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Charlotte Roche - British-German low key celebrity


Well-known member
Dec 21, 2013
Bumped into Charlotte Roche by chance on the net. She is a low-key author and showperson residing in Germany. There's something about her looks and body language, especially in the eyes and the smile that really appeals to me.

So I was wondering what MBTI/Enneagram type she might be, any guess is as good as mine. It seems she was quite an unruly drifter in her younger years.

"Roche left home in 1993, still aged 17, and formed the garage rock group The Dubinskis with three female friends. The band never released an album, nor recorded any material, nor notably performed anywhere. There followed a period where she undertook anything that would shock and offend people—self-mutilation to paint with blood, drug experiments, or shaving her head. After successfully auditioning for the German music channel VIVA, she worked there for several years as a video jockey and presenter, as well on the sister channel Viva Zwei, where she presented her show Fast Forward."

Her detailed bio can be found here.

Some of her photos in her 20s and now in her 40s, her older style is much more appealing to me:

Another thing significant to her personality is that one time, as a part of a show, she had hooks placed into her backskin and did a bungee jumping with the rope attached to the hooks, footage below: