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    In general?(As in feeling that I am important to strangers on the street and whatnot?) Not very. I don't generally notice nor care when it comes to strangers, acquaintances, etc. Those people are not the least bit important to me so it's fine with me if they hold similar sentiments or lack thereof towards myself.

    Specifically speaking, it is essential for me to be/feel as if I am very important(the most important in one particular case) to those I care for as they are very important to me, therefore I expect them to hold me in the same regard I do them.

    If we're talking about feeling important within the larger scheme of the world, I will admit I would like a very specific thing I already do to contribute something to the world, even a minuscule mark will do so long as it exists. However, if popularity came attached to said mark I'd forfeit it immediately as that would not be the ends which I would wish to reach whatsoever. So it is somewhat important for me to feel important in that sense but not so important that I'd be willing to undergo the loss of the luxury of anonymity and all that comes with it.
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    It's important to me that I feel appreciated/valued by my group for what I have (or can) contribute, but I don't care about feeling important per se. Especially if it meant responsibility, politics, and public scrutiny.

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    To some extent, I can really care about how valuable I am to other people. If the people I really care about consider me just a throwaway or don't pay attention to me at all, sure, it hurts me. I am not big into getting constant pampering and attention, on the other hand. I would rather be independent, but admired.

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