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    Default Fictional characters who remind you of real people

    Exactly what it says in the title. Who are some Fictional characters that remind you of existing people? Does Kitty from That 70's show remind you of your aunt? Does Barney from how I met your mother remind you of your douchebag best friend? Does Sue Sylvester remind you of a coach you once had? Well speak up and post here about it.

    I'm comparing forum members to Bioware characters.


    Ginkgo and pre-possession Anders, mostly because they share a simular odd, sometimes corny sense of humor and have the need to chime in on everything. They both have also hold the same child like demeanor or at least as far as I can tell online, which really doesn't count for much.


    Bethany and Lady Jaye. Admittedly half of the reason was she was a twin (Bethany is a fraternal twin however, Jaye is identical) The other half is, well... Has anyone spoken to Lady Jaye before? As in had a deep conversation with her? Both are believers, both have the same love for the wounded, both are very invested in retracing their family history, both can shoot fire balls out of their hands, both are, and I don't normally say this in regards to real life people as opposed to fictional characters, good people.


    Jack and Domino. Both have had really, really, really rough pasts, and both had to become equally rough and tumble to deal with them and not many woman can pull off the shaved head look. May be intimidating at first but are actually quite fun to be around and are even better to have at your back.


    Delilah and Isabella. The reasons for this one are dirty, and maybe tad personal on her half. They're quite worldly, and knowlegable in many things. Very knowlegable in men and has had expierences that most only dream of having.


    Grand Oak (sometimes Elder) Tree and Victor. A magic tree that only speaks in rhymes, refers to itself as a poetree. Considering that Victor only speaks in poems he was the first person I thought of when first running into the tree. Sad, as I should have thought about the various other talking trees in fictions, maybe I should have thought about lord of the rings. I thought about Victor.



    Prplchknz and Merrill. Do you know what a cloudcuckoolander is? A character living in their own little world. Theire own world where eggs are a viable means of currency and Griffens named Feathers make good pets. Sometimes they get themselves in serious trouble however and need friends to bail them out. They're both entertaining to have around though.


    EDI and Jennifer. This one is a little more difficult then the ones prior. Similar to reasons why I compared Anders to Ginkgo, I think it has more to do with the humor they both share, very smart allicky.

    I have more I'll post later.

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    Triana Orpheus from the Venture Bros. She has a down to earth quality about her that distinguishes her from the rest of the freak show cast of characters. Both of them have that punk/goth whatever image thing going on; it's not that they aren't silly from time to time, but they both seem more in touch with both the not-so-pleasant and the pleasant.


    Kelly Kapoor from the Office. She's Indian.

    Other than that, virtually no similarities.


    Gravemind. He's a surging power house of collective information and living tissue that communicates in cryptic poetry. On the surface, he seems to have a rather neutral disposition, but his handiwork tends to pop up everywhere in swarming numbers, suggesting he has a pretty consistent shtick.


    San from Princess Mononoke. As SH mentioned, she kind of lives in her own little world. However, San has an almost inhuman fierceness about her that tends to surface when something she holds dear is threatened. Certainly whimsical.

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    @ OP: I approve of your affinity for Bioware games.
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    Velanna and TG, started out as abrasive and highly combative, eventually mellowed out with time. Still the same person at the end of the game but more stable, believed everyone she spoke with was a moron.


    Tali and YWIR. A part of a culture mistrusted because of something that was done in the past, yet still so sunny about it. She's very much her own person, but has a strong love for her family and respect for her religion, also very bright.


    Mission Vao and Patches, both brilliant individuals who think nothing of their brilliance. Sense of order underneath all the cute. Both of them could find you if you flew to Shanghai after undergoing plastic surgery and changing your name to Phyuk Yiu.


    The moment I realized Sigrun was not to different from Kyueei is when you're recruiting her after her enter unit dies, and you tell her you ran into a talking Darkspawn and she says back to you "A talking darkspawn? What would they have to say? 'ello mate, would you like a spot tea?'" She's just so... Kiwish with her dialouge.


    Mira and Lexicon. I haven't played KOTOR in a long time but I remember Mira as this roughish but very down to earth character. She was a bounty hunter, who never killed, and had a very practical outlook on life. She's also one of the few crew members who won't date the protagonists, having no interest in him. Depending on your actions post game she'll eventually quit the bounty hunting business and end up living in peace and dying of old age.

    Or she'll be gunned down by other bounty hunters while killing them in a hail of gunfire, it's up to the player.

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    @YWIR and Prophet Muhammed.

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    Marmie Dearest: Julia Roberts' portrayal of Erin Brockovich. Tenacious, passionate, empathetic and driven by her values. Has no problem calling someone on their BS.

    Elfboy: I could pick several characters here, but I'll settle for a combination of Ling Yao from Fullmetal Alchemist (slick, clever and affable) and Valant Gramarye from Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (elegant, flamboyant and fun-loving).

    skylights: Jenny Wakeman (AKA XJ-9) from My Life as a Teenage Robot. Lively, smart, always willing to lend a hand.

    Vasilisa: Kanaya Maryam from Homestuck. Even-tempered, gentle and kind, motherly, even. Has a soothing presence.

    (Disregard the chainsaw. That's only used for hand-to-hand combat. )

    Saturned: Charlotte "Chuck" Charles from Pushing Daisies. Understanding, quirky, interested in all sorts of subjects and quite romantic. Not afraid to "stand her ground", so to speak, nor of looking silly.

    Savage Idealist: Hiro Nakamura from Heroes. Idealistic, geeky, friendly and concerned with doing the right thing.

    CuriousFeeling: The one and only Amélie Poulain. Sensitive, introspective, shy and bookish.

    Rasofy: Richie Foley from Static Shock. Sharp, witty, geeky and laid-back.

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    She's curious, and mysterious, and powerful in her own unique way. She has a lot of supporting cast that help guide her down her path, and a few friends become foes along the way--but she's strong enough to face them by the time she figures it out.



    My favorite book heroine growing up. A strong woman that has to live her childhood years disguised as a boy in order to persue her desires to be a knight. After it's revealed she's a woman, she struggles with a kingdom that needs her--yet rejects her--only to come back in this final chapter [vague spoiler alert] as a savior to the throne.


    The main character goes on an amazing journey, much bigger than she ever meant herself to be, in order to try and save the sickness of one. In the process, her journey overwhelms her and swallows her narrow eyes whole - forcing her to see the rest of those around her.



    Upbeat and absolutely positive attitude all the time. I love it.

    @Silently Honest

    You have a lot more depth to you than you initially let on.
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    OMG at the 'Darkangel' trilogy!!!

    Thanks so much K!

    I read the first book a long time ago and I loved it. Meant to follow up with the second one but never did. Then I forgot the name of the book. FAIL.

    I'm gonna check this out from the library next week.

    Ooh...I haven't been to a library in years...
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    Are we just doing forum members? Because I was going to say Miranda in The Devil Wears Prada seriously reminds me of my old high school principal.

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