such talk.

    Quote Originally Posted by AntiheroComplex View Post
    I accidentally an entire rodent.
    You accidentally ate an entire rodent?

    I did once, too. I was eating a rabbit and then boom, I realised I'd finished it! Totally on accident. Felt like a little piggy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by allegorystory View Post
    You accidentally ate an entire rodent?
    I was just referencing one of the internet memes that we kids are always creating nowadays with our newfangled technology machines. I think a popular version is "I accidentally the whole Coke bottle." Leaving out the verb is deliberate, so that the sentence sounds intriguing/horrible/sexual. But! I digress.

    I love owls, and I have a little owl statuette named Daniel. He's cute.

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    I have had several awe inspiring visual experiences with Barred Owls and many a night serenaded by their haunting and distinct calls.

    On misty nights where I used to live 5 years ago, I'd often see a visitor sitting on a fencepost. His head would seemingly snap instantly so that he could focus on the slightest sounds in the yard or shrubbery. I was never able to ascertain the objects of his interest, but I suspect it was moles tunneling while the ground was soft.

    One night I decided to see just how close he would allow me to approach before the little spook got spooked. Yet, to my utter amazement I reached a distance just outside of arms reach when it was I that was too spooked to advance further. Even then he gave me no more than a third of his attention before the head would snap to lock-on to another potential target. However, when his head would finally snap around again, to make note of me, it was chilling. Barred Owl eyes lack an Iris and this seems to exaggerate their already great size, and the black voids are both wonderful and somehow horrifying to behold.
    LOL, I almost expected him to quote Nietzsche

    This episode of intense interest on the hunt and only casual interest of me lasted maybe five minutes before some sound was too compelling and he flew somewhere beyond the shrubs.


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