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Ash Ketchum (ENFP) The Symbol of Indigo and Colourful Inspiration, Pokemon Anime MBTI


Feb 21, 2013
Ash Ketchum MBTI ENFP - Pokemon MBTI

Ash MBTI ENFP - Pokemon Anime Myers-Briggs Types

Wanted to finally share my Ash Ketchum ENFP Post here with Typology! Glad I'm finally able to do it! Enjoy and tell me what you think down below.

Hello all! In this post I'm going to explain why Ash Ketchum from the Pokemon anime is a ENFP and Ne user and Si user and not a ESFP at all like some people think and mistyped him as sometimes through the years in my opinion, even though from what I've seen most people know he's ENFP still with just a select group mistyping him sometimes ESFP when he's actually ENFP in reality, which is again common mixup unfortunately since ENFPs and ESFPs are the most mixed up types online of all time. ENFPs and ESFPs both make great characters, but in Ash's case he's a classic ENFP character in anime history as most people know with his influence on culture, a good example of ESFP with massive cultural influence, also technically originating from a game franchise is Mario, a ESFP from Super Mario Bros. series and franchise. Bad websites like that terrible database site have Ash mistyped on there and bad popularity bias pushing that mistype to boot, among many others that are common mistypes of characters on that site as well, so I'll say again don't trust the database its inaccurate and there's alot of negative trolls on there and function misunderstanding and bad stereotypes that are used to mistype characters there.

After analyzing Ash for awhile and growing up with the English and rewatching the Japanese version recently of Season 1, Indigo League, Ash is an obvious ENFP to me now. I always knew this in my opinion growing up but I never had the evidence or at least not as much as I do now and paid attention enough to argue and analyze it in depth with his character past my casual watching of Pokemon on TV like most people did in the past in the 90s and growing up with newer seasons. Anyways Ash Ketchum is definitely ENFP from Pokemon in my opinion and this post I hope will help you see that clearly with all the points I bring up for him and his Ne and Si, and so on to argue and explain my case for his ENFP typing here. Hope you enjoy and sit back relax and enjoy the show.

Ash is curious and is always asking questions with his Ne all the time. He was curious about the legendary bird plaque with his Ne and then saw the articuno image and thought back to a memory and past experience with his Si of seeing Ho-Oh before earlier. Ash compared and contrasted with his Si the legendary bird plague on the wall with Ho-Oh here in this scene. He asked when Professor Oak called, "Is that Ramen Professor Oak or Okido?" That's a classic Ne curiosity question that Ash was wondering when he saw it. He asks another Ne question from his curiosity and asks Professor Oak the question, "Professor, where are you calling from?" They talk after that and catch up. Later Misty appears with the burned bike and asks again with his Ne, "What's wrong with that bike?" while pointing to it. An enraged Misty yells at him and tells him what happened. After some time passes, Team Rocket shows up. They go crazy and do there little speech and then James' Koffing sends the smokescreen, Ash then asks with his Ne curiosity, "What is this?" while the other two girls stay quiet.

He asked "Huh? What I do?" when Misty yelled at him about throwing out caterpie.

He joked and imagined with his Ne a cow on when misty said she was scared of bugs on the ground in episode 4 because the names sounded similar, meaning ushi for cow and mushi for bug in Japanese, which directly leads to Ash asking the Ne curiosity in the cow outfit daydream, "A cow?" as another Ne curiosity line from him in the show and joking moment too. Ash's Ne is amazed by everything he sees and all the new Pokemon he meets and never seen before, he gets excited about the Weedle and says it name and immediately jumps to the Pokedex to learn more about it, which are all common traits in Ne users even if other types can do these things too. He has big goals and is very idealistic, he wants to become the world's best Pokemon master in the future and talks about this future goal all the time in the show, even in later seasons of the series. Ash's Ne dreams, imagination, and NF idealism is obsessed with becoming a Pokemon Master one day. Whatever that means, but despite that confusion on what that dream is, its inspiring nonetheless. Other types can do these things too of course, but everyone knows its a pretty common thing for intuitives to be the most future oriented and NFs to be the most idealistic of the bunch, especially Ne users too, which Ash checks all boxes as with his behaviors in the series as I pointed out already. Before he catches the weedle, he stops himself and his Si remembers the detail and lesson Misty said to him that in order to best catch a Pokemon, you must weaken it first and he reiterates it to the screen like a teacher showing how much he cares about this lesson and showing how much he learned from it and really wants to hit it home this time and do it right and follow directions and advice on it and now finally do it himself the first time after learning the lesson in the past, all classic Si user characteristics Ash shows here as a ENFP.

