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Ash Ketchum (ENFP) - Pokemon X & Y Anime MBTI Types


Feb 21, 2013
Ash Ketchum MBTI ENFP - Pokemon X and Y MBTI Types

Ash ENFP - Pokemon X n Y Myers-Briggs Typings

Sharing this with TypologyCentral of course too:

After I started X and Y I wanted to make a short brief post again on why Ask Ketchum is ENFP once more. This is from the Japanese version of X and Y so please keep that in mind, enjoy.

Ash is future oriented and sees and gets excited by possibilities with Pokemon and the Pokemon world as well with Ne and curiosity. He's curious about possibilities in the outer world and is always asking questions about the world and Pokemon with his Ne and brainstorming new ideas and possibilities and getting excited by them. He also follows his inner heart and values with his Fi and relates to others and pokemon and their feelings strongly with his Fi and has a strong inner feeling connection to others and pokemon again as a Fi aux user. Ash is good at intuitively understanding other Pokemon's feelings with his Ne and Fi too. He quickly understands Pokemon's true feelings and is perceptive and sees what they truly want and feel beneath the surface with his Ne and also relates to their personal emotional experience with his Fi aux as well, a prime example of this is with Froakie in the beginning episodes when he get kept attacking fletching and the others didn't know why. Ash said I know how Froakie feels and what he wants. Ash say Froakie you wanted to punish Fletching because Bonnie or Eureka was looking so sad, right? Ash read between the lines and made the connection on what Froakie wanted and was feeling beneath the surface with his Ne and figured out the truth on what Froakie's motivations were in this scene of him overly attacking fletching and he understand all this about Froakie quickly before anyone else with his intuition and Ne. Clemont says so thats the infamous Pokemon who battles as it pleases without listening to its trainer, huh? Ash then says, "That Froakie...Now I know why its been described that way." Ash's Ne saw the pattern on why Froakie was called that and made the connection here and figured out why Froakie was possibly fighting and acting this way after seeing him fight here and get overly upset and not listen to anyone here. Then the others just looks confused until Ash explains the situation on what Froakie is feeling behind the scenes. He also got an Ne idea when he got to the rocky terrain area. People mixup Ne and Se a lot and dont realize both functions care about their surroundings and the outer world, Se cares about details and the moment and Ne cares about the future and possibilities with the outer world around them and Ash is the latter, also Ne is a idea generator function based on the possibilities it wonders and sees in the outer world which Ash definitely shows here. Ash earlier said we need a strategy first to beat fletchling, our opponent is in the sky and we need to lure it here first so we can hit is somehow he said earlier.

Clemont seems like he's a ENTP and then comes up with this crazy contraption invention that fails and causes this crazy humor moment with running and attracting scary monster Beedrill. They run from the chase scene and make it out. Ash's Ne and NFP innocence gets excited by the invention and then the scene moves on again, Ash naively compliments Clemonts invention and then Ash sees Fletching flying in the sky and then has a moment and says he's got a idea, his Ne is having a moment in this scene. Ash's Ne comes up with a great idea after his Si remembers Froakie jumping so much earlier and seeing his terrain and seeing possibilities in the outer world in this rocky area for a possible way to beat fletching finally. Ash's Ne saw that pattern of Froakie's jumping ability before and made the connection that the rocky area they're in and high and low spots will be able to help Froakie to his advantage and help beat and hit Fletching with ease. Clemont catches on quickly and sees that Ash is using the rocky area and Froakie's jumping ability to reach new heights and even higher levels of mobility he says. Both of their Ne clicks and see this connection and Ash's Ne idea works and past detail Froakie jumping ability observations and his idea and seeing possibilities with the things around him help him finally beat Fletchling in this scene. Ash is also a Te user and cares for goals and efficiency many times even if Te isn't his strong suit and he compares and contrasts past experiences and details from past to present all the time with his Si and holds onto past experiences strongly as a Si inferior user, and is very airheaded with his head in the clouds as a Ne dom and impulsive and reckless too. Ash also is very idealistic as a NF and cares strongly for the ideals on what it means to be a Pokemon trainer. He also is always thinking about the future with his Ne and when he's done a adventure, after brief rest at home quickly gets not after long and has to go on the next adventure he's thinking about tomorrow every new Pokemon arc and is always talking about how he's gonna be a Pokemon master in the future and imagining the next adventure to go on on his journey with his Ne. Hope you enjoyed my first Pokemon X and Y Ash Ketchum ENFP post for him, I'll have many more to come in the future. Check out my first Ash ENFP post down below on why he's ENFP and a Ne dom and Si user more in depth with my explanation from the first Pokemon anime and Indigo League and the first Pokemon movie in Japanese for both like this one here.

As a added bonus, Serena's words on dont forget your training with everyone in Viola's fight triggered Ash's Si and gave him the Ne idea to use Electro Ball on himself based on remembering the detail of Clements invention exploding onto itself after just hearing Serena's words. Ash hearing Serena's words and it reminding him of the past and using Clements invention as a reference and coming up with a new Ne idea based on it to use Electro Ball on Pikachu was a classic Ne Si moment in Ash in the series so far. This is a another great ENFP moment for Ash again and perfect example of him using his Ne and Si both in battle to come up with a great idea based on something he saw from the past and coming up with the idea so quickly when he needed it in battle too and executing with his Te well and perfectly in the scene.

My first Ash Ketchum ENFP Post:

Ash Ketchum (ENFP) The Symbol of Indigo and Colourful Inspiration, Pokemon Anime MBTI : mbti