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Jung was racist!!!!!!

Doctor Anaximander

i give up
Aug 27, 2013


Never-retiring Millenial
Mar 26, 2017
[MENTION=32874]Vendrah[/MENTION], I empathize with your deep hurt. It's hard when you find your Master is not perfect.
But remember, we value Masters for what they teach us, insofar it helps us to grow.
Remember the raft parable by Buddha.
Many great thinkers taught to THINK, not to trust the Master himself! Socrates comes to mind in that regard. He said he knew nothing...

So, don't be sorry for Jung being wrong. He was a human being, right on something, wrong on something else. Just follow him in what you feel is worth following.

Anyways, I agree with [MENTION=33903]Red Memories[/MENTION]: too bad people bash your hurt, [MENTION=32874]Vendrah[/MENTION], or make it personal.

And [MENTION=39780]noname3788[/MENTION] is onto something: you can't judge Jung by today's moral standards. A good example would be how women were treated in the past. Anybody who lived more than one century ago would be deemed misoginist or sexist by today's standard. But that doesn't mean we have to throw all the history of thought to garbage.

I really don't like this word "master" and I have not seen Jung as "my master" ever as well, but I understand what it means in the context you are speaking of.