I'm actively pursuing an application to a Masters program in Counseling, and was curious about how easy the transition is from Masters to Doctoral program? The entire reason I'm ignoring Ph.Ds for the moment is because I was an English major with an Independent Study minor in Psycholinguistics (more specifically the cognitive processes in the acquisition and production of symbolic systems such as language and artistic expression like creative writing and music).

So with no real clinical experience and a minor that's like a watered down cognitive psychology minor, and since a lot of Ph.D programs in the area seem to prefer a Masters, I'm going for the Masters program to get the foundation instead of doing something crazy like gunning for a Ph.D.

My question is if there's a real difference in your jobs and potential practice between having a Ph.D and a Masters as an LPC? I know you get more money, but is establishing your practice easier? Is it worth the investment?