I managed to get a hold of Pokemon Movie 1 in Japanese and be able to watch it, so I'll bring up some brief points from the film in this too since Ash's character is consistent in it. Ash the Ne curiosity question with his Ne, "What do you mean?" to the older lady explaining the ferry is closed down from the storm and Officer Jenny saying Nurse Joy is missing so she can't heal your hurt Pokemon if that get hurt. In comparison Mewtwo the center figure of this film uses a lot of Ne in the beginning and through him questioning his existence in the film and his pure curiosity of things, but its possible his Ne is just developed based on his creation and curiosity since I think he always uses a fair bit of Ni and that style of questioning things and existence even if their curiosity and outward questions aren't as frequent as Ne users are, my guess is Mewtwo is an INTJ with developed Ne through the film but INTP is also possible for him too. Anyways back to Ash, he askes the Ne curiosity question of what do you mean to officer Jenny when she says that your Pokemon can't be healed as the only to ask that among the crowd. And then Brock looks long and hard at the missing Nurse Joy pic and has a shocked looked on his face and is perplexed and confused, and has basically a ISFJ moment and his Si detailed memory triggered and stirred. Later in the film a bit still in the beginning, they arrive after storming the storm literally and Ash asks another Ne question, "This thing?" and the the nurse joy mewtwo attendant explains. Brock says and notices "It is you, isn't it?" "Your the missing Nurse Joy aren't you?" Brocks dom Si sees this and compares and contrasts what he saw and remembering seeing her in the invitation hologram from before earlier in the day and he remembered her when he saw the poster and was able to tell her apart from other Nurse Joy and notice and remember she's the same one easily compared to most people, Brock is a classic Si dom user and ISFJ character for this, his Ne also is stirred a bit as he asks Ne curiosity questions in this scene about it too and I guess you could say his tertiary Ti was interested in the truth as well and deduced the mystery with her very easily, don't worry I'll talk more about Brock more in the future and his ISFJ typing.

Ash continues to as curiosity questions with his Ne and wants to learn more information on the trainers and Pokemon as a ENFP and Ne user, and he doesn't hesitate to ask like there known very known for. He looks around curiously and wonders and brainstorms with his Ne, like "Only three?" and "I wonder...That's a..." The water trainer guy explains that's his Gyarados, Ash proceeds to ask the Ne questions, "Gyarados? Gyarados is the Atrocious Pokemon, right?" Ash's Ne is on full throttle in this scene and movie. Because Ash is the major Ne user and ENFP in this room, the writers have him utilize it and use it a lot since he's a Ne dom and a very curious kid as I've explained and a ENFP and the main character. Even if the writer have no idea about MBTI of course, especially in this time of the 90s. Anyways as a result of this sort of unconscious writing choice while still being conscious in a way, Ash continues using his Ne and questioning of things while everyone stays quiet mostly. With his Ne again as a ENFP, Ash asks the curiosity question out loud, "What is that?" Ash's Ne latches onto Mewtwos name being introduced and being said to be the strongest Pokemon Trainer. "Mewtwo?" Ash asks and wonders with his Ne again in this scene.

Mewtwo says its pointless to fight him since he was built, made, and created to be the strongest Pokemon ever so there no point in fighting him because you cant win. Ash proceeds to do what most ENFPs do and say we won't know until we try! Which is common in them because his Ne sees the possibility to try and fight him and possibly win still and his Fi believes it in his heart and values that he can do it at all costs, Mewtwo is intrigued by this and wonders if he can do it, Ash's Te kicks into overdrive and builds him confidence to efficient work towards his new goal to try and beat Mewtwo, along with his NF idealism as a ENFP and so on.

After Ash saves Pikachu and indirectly the other Pokemon, Ash asks the Ne curiosity question, "They're all copies?" The movies moves on and the main cast of characters analyze how the Pokemon won't stop fighting until Mew and Mewtwo stop. Which won't happen until one loses and yields because Mewtwo is a creature, now living and breathing, and a living creature won't yield naturally to their own species when they are invading their territory. The characters say this is how living animals and creatures work. Then Ash asks with his Ne curiosity and brainstorming once again, "Now a living creature? Mew and Mewtwo, Pikachu and the other Pikachu." Ash's Si also compares and contrasts Mew and Mewtwo together and Pikachu and the other Pikachu apart from each other with this same line from this scene as well, remember the functions are linked together to each other so Ne and Si are working hand and hand in Ash here in this scene together all in these same lines he's saying here.

