I have suffered from Anxiety from essentially spending my entire life being a spaz--- an over achiever ----- a perfectionist ------ a worry wart.
It caught up with me after suffering a number of traumas ALL AT ONCE and I am in a good state now, (on a low dose anxiety med) but I still get anxious and feel an anxiety attack or panic attack come on in overwhelming moments. (It's mostly when there is too much on my plate. It's like I am a glass of water and someone is pouring liquid in .... but they don't stop with an inch left to the rim .... they keep pouring and pouring till it's over flowing and I'm drowning. That is an example of my anxiety.)

When I get this way- I will physically feel a sort of numbness / tingling in my extremities- legs and arms. This a sign that I am anxious and need to take deep breaths, take a walk, laugh it off, say "NO .... I cannot do that for you, you will need to ask someone else." Go take a bubble bath, pour myself a glass of wine, listen to music etc.

Anyone else relate to this? Or am I the nut case I'm sure I am.