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type me please


New member
Jan 12, 2022
so i’ve been studying mbti for a while now, but i can’t seem to figure out what my mbti type is after all this time. is it because i misunderstand the functions? or am i just not self aware enough? i don’t know anymore, so please help me. i’m familiar with enneagram too, so you can try typing me based on that too if you’d like. i’m pretty sure i’m a ne-dom. someone else typed me as an ENFP. and i feel like i do have pretty high ne, also ni is relatively high, and my S functions are low. but i’m not sure of the judging functions. i always thought my ti was pretty high, but somehow my fi is too. could someone explain how i would know that i don’t use ti, but fi?
whenever i look at myself i see that i keep lots of my thoughts and feelings to myself. i might seem open but i never truly tell what is going on in my mind and just cover it up somehow. anyways, idk what else you’d like me to tell about myself, so ask your questions. i’ve filled out a questionnaire so if someone is interested in that, i’ll post it.


New member
Jan 1, 2022
I like to start with how someone choses their career. I feel like this is where all the money is. People will perseverate endlessly about themselves but how you make important decisions really shows who you really are and what you really value.

Once you understand how you make important decisions it's a lot easier to figure out what you are outside of a test that has a huge margin of error.

For example, I test INTJ....but I am probably an ENTJ that is more introverted than other ENTJ's.

So here are some questions....

How did you, will you, or do you decide what you want to do with your life?

How do you decide who you will date or who you want to couple up with?

How do you decide different things in life.....etc...etc...start there...