After Mewtwo understands and concludes in his eyes know one should know of this incident and takes the Pokemon away. And then Ash the ENFP, the pure and innocent curiosity and with him being a innocent NFP in general ask the Ne question to end it off, "Where will you all go?" After Ash asks Mewtwo this question with his Ne, Mewtwo proceeds to answer they'll continue on living somewhere in this world as living beings now and then the movie basically ends. Beautiful movie, glad I finally got to see the Japanese version here. Now onto back to the Pokemon anime now. Haha, to end it off actually Ash asks the Ne question "But, what are we doing here?" after time passes and rewinds and resets from Mewtwo's psychic energy. Misty answers who knows but we're here so we're here now. Ash ends it off with a happy go lucky typical ENFP smile and says "Well, I guess its fine." They look out in the distance and Ash's Ne curiosity barely sees Mew and asks "What's that?" with great excitement, wonder, and curiosity coming from his Ne seeing that faintly far away.

Also Ash's Ne is also used for some of the slogans and catchphrases of the show and basic and skeleton of finding and discovering new Pokemon and wondering who or what they are. Statements and questions like, "Who's that Pokemon?" or "What Pokemon is that?" "I've never seen that before! What kind of Pokemon is that?" or What kind of Pokemon could that be?" and so on. Ash's natural Ne curiosity for Pokemon in the world and asking innocent, curious questions about them fits perfectly with the entire basis of the show and entire Pokemon anime series and Pokemon franchise as a whole.

To start things off Ash asks the Ne question in the moon stone episode, "So why did the Zubat gather around you mister?" Other characters like Misty a ENFJ ask questions to the researcher guy about what he's doing also with her Ne shadow function but despite this Ash does this more often as a ENFP and uses his Ne more frequently compared to the rest of the characters in the show as I explained in examples above in my post already. Also I didn't mention that in the earlier Brock Pewter City Gym battling episode, Ash asked the Ne questions "What about his mother and father?" "What's this" after wondering what the watermill was and "But why do you know so much about Pokemon?" These are all great Ne questions and Ne curiosity examples that Ash asked in the previous episode. When they watch the Clefairy worship the Moon Stone and do their little ritual dance, Pikachu speaks to one of the Clefairy and asks it a question, Ash then is curious and then asks with his Ne, "Hey, Pikachu. What did Clefairy say?" Or for the Japanese translation, Ash asks with his Ne rather, "What did Pippi say?" Ash's Ne don't stop or slow down in the next episode with Misty and the Cerulean Gym, "Why?" When asking and wondering why he shouldn't go there to Cerulean City, "Huh? When did Kasuni (Misty) disappear?" "Does she hate this city that much?" "What? Did something happen?" "Um, what happened?" "Thieves?" and so on as Ne questions Ash asked already 5 minutes into the episode.

Ash copied and listened to what his Pokedex said as Pokemon Trainer advice with his Si, Ash's Si latched onto it what he heard earlier and wanted to follow the advice, leading to Ash's follow up Ne question, "What's the Trainer there like?" when asking about the Cerulean Gym to Brock of all people. Ash wants to research his opponent before fighting which fits perfectly with his Ne since his Ne curiosity naturally wants to learn more information on things normally, and his Si remembers the details of his Pokedex giving him the advice and he feels safe and secure if he listened to it and Ash's Si feels its reliable information, especially since he respects and trusts Professor Oak who of course made the Pokedex and gave it to Ash to use and help him on his journey. Ash repeats the lesson and quote with his Si that the Pokedex said to him in the past word for word, showing how much this meant to him and that he's taking the lesson and quote seriously that he heard before from it. Brock tells Ash that he never met the trainers at this Gym before but he knows the special moves of the Hanada or Cerulean Gym's Pokemon. This statement stirs Ash's Ne curiosity wild which leads Ash to ask the Ne questions, "Huh? What? What?" Brock tells Ash he can't tell him though. Ash responds with Ne curiosity question, "Why not?" and is upset with him as he wonders why. Brock explains to him that he was once a Gym Leader too, so please understand and Ash says I see. They walk off for a bit and Brock tell him that he has something to do for a bit, and yet again Ash's Ne curiosity is stirred and interested and he asks the Ne question, "What is it?" Brock responds with "Plenty of things. See you."

