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    Default I had this very weird idea.

    Hear me out. Sort of.

    Is speaking a sense? I oddly grouped it into a bulk sense assessment and wonder if this may have some validity. Like Umami.

    So I ask:

    • Define sense.
    • Define the objective of language.
    • Define the experience of language.
    • Answer whether you believe speech is a sense.
    • That is all.
    • I really
    • REALLY
    • Like this list function.
    • Lol!
    • over and out.

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    After reading the thread title, I was sure this was going to be about special vaginas.
    Everybody have fun tonight. Everybody Wang Chung tonight.


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    Are you trying to ask whether communication is a sense? I'd have to say no, though it obviously relies on sensory input.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatGirl View Post
    Hear me out.
    there's a sense

    Is speaking a sense?
    hmm, interesting question. i could look up the exact meaning of the word 'sense' but now where is the fun in that?

    Define sense.
    i'm thinking senses help us experience or take in the world.

    Define the objective of language.
    if it is just thought (language in our head) then i'd say understanding. if it is spoken language then i'd say communication and understanding with others.

    Define the experience of language.
    hmm...not sure how to explain it. interesting though.

    Answer whether you believe speech is a sense.
    my guess would be no because senses seem to be more about taking in than giving out information or expressing ourselves.

    That is all.

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