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    The Proper Enneagram

    To preface this article, I'd like to start by stating that this idea is not original and I am not it's
    originator;though this discovery was of my own accord, I was not the first to notice. Regardless, it is no
    less important for me to share this simple, yet profound discovery with those of you who have shown
    dedication to the Enneagram and self-knowledge.

    I am certain that the vast majority of you are familiar with the Enneagram symbol, which depicts an
    equilateral triangle coupled to a hexad figure within the circumference of a circle. This symbol is used
    by Enneagram practitioners and theorists alike to discern the connections and interrelations between
    otherwise separate and autonomous points of consciousness. Herein lies the problem. The symbol
    introduced by Gurdjieff does not depict reality; it's a heresy. It lacks consistency and it lacks the
    geometric perfection which is found in all other truth-bearing occult symbols. The symbol and its
    implications are perpetuated by supposed Enneagram experts, who then foment further heresies by
    espousing Wings, instinctual sub-types, and tri-type theories to an already twisted and profane symbol.

    If one were to compare the points of "disintegration" and "integration" from the common, heretical
    Enneagram figure, to those of the Proper Enneagram, they would quickly find that each equilateral
    triangle consistently disseminates the points of consciousness equally amongst the commonly known
    "centers of intelligence".

    1,4,7: Body, Heart, Mind.
    2,5,8: Heart, Mind, Body.
    3,6,9: Heart, Mind, Body.

    The Proper Enneagram is also numerologically consistent, thereby staying attuned to the truths of
    Pythagorean numerology.

    3,6,9: 3+3 = 6. 6+3 = 9.
    2,5,8: 2+3 = 5. 5+3 = 8.
    1,4,7: 1+3 = 4. 4+3 = 7.

    There are, of course, multitudes of truths to be derived from the Proper Enneagram which cannot be
    found in the heretical symbol provided by the majority of Enneagram "experts". It is up to you,
    as students, to further discern what those truths are.

    In closing, whether this specific alteration of a perennial symbol was done maliciously or not is
    unclear, though that has been the case for the majority of perennial symbols. What is clear, however, is
    that if the students of the Enneagram value truth above falsehood and wish to further refine their
    knowledge of self, they must denounce heretical symbols and embrace the traditional method for the
    attainment of knowledge through the Perennial Philosophy.

    The Proper Enneagram:

    Through study of the proper Enneagram, as opposed to the symbol promulgated by Enneagram

    gatekeepers, one can discover and understand the valid connections and relationships between the
    varied manifestations of consciousness.

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    This figure is much more appealing than the enneagram symbol with the strange hexagramic figure.

    Gotta love symmetry.

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