And they say bye for a bit and part ways temporarily. Right after this scene we see Ash looking around and brainstorming with his Ne on where the Hanada Cerulean Gym is while speaking and asking to himself where it is outloud, "Hanada Gym, Hanada Gym...Where is it?" He turns the corner and sees what looks like the Gym and then his Ne asks, "Is that it?" He enters the Gym just before the show and his Ne asks again, "What the?" Ash's Ne questions never stop this episode and keep going full throttle with lines like, "Eh? I came here thinking this was a Pokemon Gym." And then, "What's going on here?" "Is all this an aquarium?" "Is this really a Pokemon Gym?" he asks right after those other Ne curiosity questions he just asked a few seconds and after him just brainstorming many possibilities with his Ne on what's going on here with this Gym and even if this place is a Pokemon Gym in the first place, all of these scenes and questions Ash asks constantly here in this part of the episode are massive Ne dom moments for Ash as a ENFP character for him, at this point I feel its really hard to argue he's any other type. ENFP and Ash being a Ne dom fits perfectly for him and all the evidence for it is explained above from the other episodes and especially shown off very well in this episode with all these Ne dom moments for Ash being shown off again so much especially in this episode in particular.

Up to this point I have mentioned Ash's Fi much yet by the way. Ash is inner value based person and follows his inner values, heart, and personal code with everything he does separate from others and society. His aux Fi drives him strongly and keeps him very bonded with Pikachu and other Pokemon in the story. He goes to great lengths to help and save Pikachu even if he initially got hate from him like in episode 1 and defending him against the spearow or even other massive extreme caring moments like chasing his Mewtwo made Pokeball down the shaft in the First Movie. Ash's Fi was used heavily in the Brock Gym battle episode like when he was charging pikachu up on the tread watermill and Misty came and said you can stop that hard work and stress on Pikachu and just use her water Pokemon if you want, Ash's Fi inner values are hurt and offended by this and he tells her no I am going to do this with my own Pokemon, hard work, and actions and just use my own Pokemon to overcome and win this fight and match and refuses to use anyone else's. Even if Fe users and other types can do this and be driven their strong inner values to affect their actions, Fi users especially and ENFPs are usually more driven by the inner values than others along with other personality types similar to them. Misty leaves in rage and Ash feels strongly about this with his auxiliary Fi as a ENFP and sticks to his values in the end even if he has to try this cheap tactic to power up Pikachu without his permission or asking him first, which we see Ash apologize to Pikachu for later after he gives up the match which are some more other great Fi moments from him.

To end things off Ash is amazed by everything he sees, loves all new possibilities with Pokemon and everything else he sees in life, and is constantly amazed by the wonderful world of Pokemon. Ash uses a ton of Ne which these moments all the time as a ENFP character. Ash is also a idea generator with his Ne and I have a few examples to mention here but I'll save those for when the show progress and I get to later episodes and seasons for those future battles Ash eventually gets in. And also, Ash is always thinking about the future and never staying in one place for too longs and struggles real hard to live in the moment at all because he's focused on the future so much as a Ne user. Ash isn't just thinking about the future all the time with always saying he's going to be a Pokemon Master, he's also always getting back up almost immediately after a short break when he finishes exploring a region and going home for a bit to rest, it doesn't take long for Ash to get right back up to go to the next region and go on the next future adventure because he's always thinking about the next adventure tomorrow all the time with his Ne and as a ENFP person and character.

Thanks for reading and all the support with this post, I will be making more ENFP Ash Ketchum posts in the future since this is my favorite franchise and I plan to watch even more Pokemon again and seasons soon. I'll just decide to make individual posts based on seasons each of Pokemon since this series is such a long show and series as most people know, so doing it in this format will be much easier. And yes I promise to do more Indigo League Ash ENFP posts and I will do the Orange Islands too when I get there. Just think of this post here as Part 1 for Indigo League Ash here. But anyways, thanks for all the support and hopefully this post helped you understand why Ash Ketchum is a ENFP definitely in my opinion. Will do more Pokemon posts soon, thanks again.

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