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The Everyday Habits that Reveal our Personalities


New member
Jun 15, 2021
Instinctual Variant

Some correlations from the article:

The Extraverts (closely correlate with MBTI Extraverts)
  • Spend more time in hot tubs. Sounds nice but I get overheated after 5 minutes
  • Spend more drinking in bars. Na, I'd rather spend more drinking at a house party
  • Discuss ways to make money, decorate, and get a tan. Maybe decorating but not money or tans
  • Have more tattoos. I do want tattoos
  • Use less concrete language than introverts. I don't think I have concrete language, I never noticed
The Open-minded (correlate with MBTI iNtuitives)
  • Read more poetry. Yes (Especially Jim Morrison ones)
  • More likely to go to opera. I'll pass on that, but maybe for the experience
  • More likely to smoke marijuana. Likely to try it, but not often
  • More likely to swear. Yes very much so but not in every sentence
  • More likely to eat spicy foods. I'm pretty tolerant of spice taste wise but my gut does not agree
  • More likely to lounge around naked. If I was alone would it matter?
  • Less likely to follow a sports team. Definitely not a sports person at all, I've never changed to a sports channel in my life
  • More likely to like fruits, vegetables and art-house movies. Yes but what is an art-house movie?
  • Tend to prefer dry, rather than sweet, white wine. I hate wine in general
The Agreeable (correlate with MBTI Feelers)
  • More likely to be popular. Fairly
  • More likely to have lots of friends. Definitely not, I am a loner
  • Spend more time ironing, playing with children, and doing dishes Ironing sounds like the best of a bad lot, I hate dishes and despise children
  • More likely to sing in shower or car. Maybe
  • Get fewer speeding tickets. I think I'm too scared to drive fast, but too inattentive to pay attention to speed limits
  • Eat more sweet foods. Yeah, I have a bit of a sweet tooth
The Conscientious (correlate with MBTI Judgers)
  • Read fewer books. I think I can get into about anything that is not pure romance or sci-fi or action
  • Swear less. I am a swearer
  • Chew on pencils less. I am a bit of a pencil chewing addict, it stripped the enamel off my teeth
  • Wear watches more. I never saw the hype in watches, I just don't think they look good
  • Are more likely to polish their shoes. I'll clean mud or dog shit off but other than that no
The Neurotic (no MBTI correlate)
  • Take more anti-depressants and tranquilizers No because I'm scared medication could make things worse
  • Lose their temper more often. Very much so
  • Make fun of others more often. No, I feel like that shouldn't be on here because even if you are neurotic that doesn't make you mean

Indigo Rodent

Apr 4, 2019
If you read more books you eventually run out of shelf space and end up with book piles which lowers your conscientiousness. Also, reading is work. When you perform work you're less able to do other work.