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Doctor Cringelord

Well-known member
Aug 27, 2013
Instinctual Variant
I punched back. And was often in trouble for it. Sometimes teachers only caught the end of it and the instigators got off scot free while I got sent to the office.

I still advocate punching back. IME, school authority figures are hopelessly inept and can't be counted on to handle these situations fairly or nip bullying in the bud. In some cases, I even saw teachers take the side of bullies, making it obvious they were probably themselves bullies growing up.
Yeah I lied to feel better about myself. I barely ever punched back, although when I did, it went exactly as stated above. I learned my place as the weird dork and have largely internalized that as my self image in my adult life. I refuse to connect with all but a select few persons from school years (ones who actually liked me) on social media.

i think I’m quick to react to any small perceived threat or harassment because of it. Often times overreacting to people who aren’t showing malice. I’m really messed up. In adulthood, I feel a need to punch back, but it’s too late and I hate myself for not standing up to it more when I had the chance. Although I did learn to verbally shred bullies at least.