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In Search of the Miraculous read by Laurence Rosenthal


Active member
Feb 5, 2015
I hade this book on my shelf forever but never got around to reading so when I sore it on YouTube with some one reading it allowed I decided its time.

It was interesting a bit out there but it was 1918 then the conversations took place so I get it some good thinking and some wacky ideas all in one. But for the inquirer new to cosmology and metaphysics and in search of the Miraculous reconnection with the Heart and our essential nature it is an interesting book. This is not new for me so I posted a comment and sheared my thoughts story and some understanding I believe I have about the subject matter.

Thank you that was interesting. The subject matter the contrast between the Authentic Self and the many faces of the eighteen egoic mindsets complicated by the constant influence of the six Instinctual Variant and associate tiers of minds/the Souls operations is a complex structure to convey. Essence is what we all sore the would though up till we naturally experienced our own three instincts though observing three operation of the three instincts in though interacting with others older than we were at the age of four to five years in age. Reconnecting with the Heart via breath and simultaneously sequentially feeling the raw energies of the three instincts within the body one then two then all three at once and going blank and then instantly switching on to what is described at the larger 'I' the authentic self is real and possible. Then I was ten years old I tort myself to switch on and held the focused ability for three to four years until in my teen years I decided to mimic the development of the egoic mind to fit in at school and lost the habit of focusing on my heart each morning when I woke up to reestablish the connection with my heart or authentic self in preparation for the day. The teen years was for me preparation for adult thinking what what was expected and it seemed true and right. now as an adult the egoic mind seems practical and comfortable and it is very rear that I switch on I only seem to switch on for moments when I feel threat or it seems authentically warranted the trance of personality is like a language everyone is speaking it and it seems to be the go to default. I chose to use less and less my Heart State energy because it seemed no one else was able to generate it within them selves and to activate that state to large made others frightened and uncomfortable. I believe I understand the balance that sustains it in the now moment it is simply utilizing all six Instinctual Variant's at once with out bias of one over the other five it is simply holding a balance and that balance allows the hearts electromagnetic field hold its proper or optimum operating capacity within the working order of mind. The simplest scientific way to describe the structure is mathematically.

Sense at the Instinctual level is linked to Points Severn and Eight on the Hexad.
Think at the Instinctual level is linked to Points Four and Five on the hexad.
Feel t the Instinctual level is linked to Points One and Two on the Hexad.

Points: 8 and 4 is linked to SinΘ∙CosecΘ=1, Points: 1 and 5 CosΘ∙SecΘ=1, Points: 7 and 2 TanΘ∙CotΘ=1

SinΘ∙CosecΘ=1 , CosΘ∙SecΘ=1 , TanΘ∙CotΘ=1 simply describes a hexagon with opposites making having connection with each other so the connection are taking place at once and I think this is the Law of Three working though within the law of Seven remembering that mind has more than one part working at a time the making of three Law of three within still requires pints Three Six and Nine and the Nine energies and Eighteen egoic mind set's are linked to the Circle of the enneagram diagram the unity and division. In other words there is large complexity's at work within the psychometrics of minds activity.

Presence and the non dual thinking component of mind can be observed and reflected upon and thanks to sciences understanding of the enneagram and minds structures we can understand the things P.D. Ouspensky strived to understand, What is the nature of that Miraculous State we all first experienced before we developed or egoic mind Set to cospeciate for the overwhelming input of or three instinctual drives that feed our Direct Cognition with raw input that we were unable to process due to a lack of learned knowledge and language to communicate.

If we had parent's who could sense think and feel simultaneity and who could make the law of three happen with and mirror intuition of a spiritual order or have that SinΘ∙CosecΘ=1 , CosΘ∙SecΘ=1 , TanΘ∙CotΘ=1 that non dual conches Ness happening within there own workings of the Law of Severn a balance could have been met wherein we all could have remained connect to the heart and developed our Instinctual learning structures and egoic mind set structures.

The Primary School Education System is our best hope if we are to each the next epoch of human development. Science and the will of The State could lead the way if the political will to advance in this direction is desired. Reframing a curriculum and training specialist teachers to mirror essence to students and fostering responsible attitudes within students is a big ask it is in Transactional Analyses talk it is at the level of Adult to Adult Mind communication. We treat in treat kids as if they are ignorant to the workings of mind and in a parent child communication mode. When really kids in grade one two three four and five are in the flux of learning about Personality and Instinct. Every child misses out on learning to switch on at a time when they are most receptive and ready to switch on to higher mind and higher emotion.

Maybe the Adults and the State are the Dummies not switch on to what is real and most important. It's never to late to reframe and advance a system.